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Understanding a Content Delivery Platform

content delivery platform

Making sure that your customers can find answers to their questions once on your website is critical to the success of your business. This means that the search feature has to offer an incorporative feel, so your customers can ask the smart questions, and quick response. The digital abandonment factor is closely tied to time, followed by content.

What is a content delivery platform, or CDP?

A CDP is a SaaS tool that takes the data you currently have and creates searching options that allow both data searches and data compilation without the installation of software on client servers. According to experts at Contentful, “a fully functioning content delivery platform makes searching faster by pulling every search result to one place for display.”

How does it work?

The process of internet searching features the

  • request: what a shopper types in the search bar
  • search: unseen by the shopper
  • result: the data that shows up under the search

For businesses that are constantly creating new data presentations to get information to potential buyers, the installation of a CDP can provide protection against slow down when uploading new content from the inside while shoppers are searching from the outside.

What is it used for?

CDPs bring all the data to one presentation place. If you’re selling garments and your presentation includes a video demonstrating the quality of the build, a pdf of the size chart and images of the product, the time to load each of these separate forms of presentation may be the place where you lose clients. With the right CDP, your customer can be clicking “add to cart” while your employees are loading another video of the same garment in another colour with no loss of data speed.

How is it unique?

With a CDP up and running behind your webpage, your searching process will get both easier and faster. Whether you’re trying to help your current employees find great training platforms or striving to show your potential clients all the ways that your services can help them grow, the CDP you employ will make their searches easier.

How will it help a business?

The primary benefit of adding a CDP search option for your business is speed. Those searching inside your business will have an easier time fulfilling customer requests because all the data they need, in any format, including

  • video
  • pdf
  • web page link

will be quickly available while your customers search from the outside. Not only is searching simpler and faster, but a good CDP will create a data storage bucket outside the live search process to keep data nimble.

One of the worst things any business can do is to waste the resources of a prospective customer or client. Time is one of the most finite resources any of us have. If your current content management system is bogging down for customers or for your employees, it may be time to enhance your search capabilities.

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