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How to Use Digital Business Cards to Boost Business Relationships

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Find out how to leverage digitizing your contact information through digital business cards and build lasting business relationships.

Mastering networking is a key aspect of succeeding in business. Networking is not only meeting another professional and forming a connection but rather sustaining that connection and having access to the contact information of who you met so that you can reach out to them when needed.

Business cards allow business professionals to keep track of their contacts, but they can also get challenging to keep track of once collected. There are many things that can go wrong when depending on physical copies to keep up with clients and contacts. The card can get lost. It becomes difficult to find the right one at the right time among a pile. It’s impractical and burdensome to carry a wallet full of business cards.

Consequently, not being able to access the right person when you need it can cost a company a client or make them endure significant economic losses. Utilizing a personal CRM app’s scanning and digitizing features can help you and your business conveniently dodge all of the above conflicts while also saving time.

How Digital Business Card Works

Through an AI-powered scanner, business professionals can now easily scan business cards on their phones and later access the contact information that is saved through a single click. This technology makes it practical and easy to access whoever you need whenever you need. Furthermore, the card scanner has an accuracy rate of 96% so the risk of losing out on a connection opportunity due to misinformation is minimal.

With the prevalence of globalization and the advancements in technology, many businesses aim to get global recognition and operate overseas. This means that employers and employees meet many people from different countries speaking different languages and therefore possibly have business cards written in various languages.

In order to eliminate the language barrier, choose from the digitization and scanning tools that have auto-language recognition capabilities to translate the contact information in different languages. With this built-in tool, businesses can easily keep track of their contacts from all over the world. The language recognition technology in digitizing the information on the card allows businesses to access the contact information of their global business connections in their native language or in the language they feel most comfortable communicating in.

Benefits of Digital Business Cards

Another significant advantage that users can enjoy, through the business card digitization property, to build strong connections is the option to add notes, location and tags to remember the contact by. It can be a challenge to remember how we met or the common interests, incentives, key characteristics associated with the people after a large meeting or networking event.

Being able to add digital notes of where we met someone, what we talked about that stood out to us, any important detail or insights about them right after the meeting not only helps us remember the significance of a person but also provides us with information we can use when reaching out to them. Using the notes we add on to the scanned card also makes the conversation more personal and makes the business contacts we reach out to feel special and remembered.

The business card digitization aspect of CRM apps is very easy to use and significantly effective in making networking in a corporate environment personal, through adding notes, tags and location, and convenient, through eliminating the burden of preserving and keeping track of physical cards.

Many businesses increasingly convert to digital platforms in building and keeping track of internal and external relationships, learning the features that come with the digitization of business cards can differentiate you and your business among competitors.

Why Do You Need a Smart Contact Manager?

Exchanging business cards is still the traditional method of getting to know each other and introducing oneself in business communication. It has been a business etiquette for a long time. Many people often collect multiple business cards to discover their potential customers or business partners when encountering large-scale business meetings or events.

Quickly turning the information on these business cards into digital contacts is essential to all business professionals. Therefore, many people choose to use a smart contact manager that organizes business cards intelligently.

With the smart contact manager apps, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and disoriented. Let’s look at three smart contact manager apps that can help you organize your business cards and meet your networking goals.

1. Covve

Covve is a smart contact manager that can efficiently digitize business cards into your smartphone. It provides a scanner that allows you to scan the business cards with accurate details. You can easily add notes, tags, and location to the business card you scanned.

The interface allows you to organize and search contacts efficiently. You can also conveniently share the contact details with your colleagues through email or text. Plus, if you want to manage these contacts in spreadsheets, Covve can export it to excel for you. It offers a free trial for its two subscription options. If you work in a team, it also has an advanced business version. You can download Covve for both Andriod and iOS systems.

Covve is also unique it’s a commitment to security. This should be a primary concern for you, protecting your and your contacts’ information – and Covve has you covered.

2. Simpler App

While most users love the caller ID, spam detection, and call blocking features, Simpler ID on Andriod is also a smart contact manager. The version for the iPhone is called Simpler. Just like the name, the app will make your business contacts organization much simpler.

You can merge duplicate contacts, backup contacts and send group texts and email to selected contacts. It saves and creates specific contact groups. You can use the quick dialer to search and call people within the app.

It also has smart filters to find the numbers you need through company and job title searches. You can export your backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Email. Its user-friendly interface will save your time on organizing for contacts in both professional and personal life.

3. CamCard

Because business cards are still essential when networking in the business world, people find it very difficult to transcribe contacts into their smartphones. CamCard is a smart contacts manager that offers a scanning function. Once you scan the business card you received, it will create contact with detailed information in the app. You can use it to add notes, reminders, and contact updates. It also has the ability to look up company news.

Besides, if your colleagues are CamCard users, you can exchange e-cards and sync card data across multiple devices through the cloud. It will make your information up to date. CamCard is free to download for both Andriod and iOS systems. However, you need to pay for the subscription to remove ads and get more cards you can scan.

Conclusion: Less Trouble Organizing Contacts with Smart Contacts Manager

With the smart contact manager, you will not need to deal with troublesome organizing tasks. You will not worry about paper cards filling up your pockets, bags, or desk drawers. It helps you to save and update the contacts and build a strong business network. You can create digitized business contacts by scanning, editing, and done!

It saves you time and energy that you can actually spend on doing more valuable works or meeting with your family. It can put an end to clutter on your smartphone as well. It’s time to upgrade your contact system and experience the convenience of a smart contact manager.

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