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Covid-19 Update
  • World 20,025,245
    Confirmed: 20,025,245
    Active: 6,391,447
    Recovered: 12,899,801
    Death: 733,997
  • USA 5,199,444
    Confirmed: 5,199,444
    Active: 2,369,126
    Recovered: 2,664,701
    Death: 165,617
  • Brazil 3,035,582
    Confirmed: 3,035,582
    Active: 815,986
    Recovered: 2,118,460
    Death: 101,136
  • India 2,215,074
    Confirmed: 2,215,074
    Active: 634,865
    Recovered: 1,535,743
    Death: 44,466
  • Russia 887,536
    Confirmed: 887,536
    Active: 179,183
    Recovered: 693,422
    Death: 14,931
  • Spain 361,442
    Confirmed: 361,442
    Active: 332,939
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,503
  • UK 310,825
    Confirmed: 310,825
    Active: 264,251
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,574
  • Pakistan 284,121
    Confirmed: 284,121
    Active: 17,791
    Recovered: 260,248
    Death: 6,082
  • Bangladesh 257,600
    Confirmed: 257,600
    Active: 105,831
    Recovered: 148,370
    Death: 3,399
  • Italy 250,566
    Confirmed: 250,566
    Active: 13,263
    Recovered: 202,098
    Death: 35,205
  • Turkey 240,804
    Confirmed: 240,804
    Active: 11,201
    Recovered: 223,759
    Death: 5,844
  • Germany 217,281
    Confirmed: 217,281
    Active: 10,120
    Recovered: 197,900
    Death: 9,261
  • France 197,921
    Confirmed: 197,921
    Active: 84,761
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,324
  • Canada 119,451
    Confirmed: 119,451
    Active: 6,742
    Recovered: 103,728
    Death: 8,981
  • China 84,668
    Confirmed: 84,668
    Active: 802
    Recovered: 79,232
    Death: 4,634
  • Singapore 55,104
    Confirmed: 55,104
    Active: 6,162
    Recovered: 48,915
    Death: 27
  • Réunion 687
    Confirmed: 687
    Active: 51
    Recovered: 631
    Death: 5

Covid-19 Cases in United States Take A Huge Leap Outside Of Hot Spots

by sambit
covid-19 cases in united states

According to the data tracked by The Washington Post, Oklahoma and Nevada have joined Florida, Arizona, and Texas in rising of new coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Over 62,000 new cases have been reported on Tuesday all over the nation. The total count of the coronavirus cases has reached to 3.41 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

The nation had an average of 724 deaths on Monday. On Tuesday the nation announced more than 900 deaths due to coronavirus. The death toll is increasing every day in a leap as per reports. The death rate in Texas has reached a different level and people there are looking alternatives as the morgue is filling up too fast.

If we look outside the border of the United States, this type of epic rise in the number of cases is seen only in the developing countries, especially nations that lack wealth and resources like the United States. The number of new cases of States has gone too far outstripping many other countries. The new cases in Florida can alone suppress the total number of cases in many European countries.

Records till Tuesday including Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Nevada and Utah minimum of 133,000 Americans have lost their lives due to covid-19 till date.

Here we list down some of the important developments:

  • An experimental coronavirus vaccine by scientists provoked insusceptible reactions in the first 45 individuals who were a part of the trial in quite a while. And it seemed, by all accounts, to be protected, as indicated by early discoveries published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.
  • CDC Director Robert Redfield stated on Tuesday that the coronavirus could be “leveled out” in the United States only if people start wearing masks or cover their faces with other alternatives.
  • The Trump organization suddenly dropped plans to make worldwide students of the States leave the nation on the off chance that they aren’t taking any up close and personal classes this fall.
  • A few communities in Arizona and Texas are planning for a surge in deaths due to the coronavirus. Hospital morgues are filling up and there is a shortage of space for the dead bodies. They are requesting for “mobile morgues” — refrigerated trucks that can fill in as the second option and help in body stockpiling.
  • 90% of the residents of Montana assisted-living facility has been tested positive of the coronavirus. Much before the outbreak occurred, Canyon Creek Memory Care was offered free testing by the State but they turned down.

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