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Hong Kong Virologist Claims a Chinese Cover-Up About Coronavirus Transmission Nature and Warned Us That We Have Little Time Left to Act

by sambit
hong kong virologist claims a chinese cover-up about coronavirus transmission

Posted by Sambit Barua on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Video Credit: foxnews.com

A virologist from Hong Kong, who left China-controlled Hong Kong in April of this year and traveled to the U.S. revealed something shocking in an exclusive interview with Fox News host Bill Hemmer in his “Bill Hemmer Reports” show on Monday. He claimed that the Chinese government could have saved millions of precious lives only if they allowed him to disclose to the public about the inferences of her coronavirus research. They censored her so that the rest of the world could never know what actually happened or is still happening in Wuhan, the first epicenter of the Covid-19 infection.

Yan Li-Meng, the Hong Kong virologist, reportedly said that this pandemic is worse than anything else in the entire human history – the world has never seen this kind of havoc due to a pandemic. According to her, the timing is everything here, and the earlier we can stop this pandemic, the more lives can be saved.

Last week, the virologist exclusively said that she is confident about the fact that coronavirus was not unknown to the Chinese government from the very beginning, and they were well aware of what is going to happen long before they announced about the corona onset publicly. She further blamed her supervisors, who are some of the big names in virology, that they discouraged her from continuing the research, which could have made a difference, she believes.

Yan sounded a little scared while talking about her research in Hong Kong. She said that she was worried about her life in Hong Kong as she knows how Chinese authority tries to suppress any whistleblowing voice. Therefore, she had no other way than flying to America to bring out the truth behind Covid-19 and its origin, believing what she said Fox News Digital in the interview.

In the “Bill Hemmer Reports” show, Yan told Bill that China knew the fact that there were more than 40 people who already caught coronavirus in December of the last year. Beijing was already aware of Covid’s ability to be transmitted human-to-human by then, the virologist specifically said “And still, there is no covid-19 vaccine that is fully prepared.”

An Australian media leaked an intelligence report in May, which, according to their claim, was prepared by the Five Eyes (an intelligence alliance formed by five countries, namely the U.S., UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia). The report mentioned that despite enough evidence of transmission between humans from last year’s December, China continued denying the fact until 20th January. Even WHO didn’t change their stance on Covid’s nature of transmission until 14th January. On that day, the WHO spokesperson said to media that there is still a lack of enough proof by which human-to-human transmission can be established.

Yan showed Hemmer the chat logs, which she recorded while communicating with her Chinese colleagues. She continued to describe her fear over her life and career in Hong Kong. Yan sounded like she still wasn’t able to overcome the trauma completely when she told Hemmer that the Chinese government tries to shut the people up if they want to talk about the truth. And that’s not in the Covid-19 case alone, but it’s also true for every other atrocity within the Chinese territory.

She went on to give an example of Professor Jiang Yanyong, who discovered China’s involvement in covering up the 2013 SARS pandemic. There was another research team in Shanghai who studied the relation and link between SARS and Covid-19 and revealed it in February before anybody could guess. In both cases, the Chinese authority shut their labs down.

In the show, Yan clearly said that she came to America to hand over all the evidence to the U.S. government, which she gathered during her research in Hong Kong. People from outside won’t be able to imagine what’s going on in China, and the world needs to find out the evidence of how coronavirus spread in China as that’s one crucial part of dealing with this deadly virus. We have very little time, and we have to act fast, Yan added.

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