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Terms and Conditions

by sambit

1. On sharing your information with us by submitting or registering content on our website, you give your consent on agreeing with our privacy policy.

2. When you post with us, we reserve the right to approve the content and the submission stands rejected if it doesn’t abide by our guidelines.

3. We can add or remove the links as per our requirement once your blog is published. However, the case is rare.

4. On submitting a post, you need to make the guest posting payment in advance or else the content will stand rejected. In case your content is posted in consideration of our client satisfaction policy, the payment is expected within 7 days.

5. We also offer free guest posts, but you won’t get to have a do-follow link to your website URL. And, you can only have 1 do-follow link. No further requests will be accepted.

6. While submitting a blog, give at least 2 internal links in the blog.

7. If you find your link or post is removed from our website, it is probably the result of a non-payment issue. Other possible reasons could be the strategic direction of the website publishing channel after a particular period (mostly 1 year) after the publishing date. If content or link is deleted within one year of its submission for any other reason is refunded or replaced as per client requests and depending on our client satisfaction policy.

8. Along with content approval, our editorial team reserves the right to make changes to the blog title or other changes based on SEO guidelines. However, we do not encourage mincing the originality of your content.

9. We update our clients through email about any alterations in our privacy policy. We also update the changes on our website before sending you notifications.

10. Our management team takes care of the customer service desk. Client satisfaction is our priority and we ensure responding to our paying clients with 48 hours.

11. Our minimum client disputes are evident in our high level of client satisfaction. We always make the delivery on time.

12. If you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions, you can contact us via email – [email protected]