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VOIP vs. Landline: Which is Better

voip vs landline

The business communication industry is much cost saving now. Today business communication has changed a lot due to revolutionary changes in the telecom industry.

The telecom industry is based on the Landline phone system and VoIP phone system.

Unfortunately, the landline phone system is not much advanced with the modern world. It is approximately the same as it was in the earlier 1800s or 1900s, the technology has not evolved much with the time.

Due to the telecom industry’s latest advancement, the VoIP phone system (Voice over IP) has been adopted mostly by the SMB’S and almost 99.9% users of this technology are satisfied with the best voip services.

Further, Weare will compare both of these technologies in terms of main factors such as cost-saving, reliability, scalability, mobility and security.

VoIP System Vs. Landline

When analyzing Landline vs VoIP, it’s necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies.

Choosing the best for your company will have a significant effect on your business.

Don’t let your opponents be more competent than you just because of a phone system. Our in-depth analysis will help you decide which phone system is more suitable for your business.

  • What is a VoIP phone system? How does it work?
  • What is the landline system? How does it work?
  • Features of both technologies

What is VoIP? How does it work?

VoIP or Voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone technology that allows you to make phone calls over the internet instead of using traditional landlines.

VoIP technology has been around for the past 20 years. The technology converts analog voice signals into digital data packets.

As it allows us to make and receive phone calls over the internet, it doesn’t rely on physical wires as needed to install on the traditional phone. Traditional phones can be used with a VoIP adapter that helps turn your existing traditional phone into a VoIP system.

According to research, the Growth in VoIP market in the US will be about $155 million and in the global market will be up to $120 billion by the the year 2020-2025.

What is Landline phone System? How does it work?

A traditional or landline phone system known to be POTS or PSTN must use copper wires to make and receive each call.

The signaling from a phone to the server is created by using a LAN.

This communication system has been adopted since the 1900s and is considered as a reliable source of communication.

The prominent advantage of using this system is that it has been tested and tried over a long period.

Features of Landline Vs. VoIP


In term of features, landline or traditional phone system is no match with VoIP.

Most landline providers offer voicemail, call forwarding and call waiting but for extra charges.

The most common reason for using landline phones is that they are reliable, tested, and tried technology and entirely secure. But, traditional phones are costly in terms of maintenance, physical infrastructure, high monthly bills, expensive international calls, additional taxes, etc.

VoIP features

VoIP is undoubtedly advanced and feature-rich technology, many features that VoIP providers offer are not available while using a landline. The elements in VoIP phones are efficient and capable enough to increase productivity in the work field. Below we discuss few of VoIP’s features;

Call forwarding:  this tool allows users to forward some or all incoming calls if they cannot pick calls from the office phone. Users can forward calls to their other mobile phones or to any number they prefer.

Voicemail: Its an option for the callers to send a message to listen from your laptop, mobile, or tablet. It provides you with mobility to check all the essential voicemails from all over the globe. You will never miss an opportunity.

Call recording: It allows you to record some or all of your business calls; this can also be used for learning sales initiatives. Call recording can be convenient for your organization’s development. It can improve your customer satisfaction and monitor your team according to your business plan or strategy.

Call queue: This feature enables your business to run smoothly and you can manage your business operations by routing the calls to the next staff or agent available at that time.

Voicemail to email: It allows you to access all your emails as audio files directly into your inbox. You can listen to it from anywhere as it is designed to provide support to the staff so they can maintain their focus on an important task that will eventually save their time.

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