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Why Choose Cable Entry Systems?

cable entry systems

A cable entry system (CES) is a space- and cost-saving solution for control cabinet cable feed-through. There are a wealth of benefits to using cable entry system products, including;

  • Saving space in the control cabinet by installing the plug-in connection inside.
  • No special tools required
  • Robust and safe
  • Reliable
  • High Stability

Products available for cable entry systems include;

  • Multi Cable Transit for Cables with Connectors
  • Cable Glands for Cables with Connectors
  • Cable Entry Plates for Cables without Connectors
  • EMC Cable Shield Clamps & Grounding Components
  • Cable Grommets for Cable Entry Frames
  • IMAS-CONNECT™ Adapter Grommets
  • Split EMC Cable Entry Systems
  • Cable Pass-Through with Brush Seal
  • Strain Relief & Cable Management
  • Control Panel and Enclosure Accessories
  • Cable Entry Systems for Railroad Technology
  • Hygienic Cable Entry Plates for the Food Industry

Why Use Cable Entry Systems?

Electrical cables, corrugated conduits, and pneumatic and hydraulic hoses are routed via cable entry systems into switch cabinets, electrical enclosures, control panels, and computers, as well as in large heavy-duty vehicles, rolling stock, and ships. High ingress security rates or integrated strain relief are examples of possible requirements.

Unlike conventional cable plastic and metal glands, the cable entry systems have a higher wiring density. These systems save time during construction since they can be easily anchored into cut-outs made in the cabinet or enclosure.

The cables can be wired directly into the openings without the use of any special equipment. Cable entry systems are designed and built to prevent cable and tubing twisting and provide security up to IP 65 (depending on model).

Cable Entry Systems

A large number of pre-terminated cables (up to 65 mm in diameter) and cables without connectors (up to 75 mm in diameter) can be easily routed into enclosures, control panels, or machines and sealed with up to IP66 / UL type 4X rated ingress safety (certified according to EN 60529 / UL50-E) using the patented grommet-based icotek cable entry system. The cable entry frames also act as tension reliefs for the cable (acc. to EN 62444). The split cable entry system is ideal for retrofits and maintenance because it allows for fast and simple assembly.

Split Cable Entry Systems

Split cable entry systems have been designed for routing cables that have already been assembled with connectors. These systems’ divisibility offers two benefits. Since the connectors do not have to be cut and soldered again after joining the cables, the warranty on pre-terminated cables is still valid. A split cable gland can enable quick and easy assembly, making it ideal for retrofits and maintenance.

Another benefit is that since split cable entries are normally constructed along existing lines, the assembly can be achieved later. The majority of split cable entries are made up of a split hard frame made of plastic or sometimes stainless steel (for example, in the food industry) and one or more split sealing grommets made of elastomer.

The cable is wrapped in a grommet that matches the cable diameter and secured within the cable entry frame. As a result, the cables can be strain relieved (in some cases according to EN 62444) and have ingress security of up to IP66/IP68.

The design of cable entry systems and split cable entry systems allows for use across many industries and can be configured easily, offering many benefits when installed.

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