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5 Netflix Shows with Most Views in 2023

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Netflix is the next big thing in the entertainment industry. Who thought that you would no more need a cinema to watch a movie and you would be able to do it all just by sitting in your home with your device? But what people didn’t think has been brought to life by Netflix. The other day while in conversation with an editor at StreamingRant, I found out that Netflix really turned the entertainment industry around, and people now can stream on millions of shows and movies in just bare minimum. With around 7000+ shows and movies, you can watch anything and everything on the platform. But what people have watched the most on this platform in 2020 is what we bring here for you. Here are the 5 most viewed Netflix shows in 2020.

5 Most Watched Shows on Netflix

1. Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist is a popular Spanish series based on a team of thieves or calls them heroes instead. These men took the verge on a heist in the first season that became popular. Season by season, it went on to get the hype that it deserved and then came out the fourth season of Money Heist in 2020. The show has had 65 million views on Netflix, and people have liked the story and the screenplay too much. Professor is expected to come back to rescue his team from the Royal Mint of Spain in Season 5. Yes, a season 5 is also on its way and is expected to be released on Netflix in 2021.

2. The Umbrella Academy – Season 2

This is another show that has got a great response in 2020. The show is all about a family with adopted siblings with some extraordinary superpowers. This comic series has got a great response from fans and is included in one of the most viewed series with 43 million views. It can be a must-watch for you if you are a comic series fan.

3. Never Have I Ever

This again is one fine comedy show with some great scenes about college-going students. The show is perfectly fine for the people who are Indian and American as the cast has been shown as Indian-American. The turns and twists in the show have made this show a popular hit. It has got 40 million views in 2020 and thus is third on the list.

4. Lucifer – Season 5 Part 1

Lucifer has already got a pretty big fan base, and now with season 5’s part 1, it has got more fans watching this series in 2020. With 38 million views, it is 5th on the list. But if you have not watched the previous season, I would suggest you watch that first. It will give you a better understanding of the story and its characteristics.

5. Ozark – Season 3

Ozark is one of the shows that has already got the hype, but its season 3 has been great, and it has got around 30 million views in 2020. This season Marty and Wendy Byrde, played by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, move to the Ozarks to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

These shows have been great and amazing in their script, story, and screenplay, and some of them have got views because of their existing hype. If you have not watched any of them, you should start binge-watching right now because these shows are just amazing.

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