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How to Monetize a Blog – Earn Money from a Blog

Blogging can be one of the ways to earn money in today’s digital world. Nut, that was not the same even a few years ago. Starting and maintaining a blog was expensive, and the payment procedure was not yet flexible like today. But, times have changed, and the scene is better now. You can easily set up your blog with Word Press and maintain it in a very decent budget. As for the payments, it is easier than ever. Additionally, there are so many options to get earning through blogging.

But, it is not that much easy. You may need to work hard and put a lot of effort at the starting of your blogging journey. As a blogger, you want to reach more people and your targeted audience base to share your information through the blog. The blog’s management, the ways to attract viewers, and more traffic is still a little tricky and time-consuming procedure.

Have a Blog? Know the Ways to Monetize It for a Better Income

Armature bloggers still need to put a lot of effort into increasing their profit levels. Because they often fail to make more profit.

If you want to monetize your blog, you need to grasp the marketing strategies right.

Why start earning from your blog?

For some, blogging is their passion, and for others, it is their profession. Many people quit their regular jobs to become bloggers but cannot get enough earnings from their blog. It is because they do not know how to monetize a blog.

But why should you start to monetize your blog? Well, it will help you to earn more money. Additionally, you will also be able to reach more audience and more viewers. But, before you start, you need to remember these two things-

  • You need to get more traffic on your website. But, the meaningful visits from your targeted audience are the main priority. Hence, invest in steady traffic.
  • Try to grow your subscriber’s list so that you can get more people. You may need to sell things, but the selling price and the number of clients depend on your choice. Either you can sell affordable items to a lot of people or send expensive items to a few people. It is all simple calculations.

The most important thing is that you need to choose the perfect strategy that is in line with your blog and allows you to grow on your path.

Here are some strategies that you can use to increase the earning margin of earning from your blog.

Smart ways to monetize your blog

1. Freelancing through your blog

Freelancing is the most basic and the easiest way to earn through your blog. It will also help you to produce better blogs or articles in the future. But, make sure to only work in your niche to develop your experience. And, in case you are experienced in a subject, you can use it to earn some extra bucks through tour creativity. A lot of businesses look for engaging and creative content to promote their business.

Gran on this opportunity and enter into content marketing to earn properly. Some of the niches allow you to earn more while, in some cases, the competition can be fierce. Nevertheless, freelance content marketing is an excellent way to monetize your blog.

But as a content writer, you need to keep patience. You may not be able to earn a lot at the start. But, your margin will increase as you become experienced. Experts often advise t charge a decent amount instead of a meager amount. Charging too low may not earn you enough, and you may lose motivation. They also say that charging per project is a better idea because it ensures a quick reward and proper payment.

As a freelancer, you do not need an established blog, you can quickly start with your small website or blog, and it will grow with your growth as a writer. As a freelance content creator, you just need to create engaging content for other businesses to increase their traffic and client base.

B2B increased spending on content creation

You just need to find the right way to validate your niche and get consignments for your writing.

You can easily find the keywords or subject n your niche with a simple Google search. You need to contact the other blog owners and get assignments from them. Otherwise, you can use your website to endorse different brands through content writing.

Fitness blog Google search

Workout plans Google search

In case you want to do freelancing on your website, you need to have a clear policy and state it clearly on your service page to attract more clients.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is among the popular methods to earn some extra money for any blogger. It also provides you with more viewers in return. If you have just started your blog and do not have any service or products from your collection to sell to people, then affiliate marketing is excellent. Affiliate marketing is just promoting other services and other companies through your blog. You can write promotional content about other services for affiliate marketing.

But, you need to promote a business that is in line with your blogs. It is essential to maintain a clean image for your blog. The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you earn money with every sale that goes through your promotion. More sales mean more traffic and, in turn, more commission.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, make sure that you have your niche, an affiliate product, and the audience to promote the products. There are many affiliate networks that you can use. Or you can also enter an affiliate program to get your passive income. Writing simple promotional articles to endorse brands to y our readers is the easiest way to start affiliate marketing.

3. Advertise other products or services

In case you are thinking about How to monetize your blog with a secure method, you can always use advertisements for your benefit. A lot of people feel annoyed by the ads displayed on blogs. But, if it is done correctly, it can fetch you the right margin and also a steady passive income. Pay-per-click or PPC advertisements may seem a good idea, but it only works best in case you have a regular visitor base of 1000+ people per day. Hence, it is better to use display ads or ad banners on your website to earn some extra bucks.

Display ads from Google Adsense are one of the best ways to generate money and monetize your blog. Alternatively, you can also get clients or individual companies, and they will pay you for getting an advertisement slot on your website. Working directly with the manufacturers and companies is better because you can have the chance to get a good profit through negotiation.

But, if you need to earn from advertisements, then you need to be creative about it. You can show the ad in your content after the first two paragraphs of your content. Otherwise, you can couple it with promotional articles.

The main things are to generate more traffic, and it will increase your passive income with time. And, the most significant benefit? You do not need to use it as a permanent strategy. You can always stop advertising whenever you feel like doing it.

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is also another great way to make money and monetize your blog. If you have a steady email list, then you can try email marketing for your benefit. But, if you do not have an email list, then you need to build one. There are many email marketing platforms that allow you to start email marketing services; you can use your blog updates even to generate a lead magnet to earn some money through your blog.

You need a dedicated readers base who will read your articles or blogs and subscribes to your email.

5. Selling eBooks

EBooks are in high demand, and many people prefer them as the greener version of books. EBooks are one of the best answers on how to monetize your blog. Selling eBooks is an excellent idea because it is effortless, and you will always find some readers who are eager to purchase the books. You do not need to have a lot of traffic to sell eBooks; bloggers with lesser traffic can also earn a good profit through selling ebooks.

Selling eBooks offer you quick returns and also allows you to test if people like your blog.

EBooks are easy to create. And nonfiction books are one of the most comfortable eBooks to develop. Additionally, non-fiction eBooks also sell faster.

You can give free tips on your niche and cleverly direct your viewers to the eBook you have created. You can also promote your eBook in Quora or Reddit and market the books as a medium to gather more information. Also, encourage your buyers to give honest reviews to increase your sales.

And, for the promotion, you can either use your blog or build a sales funnel. You can always write an engaging blog about something and relate an eBook to it and ask your readers to purchase that particular eBook through your website. You just need to have a dedicated section on your website for selling the books.

Alternatively, you can sell your ebook through affiliated links and in the online marketplace and apps like Amazon Kindle.

The End of Jobs ebook

You do not need to be confined to a single niche; instead, you can correlate multiple slots and sell more eBooks. Make sure to promote the eBooks.

6. Create your course and sell it

You can also earn money by selling courses on your website. The truth is that e-learning is becoming extremely reasonable, and people are interested in learning new things over the internet. It is not about just professional skills anymore, although professional skills sell the most. A simple cookie-baking course or a portrait drawing course or a content writing course can also be a great option to monetize your blog. You also do not need to have a lot of influencers for selling courses. If someone finds the course beneficial, they will automatically refer your session to others, and you will earn more in return.

It may sound strange, but it works, you do not need to be an expert in creating courses, nor do you need to create a detailed course. A simple and basic course is enough. And your visitors will be delighted to learn something new if you offer the course at an affordable price.

Make sure to design courses that are easy and offer easy learning. For identifying the right course to sell, you can design a survey form to check what your visitors’ interests are and ask for suggestions from them.

Alternatively, you can read the comments from another blog that offer courses in the same niche and understand what people want. But, you need to brainstorm ideas. You can create something that you ga e a natural talent for, or on your passion or hobby, or something close to your heart.

Please make sure to host your courses in WordPress Extensions or third-party online learning platforms. Courses are one of the best ways how to monetize a blog.

7. Offer a paid membership plan

People are now interested in purchasing paid membership plans for entertainment and other options. You can offer paid membership through the membership site or a gated site from your website to avail of service at an affordable price.

Subscription economy

Otherwise, you can also create exclusive paid memberships of your content and allow the members to get insight into a piece of private information about a skill, a book, or any other thing. For example, you can create a paid membership for your baking-loving viewers where they can get exclusive recipes and a chance to meet each other and learn together.

It is a great idea, and you found even need a lot of subscribers or visitors to offer paid memberships. You can use either manager memberships from WordPress sites or third-party sites- the choice is yours.

8. Sell coaching services or offer consultation to people

Selling a coaching course for offering online consultation is another great answer on how to monetize a blog. Many people prefer to get personalized guidance services, and they are also ready to pay for the guidance of consultation.

If you want to sell courses or books on your blog, you can try this particular strategy to earn some more. You can be a life coach, a career coach, a talent development coach, or any other consultant as per your skills and preference.

Above is the graph of the money earned by a professional fitness coach through online consultation and online coaching. You may not earn a lot as you have started recently but, it will increase gradually. But, you need to divert the right traffic to your website for a generous earning. Hence, make sure to invest in articles to promote your services and arrange podcasts or targeted blog posts to attract viewers.

9. Get money with sponsored reviews

If you want to try something easy but effective on monetizing a blog, go for sponges or posts about a service or a product. It is not that common, but it is useful. You need to write a promotional review or posts about something or service or product. The manufacturing company will provide you with money to do it.

It works because the sponsor brands get more traffic and viewers and clients from your posts, and you also get a passive earning through your blog. As an influencer marketing expert, you can surely make a decent amount. Since influencing marketing will expand in the coming years, you will get plenty of chances for it.

Influencer marketing growth

Although you are working as an influencer, make sure to offer an honest review in your blog to attract genuine people because simple promotions is not enough to earn money as an influencer.

10. Sell physical products to your viewers

You can always sell physical products on your website to earn some money. Make sure to offer the right quality products at an affordable price to your viewers. If you have just started, design a survey and find out what your viewers like about you. It can be in line with your blog niche or something related to it.


Please make sure to have a dedicated page on your website to sell the products. You will gradually find more buyers, and your revenue will get bigger with time.

Many bloggers start selling out some products and eventually launch their exclusive eCommerce website to sell products like apparel, baby clothes, makeup, books, gardening items, and even small appliances and gadgets.

11. Sell digital items

Just like the physical items. The digital items are also exceptional. You can always sell digital things like software, tools, and digital downloads to your viewers through your website.

If you know software designing, graphic designing, or coding, you can use these skills and design digital products for selling. Digital products like themes, audio recordings, audiobooks, wallpapers, and templates are always in high demand. If you can offer the right quality products or services on a reasonable budget, the chances are high.

Here are some of the best ideas to monetize your blog and earn some income. Please note that you need to wait for some time to get a manageable amount. Its revenue will grow with time and offer you high returns alongside your earnings from your blog.

Why Blogging is Important for Business

It is already clear that blogging holds an essential place in today’s digital marketing strategy. As customers and consumers are more aware of world trends, they need to get the proper information about the products and services of a company. It is also crucial for a small business or even a local enterprise.

But why blogging is essential for business? Well, there are many reasons behind the importance of blogs-

Get more traffic and convert your traffic into leads

Now almost every business has its exclusive website. A blog dedicated to your business allows you to create content in line with your customer base. It, in turn, helps you to generate more traffic to your website. Your business can be based in any place, but your blogs can reach more people with social media platforms. If you share your blog links on multiple social media platforms, then you can also connect to more people and compel them to visit your website for more traffic. A blog is the easiest way to get traffic from the targeted audience base.

Your every blog post can generate leads. More traffic means more points, You just need to add a simple lead generation link to your post.

Increase your brand value

Your blog is among the most effective way to endorse your products. It is the leading cause of why blogging is essential for business. You can use your blog to make people aware of your products and services and offer insider knowledge. From retailers or B2B companies, everyone can use their blog to endorse their services and products. Well-researched articles about the services are sure to attract the attention of industry experts and consumers. A well-crafted blog also helps your company to get that much-coveted brand image inside the industry. This, in turn, helps you to build the trust of your consumers, and they are more likely to buy from you.

Maintain a proper relationship with your clients

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your clients, keep a blog for your business. With the blog’s help, you can connect to your clients and the targeted audience base without any problem. It also helps you to engage in meaningful conversation with them.

It also helps you to build trust among your audience, and they will appreciate your effort in reaching out.

In the present era, clients prefer to be informed about the latest business trends and market state and products regularly. You can upload content about your business and also offer some information about some ideas to your clients.

Make sure to connect to the viewers and respond to the comments in your blog. It will also attract other interested clients.

Get long-term results

Your blog post at first gets viewers and leads. It continues to get leads and traffic, and the blog receives new page rankings a time passes. That means your blog will fetch you traffic and leads even after months of publication. Hence, it offers you a long term result and continues to drive traffic to your website as long as the article is relevant.


Therefore, in the future, a single blog can offer numerous leads and visitors to your website. Thus, with an evergreen blog, you can reap the benefits for a long time.

Hence, it is always better to host a blog for your business with informative and engaging content to make your business accessible.

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