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What is Guest Blogging? Benefits of Guest Blogging

what is guest blogging

If you have a blog and want to improve SEO ranking and traffic, you need to submit a guest post. Guest blogging is the best link building technique that helps to spread the word about your brand, in turn, helping you to receive a stronger brand identity.

Moreover, by guest blogging, you can build a personal portfolio of the sites for which you have contributed. A guest blogging quality makes a solid portfolio. To know more about guest posting, go through the article. We have mentioned how submitting guest blogs is essential for growing the website.

Why Submit A Guest Post?

A website should have at least several guest blogs to enhance traffic. The reasons why guest blogging is vital is mentioned below:

  • Create new and relevant backlinks. Guest posting is the best strategy to earn new links, build partnerships, and strengthen your brand presence.
  • Moreover, it also helps to generate new opportunities and leads for your product.
  • Build an SEO-friendly brand identity.
  • Drive fresh and organic traffic to your site.
  • It not only helps to drive traffic but also allows one to earn the trust of other bloggers by creating long-term relationships with them.
  • Google isn’t against guest blogging but it encourages webmasters for focusing on authentic and natural opportunities.

Other Aspects

A few other aspects as well that help guest post on a website is to increase your chances of approval by pitching unique content. Here, we are speaking about how to create the best guest posts to attract visitors.

Focus on personal experience

You can write stories that stem from your direct experience with a subject like What did you learn? How can your lessons help others? How they were useful? etc.


Moreover, a guest post can also have interviews. It is an often-overlooked content type. You need to create emails to gather up some interesting information for a Q&A-style post. You will also get free exposure from all the people you interviewed.


You should not always use Google Trends to get the latest updates. Instead, you can dig deep into social networks to recognize any subjects that could make for a unique content piece. You can also add a quote from industry experts to make the post more appealing.


Videos are the rarest content type to come across but could make all the difference between landing a great backlink. Video is one of the hottest marketing channels right now, and people are spending a lot more time watching content as opposed to reading content

However, you can only receive success when the guest blogging is clear, natural, and authentic. You need to be extremely patient to find great guest blogging as it is quite time-consuming. However, if you wish to attract high-quality opportunities, guest blogging is extremely crucial. It helps to boost your brand presence.

How to Write and Submit Guest Posts?

While writing guest blogs, you need to keep in mind a few points. As it helps to gain visitors to your website, you need to be very specific while you submit guest posts. The key points are as follows:

  • Firstly, and most important point is that you need to focus more on blogs and sites that are relevant to your niche. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you enjoy reading the content yourself. The post should be catchy and creative enough to attract visitors and keep them attached to the post until the end.
  • Next, you need to prioritize the sites that have a well-established authoritative status. It helps you to easily access by highlighting the DA (Domain Authority) for each guest blogging opportunity.
  • Alongside, you can also ask your friends, peers, and colleagues where they get their latest fix and see if you can negotiate a guest post on sites they recommend.
  • The final step needs you to look for websites that are often mentioned by other bloggers. You need to give yourself the challenge to write better content and land better opportunities.

We hope the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you to get a clear viewpoint on guest blogging and grow your business marking your brand to be the best among others.

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