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How to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business?

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Everybody is starting a YouTube channel these days. YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms. It is the second most-preferred platform in which people view video content on TV, and according to a ranking from Alexa.com, it is globally the second most-visited site. Right after Google.

Video content is the most popular type of content online in 2020. Quintly, a social media analytics firm, reports that videos generate higher engagement. This means that producing video content will greatly benefit your business. According to Wyzowl, 85% of businesses utilize video marketing in 2020 and 99% of them say they’ll continue using video marketing.

But here’s the catch: since the internet is saturated with online video content, it will be harder for new YouTube channels to stand out. So here are some tips on how to start a successful YouTube channel for your business:

Guide to Start a YouTube Business Channel

Create an Account

1. Create a Google Account

Two years after Google bought YouTube, users are now required to connect their Google accounts when creating a YouTube account. It is advisable that you create a dedicated Google account specifically for your business and not mix it with your personal Google account.

  1. After that, go to the homepage and click on your avatar icon.
  2. Click “My Channel” then “Use a Business or Other Name” and input the required information.
  3. Finally, click “Create” in order to activate your new YouTube Business account.
  4. Upload a channel icon and a channel banner.

To ensure a high-quality image, the recommended size for a channel icon is 800 x 800 px while the recommended size for a banner is 1546 x 423 px.

  1. Add a channel description to help viewers know who you are, what you do, and what your channel is about.
  2. Rejoice for you now have your very own YouTube channel!

2. Post Viral Content

So you have your channel, now what? The next step is to post videos. If you are a new business, then not many people know your brand yet. The fastest way to get people to notice your brand online is to post viral content.

But first, what makes a video go viral?

  • When it evokes emotion

The most shared ads are those that invoke intense emotions. Whether that is anger, arousal, fear, or laughter. Think of it this way: if you saw a tear-jerking video, you are more likely to share it with your friends who will then share it with their other friends.

  • When it fosters dialogue

Content that fosters dialogue encourages people to comment on their thoughts or share the video to ask other people for their thoughts. The more divisive the topics you choose, the more it promotes engagement.

Ever heard of the phrase “All publicity is good publicity”? It’s not an excuse to make your commercials lousy because that is never good. However, commercials that are just the right amount of unsettling, like the latest RC Cola 2020 commercial targeted to the Filipino audience, become unforgettable instead of unlikeable.

The commercial depicts a young boy asking his mother if he was adopted because he has four glasses attached to his back. His mother responded that they have been hiding it from him then proceeded to take her head off to reveal… an RC Cola bottle. Yes, you read that right. It’s as crazy as it sounds. So it’s not a shock that days later, people are still talking about it. It is guaranteed that people will talk about it weeks, months, and even years down the line.

  • When it’s educational and/or entertaining

The most viewed content on YouTube is educational videos such as how-to guides. According to data from Google, how-to video searches have increased by 70% year over year. Bonus points for you if the educational videos that you post are entertaining.

3. Promote Your Brand Without Sounding Too Promotional

Yes, you are going to be promoting your brand through videos. There’s a reason it’s called “video marketing”. However, a report from Gartner and Kentico shows that consumers don’t respond well to content that sounds overly promotional. According to the findings, the credibility of your content goes down 29% when you add a product or sales pitch. Therefore, the more you push your product to people’s faces, the more they want to run away from you.

How do you promote your brand without sounding too promotional?

Master the art and science of Corporate Storytelling.

Tip #1: Apply narrative-based content that shows your brand’s vision and personality.

Tip #2: Be authentic. People hate fake things, so authenticity is key. Consumers will lose respect for your brand when they find out that you are not being genuine.

Tip #3: Educate, educate, educate.

People love to consume educational content because it gives them value. Based on findings from Google, customers are 8x more willing to pay a higher price for products that offer them personal value.

4. Optimize Your Channel

  • Use the right keywords

Think of the right keywords for your video and, if possible, insert them into the title to help you rank. You can even speak the keywords in the video and add them in the description box.

  • Include hashtags and related tags

Hashtags and related tags are used for organizing content on the web. It also functions as a door for people to enter when they want to see related content.

  • Add Transcription and Translation

Most people prefer videos with subtitles, whether they understand the language spoken or not. Besides transcription, you can also utilize video translation to help you reach a wider audience. Youtube video translation is a tedious process. Before you are able to apply video translation, you have to transcribe. After having a transcript file, you can then translate that into the target language. When you add the translation to the video, you have to make sure that you have time synced it. You can even add the transcription into the description box. It will be even better if your transcription is optimized for SEO in order to boost your ranking.

  • Create Intriguing Thumbnails

You have probably heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but on the internet, everybody judges everything based on its cover. Consumers are more likely to click on something that looks interesting, so make sure to create thumbnails that are both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing for people to click.

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