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Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 2 – The Specs, Price, Release Date And News

amazon kindle fire 2 july release rumor

Amazon has announced to release the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2. The report by a Taiwanese web publication says, that Amazon is going to launch a new range of Kindle Fire tablets dubbed as the Kindle Fire HD 2 from August to October. This report also says that Amazon is all in its way to launch three new kindle tablets that can easily replace the old model of Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Release Date Rumors

Looking for a user-friendly e-reader? Don’t wait for it anymore. Amazon is coming with its new edition of Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to satisfy all of your requirements in the e-reading world. Let’s see, what the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date rumors say for this latest modification

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is coming with an update with both Google and Apple in its new edition. This tablet is the second generation tablet from Amazon Kindle that combines Google’s Android operating system with its UI that allows the user to browse the web, watching media content, and of course, reading books. Amazon has also released two tablets named Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 inch and Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch after launching the first edition of Amazon Kindle Fire. Both of these tablets come with super specs and mesmerizing HD display and user-friendly design.

Not to mention the Kindle Fire tablet once shook up the tablet scene in 2011. At that time, Google’s Nexus 7 created a visible competition with the first generation of Amazon Kindle Fire tablet at the same price. So what you think can Amazon make a big and next successful move with the Amazon Kindle Fire 2? What are the features you are going to have with it? What about 4G?

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 2 display

Amazon made it in the 8.9-inch form factor just as it was for the 2014 update in the original 7-inch HDX. Along with the form factor, Amazon has decided to come up with the same display specifications just like it was in 2013. With the same resolution of 2,560 × 1,600 and 339-pixel density, the new edition is coming with the more visual and technical improvement that is enough to satisfy a user. Hoped to see a Quad HD (3,840×2160) in this edition? Sorry, this year it’s not to be.

Still, Amazon feels that this edition is enough to compete with the iPad mini 3 7.9 inches and the iPad Air 2 9.7 inches. Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date rumors also claim to have 30 percent more pixels than the Retina display of Apple.

The current edition of Amazon Kindle uses the Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor. In the last report, It is found that Amazon has ordered the shipment of MediaTek’s MT8135 quad-core processor in 2014, which suggests having the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 2 with the same processor.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 cost and release date

The current edition of Amazon is found between €129 to €99 price cut. Source says, in the new edition the price will be the same which is €99.

As per the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 release date rumors, the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will launch with an entirely new range of Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets around early October it can be near mid-November.

With all of its success in the first edition, the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is coming with a revolution in the market. To get its full review and specifications, keep your eyes on the Internet. Happy browsing.

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