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4 Effective Ways to Get More Backlinks to Your Website

way to get quality backlinks

Creating an interactive website with a beautiful design is just the first step. To really stand a chance and bring your brand higher up in the list, you will need to try out many digital marketing strategies. Building backlinks is among the most important ones. While you can do some things to build backlinks yourself, you might need the help of experts, such as a seo guest posting service provider, to do the others.

Before getting started with how to get quality backlinks, let’s take a look at what that exactly means.

What Are Backlinks?

As you can see from the name, backlinks are the links on one website that link to a page on a different website. Search engines, such as Google, rank websites higher if they have a high number of backlinks. These are basically considered as votes from other sites.

However, you will need to have quality backlinks if you really want to get better rankings and traffic. That means you will need to have backlinks on highly authoritative websites. While the higher, the better, 60+ DA is a good place to start.

Now that you know the basics of backlinks, let’s get into how you can build or earn backlinks.

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Best Way to Get Quality Backlinks

Help Webmasters by Reporting Broken Links

There may be countless resource pages on the internet that have broken links in their content. This means they are linking back to sites or webpages that no longer exist or are outdated. This can really hurt their reputation, as their readers won’t find their content helpful.

Once you find the resource pages that have broken links, you can contact the webmasters and give the specifics on the links that are no longer good. You can also provide a list of replacements as suggestions and include links to your website too. You help them, and maybe they can help you out in return.

You can look for these resource pages by typing in certain search queries in Google. You could try “your keyword + links” or “your keyword + resources.” For instance, you would search for travelling + links if you have a website related to travelling. You could also use other keywords relating to your site.

Instead of searching the resource pages manually for broken links, you can use a tool from the list of Google Chrome plugins and let it do the work for you.

Be friendly and include an introduction when you contact the webmasters. But most importantly, try not to sound greedy.

Create Attractive Infographics

Many influential online publications publish countless infographics all the time from all over the internet. Why do they do that? Good infographics are easy to understand, they are easily sharable, and people love visuals.

Now you know why infographics are an incredibly popular way for increasing site traffic and getting quality backlinks.

However, be very careful when choosing your infographics. They need to be unique and have a really interesting story to captivate your audience.

Research and find out what the trending topics are. You need to look for the things people are interested in and then get stats for your infographics.

You can easily find a talented freelancer or a company to create infographics for you. Try to find someone who can also embed your code, making it easier for people to share your infographics.

Finally, you can publish it on your site and start distributing it. There are countless infographic directories on the internet, and you can submit yours too as many of them as you possibly can. You can also reach out to influential people who have shared similar infographics on their social media accounts before.

Use the Power of Guest Posts

Guest posting might be the best way to reach new audiences and build your backlinks.

You might’ve already guessed what guest posting means, publishing your content on more authoritative sites to get more exposure in front of new readers.

While guest posting can most certainly help with your backlinks goals, it can also improve your reputation in that niche and even gain more social media followers.

Don’t only search for websites that accept guest posts but also for influencers who regularly guest post. Since it can be challenging to get a site to post your blogs, unless they really like you and your content, you can contribute to websites that other influencers have written for.

You shouldn’t limit your search there. Take a step further and use social media to find more options.

While you can look for sites that are accepting guest posts, getting someone to actually accept your posts is a challenge. Not to mention, you will need to take the time to create content for them regularly. So, you can also use the help of experts who provide guest posting services.

Always make sure that you are linking back to your site, social media profiles, and following the site’s guidelines. And remember, the higher the domain authority or DA of the site, the better it will be for your own site.

Add Internal Links in Your Website

When creating new content, you might be linking back to several high authority websites. But while adding high DA links can be useful, you should also add internal links to your content.

You can use your own anchor texts in your content to link to other webpages of your site. This doesn’t only help you with Google, but it can also allow your readers to navigate through your site much more easily.

However, there is a limit that you should consider sticking to. While experts say that keeping it under 100 links per page is good, consider not even coming anywhere near a hundred internal links. When you post too many, you can negatively impact SEO and usability.

There are a few tools that you can use to automatically create internal links on your site, especially if you are running your blog on WordPress. Try to stay away from them and create internal links manually.

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