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Top Benefits of ADCB’s TouchPoints

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Loyalty programs are usually offered by many banks to attract consumers with the best promotions in many areas of day-to-day life. It is a promotional strategy that works like a charm, and ADCB provides one of the best loyalty programs in the UAE; the renowned ADCB TouchPoints.

What is ADCB’s TouchPoints program?

ADCB’s TouchPoints loyalty program is an award-winning system that provides all ADCB’s clients with a chance to indulge in many discounts on the services and offers that are in partnership with ADCB.

It provides you with awards each time you avail any of ADCB’s services. It also guarantees you privileges that are specially designed for ADCB customers simply by using products or services from ADCB. These services include bill payments, opening a savings account, applying for a personal loan or by simply using ADCB’s credit or debit cards. (*)

How to redeem TouchPoints

You can easily redeem ADCB’s TouchPoints at ADCB’s prestigious Merchant Partner Outlets, or through personal internet banking.

How to purchase ADCB’s TouchPoints

ADCB clients can login to their online personal banking accounts and make a TouchPoints purchase. Every 100 points equal 0.8 AED, with a maximum purchase limit of 15000 TouchPoints per day.

Quick Facts about ADCB’s TouchPoints

  • ADCB cardholders can enter the program by using any service that is provided by the bank.
  • Any service that you utilise through the bank allows you to receive TouchPoints.
  • ADCB cardholders can buy TouchPoints if they do not have enough balance.
  • Numerous suppliers offer vouchers for cardholders that are part of the ADCB loyalty program.

Best ways to earn TouchPoints

The more ADCB services that you use, the more TouchPoints you will reap, and there are many ways to earn them:
– Current/savings/deposits account

When there is more balance maintained in any of your currents, savings or deposit accounts at ADCB in the UAE, you will receive more TouchPoints rewards.

Debit cards

You can get 1-4 points for each dirham spent using your debit card on all retail purchases.


Be it personal loans, car loans, smart loans and so on, all these loans are great ways to provide a customer with TouchPoints. About 50-300 TouchPoints are earned depending on the loan amount and type.

Credit cards

Just like debit cards, you will get 0.5 – 4 TouchPoints on each dirham spent using your credit card, and that includes all types of credit cards such as Standard, Platinum and Titanium/Gold. The number of rewards will vary depending on each credit card type.

Top 4 benefits of ADCB TouchPoints

1. Discounts and offers

You can get redeemable vouchers from any suppliers that are in partnership with ADCB’s loyalty program, and benefit from the discounts and offers that are provided by these TouchPoints.

2. Guest miles and travel vouchers

TouchPoints can provide ADCB cardholders with guest miles from Etihad. You can also get travel miles from the Abu Dhabi Travel Bureau, musafir.com, Emirates Skywards, and a few other agencies.

3. Entertainment and leisure vouchers

One more benefit that ADCB cardholders can get is entertainment vouchers from many partners such as the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Aqua Play theme park, and many more.

4. Shopping vouchers

Cardholders can reap the benefit of obtaining shopping vouchers that provide discounts from brands like Aldo, Arrow, Skechers, Next, and many other popular worldwide retailers.

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