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Why Domain Authority Is Important

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One big factor that goes into ranking landing pages is domain authority (DA). This refers to the strength of your website and its ability to rank for a given keyword. In order to know about the domain authority for your current site, it’s important to look at a domain authority checker so you know what you can improve on.

Measuring Domain Authority

Domain authority is measured on a scale from 1-100. There are several sites with low DA, a few sites with a middle DA, and then very few sites that have a high DA. Many different factors affect the domain authority of a website, but some of the biggest ones include links, the technical aspects of the website, and the age of the domain. There isn’t a lot you can do about the age of a domain and older sites do tend to rank better, but you can work on making sure your website is technically sound and you have good links. There are two different types of links. Good links, such as editorial links and attributions for content, help improve your domain, while bad links can lower your DA and the ability to rank well in searches. To know your domain authority, use a domain authority checker and then start looking at your site to improve it. Below 30 is poor, while above 80 is excellent.

Building Your Domain Authority

In order to build up your domain authority, there are some things you can do.

Take a Look at Your Backlink Profile: Search engines want your website backlinks to come from a variety of high-authority sites. This is considered a marker of a trustworthy and authoritative site. You can use different sites to take a look at your backlink profile health. You can then use the Disavow Tool from Google to get rid of undesirable or poor links from your website.

Look at Internal Links: Focusing on the internal link structure helps improve the user experience on your website. Have links that direct to other informative landing pages on your site in order to reduce the bounce rate and keep users engaged.

Write Compelling Content: Part of the algorithm ranks content based on different engagement metrics, such as direct traffic through Chrome, organic traffic, brand mentions, return visits, and bounce rate. To boost engagement and help your domain authority, you need to engage with your loyal audience by creating content that is compelling and high quality. Creating high-quality content also attracts organic backlinks.

Get High-Quality Links: Getting high-quality links from pages and websites with high authority is also important for boosting your own domain authority. In order for links to be high quality, they need to be on relevant websites that also have better domain authority.

Optimize Your Website Structure: One of the factors calculated in domain authority is the user-friendliness of your site and the structure. If your site has proper structure then search engines are able to crawl your web pages and index them for search results. Be sure to create a sitemap. In order to improve the user experience of your website, focus on mobile. Google has paid a lot of attention to mobile first so you want to make sure the site functions correctly on mobile and quickly loads.

Domain authority can be a useful metric to track, even if getting a higher domain authority isn’t a high-priority goal. One of the other ways to use a domain authority checker is when it comes to identifying quality outreach targets for backlinks. The better the domain authority, the better quality that backlink will be for you. Since links are a major factor in your own domain authority this will benefit you in a number of ways.

You aren’t able to directly control a website’s domain authority in the short term. However, if you consistently monitor the link profile, write compelling content, and work on earning quality links then domain authority starts to gradually improve and it helps rankings and organic search traffic in the long term.

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