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Natgeotv Activate on Apple TV, Roku & Smart TV [May 2023]

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Nat Geo TV is one of the most popular TV channels across the world. For a very long time, few rare channels have been broadcasting our nature Earth and its inhabitants in a very close and detailed way. Nat Geo is one such channel. Till date, its popularity has increased manifolds and is still on the rise. The main reason for this is that humans from the age of 8 to 80 love to watch detailed coverage of nature, plants and animals. Being one of the rare channels, it is of no surprise that Nat Geo was so hugely hit. As they have not only maintained their standard with time, rather has improved quite a bit, the followers of the channel are on the rise in a steady manner.

With time, even channels that were only broadcast on TV are also being covered by various online TV platforms and apps. As for Nat Geo, they have officially TGIF own Nat Geo TV for the viewers. With this, the viewers can enjoy the shows not only on TV but right on their smartphones, desktop, laptop and even on various smart TVs. Even Roku and Apple TV have long since provided the option of watching Nat Geo TV for their users.

However, a majority of the users were having a hard time to install the Nat Geo TV properly on their smart TVs. Even if the installation was done right, Nat Geo TV was not getting activated. The problem and confusion still persist, and it makes the people wonder as to how to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku or other devices. Even the Apple users were having a hard time to activate Nat Geo TV on Apple TV. This led to a lot of confusion. However, it is confirmed that the Nat Geo TV itself is no way faulty; it is the activation that the users are facing a problem with.

Activate Natgeotv Subscription

How to stream Nat Geo TV on Roku

Streaming Nat Geo TV is not at all complex in any way if you know the right steps. The Nat Geo TV can be executed by activating Roku. The users can then enjoy the full length live shows and documentaries shown in the channel and have a unique experience. Additionally, users can also demand their favorite episodes both from the official Nat Geo channel and the Nat Geo Wild channel.

At first, a user will need to visit the options of Streaming channels that are present in the home screen of the Roku. This option can be reached by using the remote of the smart TV. After that, the user needs to conduct a search for the Nat Geo channels and add them immediately in their respective Roku devices. The FX and the FXX shows can be accessed by the users via the Nat Geo TV channel itself. This benefit is however not for every user in general. If you are a subscriber to the involved cable operator, then only you will get this benefit.

With the help of the channel, you can get lots of help in the customization process of all your personal favorite recommendations. It will be solely based on the history of surfing on your browser. To make it easier for the general public to be able to find their favorite shows quickly, various divisions and categories have been created. The various programs depending upon their content are placed in different categories. This makes it vet easy for the users to find the show or episode they are looking for and stream it online. The most basic categories that segregate the programs in Nat Geo TV are Family, Adventure, Exploration, Animals and Science.

The various shows that are streamed on Nat Geo Wild

  • Big Cat Week
  • Worlds Deadliest
  • Predator Fail
  • Great White Christmas
  • Snake City
  • Total Riff-Off

The famous shows that are streamed on the official Nat Geo channel

  • Life Below Zero
  • Eat: The Story of food
  • Eric Greenspan is Hungry
  • Ultimate Survival: Alaska
  • Live Free or Die
  • Sleepless in America


Ways to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku

Those who are wondering how to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku, follow the basic steps that are given below.

STEP 1: Making an account on the Roku is absolutely necessary if you are looking for enjoying the service of Nat Geo TV by activating it on Roku. Apart from this, the users also need to link their respective Roku accounts directly with the streaming device for Roku. This has to be done with using the activation code for Roku which is acquired during the creation of the Roku account.

STEP 2: When a user successfully links the Roku account with the Roku streaming device, they are ready to access the features. To do so, users need to log in to the account by providing proper IDs and credentials.

STEP 3: After that, you can start browsing in the channel hub provided in Roku to accurately identify and locate the channels that you are looking to watch. When you get the channel, you need to add it on the channel list of your Roku account.

STEP 4: You can also log in to your Roku account easily by selecting the service provider of your TV and providing the correct details. If it so happens that you have forgotten the required details or credentials, you can contact the service provider team for fetching you the forgotten details.

STEP 5: It is advisable to every user to note down the registration code of the channel in a suitable place, once it is shown on the screen of your device.

STEP 6: Finally, you have to complete the setup required for activation. To do this successfully, users need to visit the website of Roku for activation or follow by entering the registration code of the channel where it is asked.

Alternative ways to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku

As previously stated, the wildlife lovers are ardent followers of the channel Nat Geo and all channels associated with it because of the high quality of content that is shown at Nat Geo for years. Therefore, when Nat Geo TV was first launched online, a lot of the viewers were excited. Since, it was kind of complex to activate the Nat Geo TV in Roku, given below is an alternate and easy way to do so.

STEP 1: At first, the users need to search and find the Nat Geo channel on their Roku devices. The channel itself will be available at natgeotv.com/activate and users can find the channel to be active there.

STEP 2: After that, the users need to connect their respective media players to the Roku device. In case the users choose to run Nat Geo TV on the Roku media player itself, they need to connect it to their TV.

STEP 3: When the Roku media player is connected to the TV, the user simply needs to activate the device. It can be done by selecting the activate option present on the screen.

STEP 4: Now, the device is activated, but Nat Geo TV is not. To do so, users need to visit Nat Geo TV website right after this.

STEP 5: The browser tab can then be opened on any smart device, preferably the smartphone of the user.

STEP 6: Once the tab opens, users need to visit www.nationalgeographic.com/activate, which is the official site of Nat Geo TV.

STEP 7: After that, the users need to go straight to their respective accounts of National Geographic TV and sign in.

STEP 8: The users then need to put the activate code of Roku which was relieved during the time of a Roku account creation. After the code is provided, the users need to select their respective TV provider.

STEP 9: After that, the new browser needs to be opened and the users need to go to the web address

STEP 10: When the users enter the given address, the webpage is redirected which will lead to the activation of the Roku.

STEP 11: The activation code for Roku will be displayed on the TV screen of the users by the time.

STEP 12: After that, the users need to click on the submit button and wait for a few moments. The Nat Geo TV will be activated on the Roku device shortly after.

Activation of Nat Geo TV on Apple TV

It is very much likely that the users are often confused with the activation of Nat Geo TV in their respective devices. As for Apple users, it is a very common question as to how to activate Nat Geo TV on Apple TV. Even though it seems complex, it is actually very easy. The users just need to follow a few basic steps.

The steps for activating Nat Geo TV on Apple TV devices are given below.

STEP 1: At the very beginning, the users will need to find the Nat Geo TV app on the AppStore and download it on their Apple TV. Following this, the app has to be installed on Apple TV if it is not automatically installed.

STEP 2: When the Nat Geo TV app gets installed, the users need to open it. When the app is opened, users will see the presence of a gear-shaped icon which is representing the settings of the app.

STEP 3: Once the user is inside the app settings of Nat Geo TV, the option of an active device will be visible. The users need to click on that.

STEP 4: When the device gets activated, the users will see the activation code which will be displayed on the Apple TV screens. The users need to note this down.

STEP 5: After doing all that, the users will need to go to their smartphones and open a new browser tab. In the new tab, the users need to put the web address of doing which will redirect the users to the page which is where the activation of the Nat Geo TV will take place.

STEP 6: There will be a blank space where the users will need to put the activation code. This is the same activation code that the users have noted down previously from the Apple TV screens.

STEP 7: Once the code is provided, the users need to click on the option of ‘submit’.

STEP 8: Just like in the case of Roku, after clicking ‘submit’, users will need to wait for a few moments. Shortly, Nat Geo TV will be activated.

Activation of Nat Geo TV on Smart TV

Previously you have learned how to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku and how to activate Nat Geo TV on Apple TV. Here you will learn how to activate Nat Geo TV in the most used device of all, the Smart TVs.

The steps given below if followed properly will help you to activate Nat Geo TV on your Smart TV without any hassle.

The steps are-

STEP 1: At first, the user needs to open the particular browser on the TV itself.

STEP 2: After the browser gets opened, the users need to visit the following web address

STEP 3: After that, the users need to provide the activation code which they received during the time of opening the account at Nat Geo TV.

STEP 4: After the code is provided, the users are free to start viewing the National Geographic TV channel.

STEP 5: That is all a user needs to do for activating Nat Geo TV on a Smart TV.

As for the users without any of the mentioned devices, the Nat Geo TV can also be watched live on PC or laptop. This is by direct streaming from the official website of the Nat Geo channel: www.nationalgeographic.com/tv/shows/ and users can enjoy high-quality live streaming of their favorite shows and programs.

Nat Geo TV service providers

Before concluding, here are a few service providers for Nat Geo TV, especially for Roku users.

  • DirecTV Now: this particular app provides a 7-day trial period for their users for free of cost. The charges start after a week and the monthly payment options are starting from 35$ to 70$.
  • Sling TV: It is one of the most expenses reducing services you will get for watching Nat Geo TV. Once the Roku channel and the Nat Geo TV are activated, all the users need is a router. With a quite good monthly package equaling to 25$, it is comparatively cheaper than the alternative service providers of Nat Geo TV.
  • Philo TV: On Roku, users can also use the Philo TV service provider. The player is quite updated and the Nat Geo TV channel comes rooted along with it.


The answers to the questions of how to activate Nat Geo TV on Roku, how to activate Nat Geo TV on Smart TV, and how to activate Nat Geo TV on Apple TV are well answered above. You need to simply follow the above steps and you will find the activation of Nat Geo TV to be very simple. Activate at your own ease and enjoy the world-class shows on content at Nat Geo TV.

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