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How Content Marketing can Boost Your SEO Ranking?

by sambit
how content marketing helps seo

It is said that content is the king. If you can do proper content marketing, you will get ranking your keywords on the top page of the search engines. In this article, I will show you how content marketing can boost your SEO ranking.

Let’s jump into the topic;

What is Content Marketing?

Content is a tool for Digital Marketing. We can use the content in many ways, like, article, animation, video, audio, banner, poster, image, etc. When we use various types of content for our marketing purpose that is called content marketing.

What all you need for generating traffic through content marketing is building off page SEO strategy and content strategy.

Now let’s see how to build off page SEO strategy for different type of blogs or different products.

How to Build Off Page SEO Strategy

Building off page SEO strategy is not very difficult when you know the about your subject. Always you should be updated about the traffic attitude, their behavior and search habit. Naturally traffic search questions on Google, like how, where, what, etc solutions. Those who need any specific niche like, keto diet, interior design, home improvement, outdoor niches, health and wellness, etc, naturally join from social media platforms. Target traffic country also plays a vital role to build perfect off page SEO strategy. Here I’m giving you some examples, so that, you can understand clearly.


If you are working for a targeted niche like health and wellness, home improvement or outdoor niches and your target traffic is from the USA, Canada, Aus, etc. you have to build social media pages and should update your posts regularly with your blog link. All the said niches are getting most of the traffic from social platforms. Here is your off page SEO strategy should be based on social media marketing and social bookmarking.

On the other hand guest blogging, directory submission, PDF submission, etc. are main off page SEO strategy when you are working with niches that are getting traffic from searches on the search engines.

So, you have got the idea about what off page SEO strategy you should make for getting traffic to your website.

Now, let’s talk about how to make content that can drive traffic to your website.

How to Make Content that can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your content may be an article, a video or audio clip, image, animated picture or video. Whatever content you make, your target is to get traffic and convert the traffic into sales. Here are the steps for making content that can drive traffic and convert into sales:

  • Know about the platform, where your content will be published
  • Do research your targeted traffic, their attitude and behavior
  • What is the product that you want to sale through content marketing
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product
  • Catchy and Bullet Point Title

Where the Content will publish

The platform, where the content will going to publish is very important. Your content quality and inside of the content depend on the platform.


Your content should be within 1 to 2 sentences when the content is going to use to email marketing. I am following adam enfroy. He catches me by sending an email where he just wrote about his December’2019 income and his content in the email was “My income in December 2019”. This 5 words catchy sentence divert me to his blog and now I am his regular reader.

If your content is going to publish on a blog for divert traffic to your website, then your content should be elaborate as much as you can. You should use copywriting technique for your content where you will describe why you used the product or services how you have become a fan of the said product or service.

Take some snaps of the products or services, where the snaps are showing that you are using the product or service. Make a description within 2 to 3 lines why you are using this product or service. Then publish the content on social platforms.

The same technique you can use for video content and can publish it to video sharing platform like YouTube.

Audio content is something different from the video content.

Just think in this way: You are a diabetic patient and doctor advised you to walk for 1 hour every day. But you can’t do that. After 10 to 15 minutes, you felt leg pain. Now you have bought a new pair of “X” brand shoe. Now don’t feel any leg pain and can walk more than 1 hour.

When you will say the above sentences in your audio content, naturally your friends and followers will visit the website and buy the “X” brand shoe.

Do Research on Your Targeted Traffic

Research on targeted traffic is the most important part for creating a perfect content. Here you have to consider both target country and traffic as well as the possibility of hiring a local SEO service to build complimentary backlinks for your content!


If your niche is home improvement or gardening and your target country is the USA, then you have to do content marketing on social platforms like Pinterest and Facebook.

On the other hand if your target country is Bangladesh you should do content marketing on Facebook and tweeter.

Here content creation technique is same for all country but you should use native language for the specific country.

What is the Product

You should have clear concept about your product or service. Without clear concept of the product or service you can’t create a good content that can drive traffic.


You are creating a content about a smart TV. If you don’t know the details about that TV, you can’t describe a content about why people should use this TV.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Product or Service

You must clearly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the product or service in your content positively.


Just think, your niche is Gym equipment and you are creating a content about magnetic resistance exercise bike. This exercise bike is more costly than regular exercise bike. But how you can say this in positive manner?

First you should describe all advantages in your content and then quote “the price start from”. If you mention the starting price in your content, your sales conversion rate will be high.

Catchy and Bullet Point Title

Your title should be catchy and bullet, so that, your audiences feel interest to visit your website and you can convert the traffic into customer.


Just think, your niche is weight loss or keto diet. Here you may give the title “I have loss 10 kilo weight within just 10 days”.

When people will see this title, they will feel interest to visit your website.

End Words

Content marketing is a great way to boost your SEO ranking. In this article I have tried to describe how content marketing can boost your ranking.

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