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Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK (High Damage, All Sub Quests Completed)

dragon ball legends apk

Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK is a videogame. It was built based on a manga series. The anime is popularly notable as Dragon Ball. The publisher and developer of this game are Bandai Namco. The initial release date was in 2018. The Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk is available on Wizardjournal and the official Apk file your can download from Google Play Store.

Android and iOS users can play the videogame. It is an action RPG game. Dragon ball legends have epic 3D visuals and animations. Akira Toriyama is the designer of the character Saiyan. Saiyan is also called Shallot. The game narrates the original story of the manga.

Dragon Ball series focuses on Goku. Throughout, he trains in martial arts. Besides, he keeps exploring the world. He explores in search of the seven Dragon Balls. The games come in different genres. It includes fighting, role-playing, and platform games.

Since 1986, several videogames have been releasing. Primarily, the release has been in Japan. Over time, it has been expanding to Spain, Portugal, and Spain. Most games are 16bits to 32bits eras. 40 million video games have been on sale by 2014. Between 2015 and 2018, 10 million units of Dragon Ball Xenoverse have been sold. Sales of 5 million units Dragon Ball FighterZ in the same period. The mobile game Dragon Ball Legends earned a gross amount of 140 million dollars.

download dragon ball legends mod apk

Dragon Ball Legends- The video game version

The manga series includes DBZ, DBGT, DBS. The player summons characters like Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and Teen. Similarly, the player may summon evil characters, Cell, Frieza, Majin Buu. The player can enjoy one to one battles. The battle may be against rival or friendly DB characters. Entering Ranking matches may help earn rewards and points. Indeed, they may play on-ranking casual matches for fun.

The Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk is a card-based battle game—the characters fight based on the commands. The commands are present on the cards. The player can collect the best powers and special moves. Alongside, the player can watch an enjoyable battle. The battle is of heroes fighting and using the summoned energy attacks.

Guide to playing Dragon Ball Legends

The dragon ball legends have a few tricks to win more games. Let’s get into it.

Learning the system of combat

The player needs to master the combat system. Hence, knowing the controls is not enough for winning the card game. The player must know how to attack the rivals effectively. This helps in winning more battles. The tutorials must be followed thoroughly. The practice games must be played. This indeed helps the player to know the basics before battling it out.

Sending the team members on adventures

On adventures, the members can collect rare loot from here and there. Consequently, it will help in increasing the team quest. The core members must be kept on hold. This will ensure the player has defence when required. Therefore, it is better not to send these members on adventures. This is exceptionally crucial for winning more games.

Collecting Dragon Balls

Some of the cards have dragon balls. The player must use them—store all the dragon ball legend cards containing dragon balls. The player here will be a benefit and can now win against the rival in a battle quickly. He/she can do so by using the Rising Rush move.

On the one hand, the remaining team members will be able to attack at once. On the other hand, the team can recover from devastating damage against opponents. It certainly improves the gamming a lot.

Using the unique abilities of the characters

The energy bar of the character keeps increasing. Playing and winning more games will increase the energy bar. After it becomes full, tap the bar—this way, the character’s energy can be used. The energy of the character can summon devastating attacks. This summons hence quickly changes into a battle.

Get over the Hero level soon

The Hero level of dragon ball legends is the lowest class. It is the same for all characters. This level has familiar faces of the characters. However, holding onto those faces and the emotions is not correct.

Eventually, it will bring down the player’s gaming strategy. As a result, the fun of the whole game will be gone. The best characters of the game are nothing like the hero characters. The characters are vastly superior. Besides, the characters in dragon ball legends create more damage.

Story Mode

Play the story mode. Playing through the story mode helps the player to progress. This helps to learn through the game. The story is not based on Goku. It is based on Shallot. The player needs to help Shallot regain his memory. The aim is to make Shallot remember who he is in-game.

After installing the game, complete the tutorial. Summon as many Fighters as possible. The player can do so using the Chrono Crystals. The fighters may or may not be desirable. There is no need to re-roll for a desirable fighter.

Updated JAN 23, 2021
RequirementsAndroid 4.2+
Publisher CompanyBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK V2.18.0

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The Fighting Skills

The tutorial provides detail on how to use the controls of the game. Swiping upwards makes the fighter move forward. Similarly, swiping downwards moves it backwards. The player can repeatedly tap on the screen. This allows the fighter to throw punches on a rival near him. It also allows for throwing energy blasts if a rival is not nearby.

Press and hold the screen for the Ki Meter to charge faster. This happens when the fighter is standing still. Art Cards require Ki to play dragon ball legends. The Art Cards are present at the bottom of the screen. Combo the cards and manage Ki to have victory. Presently, there are six Art Cards. They are Strike, Blast, Quirk, Special Move, Ultimate Move, and Awakened.

Swipe right or left for defence. This action is a Vanish Step. An exclamation may show above the fighter. This indicates the fighter can dodge the rival’s attack temporarily. The Vanish gauge then disappears for the fighter. It is best to fight right. Or the player can change fighters. The gauge reactivates after some charging for a specific fighter.

Tap on the icon ‘fighting’ to activate the main ability of the fighter. If two fighters are clashing, “Dokabaki impact” happens. It happens when two fighters start with the same move. In such a case, two bars appear on the screen. The fighter who fills up the bar faster wins the game.

Each of the Art Cards will have a random dragon ball. Seven such moves will allow the player to use Rising Rush. This move is pewful enough to knock out fighters. More so, it can knock out higher power level fighters.

The dragon ball legends have seven elements. Each element represents a fighter with strengths and weaknesses. Blue is strong for red and weak for green. Green is strong for blue and weak for purple. Purple is strong for green and weak for yellow. Yellow is strong for purple and weak for red. Red is strong yellow and weak for blue.

There are five main elements with two special elements. Dark is strong to all elements and weak for light. Light is strong for dark and neutral for everything else.

Levelling Up

Story EXP is the simplest way to increase the level. Each character can gain experience through an Event or Event Story Page. This is possible until all the energy runs out.

Limit Breaks. A character can have limit breaks up to 7 stars. Gain Z Power can increase a character’s overall power from Summons or Story.

Soul Boost. On the Soul Boost Board, character upgrade is done. This can be done by unlocking New Boost Panels. Minor upgrades include Strike Attacks, Blast Defense, and Health.

EXP Training. Go to the training menu. Select a character and wait for the allotted time. The player will get bonus experience. The training weights can increase gain in knowledge. Limited time training is also available. A character can be set to training. Simultaneously, he can battle out with a rival. This ensures no fighter is temporarily lost.

Class Up/ Boost Cores. After unlocking a set of panels, class up happens. This unlocks the character’s maximum level. As a result, more powerful Boost Panels open.

Equipment. Interchangeable items offer passive Stat Buffs. Levels can be increased by spending Souls and Zeni. This is possible by completing Story chapters and Missions. Occasional unlocks are also available. Boosting core increases more equipment slots per character.


The dragon ball games series follows the adventures of Goku. This game is the best anime RPG action game. Use simple card-based attacks to unleash combos. Consequently, control fighters in 3D with intuition. The smooth animations make the special moves more attractive. It features character voice acting. Popular characters from the manga series are at your fingertips. Use them wisely.

The Dragon Ball Legends Mod Apk is a videogame, loved worldwide. Two years after its release, the game is going strong. For all manga lovers, it is a paradise. Being able to play with favourite characters, enhances the playing experience. Keep summoning iconic characters. Hence keep winning more live PVP versus battles. Battle against rivals and friends. Climb up the leaderboard with sharpened up skills.

This article covers the details of the dragon ball legends. Hope this article answers all your queries. Keep playing.

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