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Different Versions of Angry Birds Video Game Since the 2009 Launch

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Angry Birds has become a trendsetter for all game developers. It has not been because of any sort of huge graphics but the simplicity and engagement that the game provides for each age category. The Angry Birds game was initially launched in December, 2009 for mainly the iOS users. The Angry Birds, a media franchise of the company Rovio Entertainment, is not only limited to the games that we play but also has a lot of other things to offer like comics, movies, etc.

A fun fact about the choice of pigs as the enemy of birds in the Angry Birds is that while this game was getting developed, the epidemic swine flu was prevailing all around the world. By keeping that in mind, the developers decided to create the animated pigs to attack the birds and kill them.

Versions of Angry Birds to Play in iPhone

In this article, we are going to discuss the various Angry Birds game versions that are currently available on the App Store.

1. Angry Birds

This game was the initial launch of Angry Birds to the market. It was the first game that was being developed by Rovio Entertainment and got launched in the year of 2009. However, it is no longer available in the AppStore and has been replaced by the new version named Angry Birds 2 which is second on our list of Angry Birds games available on AppStore.

2. Angry Birds 2

This game is one of the editor’s choices and with a whooping rating of more than 4.6 stars. This rating is based on the reviews and stars provided by more than 40.6K users who have experienced playing this game.  It has been published for more than a year now in the Games: Puzzle Category. Another interesting thing about this game is it is in more than 11 languages other than English which helps the gamer to have a user friendly and interactive platform. It is also sometimes considered as the improvised version of initial launch game Angry Birds.

3. Angry Birds Friends

It is the first multiplayer game that Angry Birds launched. This game conducts competitive tournaments thrice a week and also provides an opportunity for each gamer to challenge his or her friends to compete with them. It was launched in the AppStore during the early 2012. However, it has not gained an ample amount of fan following like other versions still it maintains a 4.4-star rating with more than 2.0K users’ reviews. You can record your iPhone screen while playing the game and share it to your friends and ask them to join.

4. Angry Birds Evolution

Similar to the Angry Birds 2, this version of Angry Birds is also an upgrade of its initial launch named as Angry Birds Epic. It is in the genre of Role-playing and was being launched in the month of June in 2017. Here, in this game, the gamers make up a team and build on their strengths to fight with the anti-party teams in the weekly events. It has not been too popular because of its requirement to have a team. Still, this game maintains 4.4-star ratings with more than 800 users’ reviews.

5. Angry Birds Transformers

This is one of the unique additions to the series of video games by the Angry Games. It is because of the high similar looks of pigs to the transformers; the name is such. It is a full-fledged combo game that is here you can destroy enemies, do a racing, tag teams, can also take the smaller robots in helping you to smash the blocks while playing and many more to count. It maintains a high star rating that is of 4.5.

6. Angry Birds Starwars

It was a limited-edition game which was launched by Rovio Entertainment by getting the inspiration from the Star Wars movies. Currently, this game is no longer available on the AppStore. However, it would be really nice and interesting to play this version.


The above-mentioned games are the few of the releases by Rovio Entertainment. Today, the Angry Birds has already launched its 18th number game in the series. Still each of the users will always miss the initial edition that was launched in the winters of 2009. To end, it can only be said that the Angry Birds made a revolution in the gaming industry and proved that only high graphics games can’t be the only successful games. The most important factor that requires a game to be successful is the versatility it offers to all the age people, and the engagement its platform has for the users.

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