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9 WhatsApp Tricks and Cheats for Power Users [May 2023]

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WhatsApp Tips & Tricks: WhatsApp hit a major milestone- around one billion people in the world use WhatsApp every day, to bring into perspective, there are 7 billion in the world Which means, every, one in seven people use WhatsApp every single day. While Facebook has 2 billion users. That’s a lot of people. So, here are my top 10 apps for WhatsApp power user.

Best WhatsApp Tips & Tricks for WhatsApp Power Users

1. Analyser

We all have one favorite person or a group on WhatsApp, where we are most active And if you want to visualize of your WhatsApp chat history Then this the app that works. So, ever since WhatsApp has launched its end to end also, No app can directly fetch data from WhatsApp And the way to make it work is, First export the chat in form of text, You can do it by emailing it to yourself. And then download that chat and import it back to analyzer app. Within sec, it’ll give you cool stats like — who is the most active person in the chat, which words were used most often, And when do you guys talk the most.

2. Stealth Tap Keyboard

If you are having a private chat on WhatsApp, Personal stuff with your SO or if you are working with national intelligence, Basically anything you don’t want others to sneak peek. but not a big fan of locking your WhatsApp app, then you can use this keyboard app to encrypt whatever you type. Now, Yes, WhatsApp has encryption, but that only works when the message leaves your smartphone. If someone can get hold of your smartphone, then there is nothing stopping them to read it. And in such a situation, this is the app, you want. Simply type in your text, tap on the lock icon The app will encrypt the message no matter what app you are in.

And to decrypt the message, the receiving user needs to copy the message, switch to the keyboard (yes, both parties needs to have same messaging app for it work) and hit the unlock icon at the top right corner. Although, there is one flaw in the app, So, everytime you type something, The app adds a small unnecessary snippet on how you can decrypt it, Which, obviously, gives clear instruction to anyone reading this message, One how you can decrypt it. Yes, I can remove it manually if I want But, then I’ve to do it, every single time I use this app which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, So, yeah, ask the dev, if you are looking forward to trying the app.

3. Maskchat – Hides Whatsapp Chat

Imagine you are traveling in public transport, going to work or college. And the older guy sitting next to you in showing quite an interest in your phone. Well, then mask chat will save you, Simply put the app add a black filter in your screen Which you can resize or adjust transparency To prevent shoulder surfing. And once you are okay giveaway your privacy, tap on small cross sign and drag and drop it get rid of it. Just like you do it with FB chat head. The app is pretty much simple, but if you are into pattern and colors Then I suggest you check out Privacy guard pro The premium version of the app is free for next few days, just in case you are watching this video fresh. Any case, I will the link of both apps in the description below.

4. Booble keyboard — take a selfie and share your own emoji

Booble keyboard is keyboard app, Which you won’t be using for typing Because, We have gboard for that But, what you can use it for is converting selfies into comical stickers Let me show you what I mean, So, open the app, take a selfie, and this app will turn your face into a comical character. Which you can later send on WhatsApp as personalize stickers (which there are too many of them) And yes there are GIF as well Although having my own face in GIF are not my style, I relate more to pop culture reference But yeah, if you are in this stuff, Then definitely give it try, it should work great with WhatsApp Group

5. Siftr Magic Cleaner

The app is a bit old now, and there many similar apps but it’s still worth having. So, the one thing I don’t like about WhatsApp is — anyone can add you in a group, (I mean there should be ignored or accept option for that Just like you get a friend request on facebook) Yes, you mute that group, But, still all the download photos will take your precious memory. Now, since nobody has the time to delete all the junk photos one by one, this app basically scans the media folder of your WhatsApp app and automatically detects all the junk images including screenshots, memes, cartoons and other pictures with overlay text. Which you can later delete in one click. So, next time you run out of space and don’t know where you start, Well remember this one.

6. Stealth Audio Player

Imagine you are in office and your friend send you this long voice message, And of course, you don’t have your earphones with you? So, what next? Well, guess what, if you play the audio and then bring your phone to your ear, then WhatsApp will automatically switch to the earpiece. Try it out, it’s fun. But there still one problem. This approach is still not practical in many situations, It takes 5 sec to switch from loudspeaker to earpiece And for that 5 times, the audio plays loud and clear Trust me, I’ve tried that, And it gets awkward So, here is the app I use, Simple open the app, and go to the Whatsapp folder And it’ll play the audio on earpiece directly,

7. Notify

Although I’m never a fan of facebook official apps, one thing I did like about messenger is the chat heads. It’s really useful. And hope they might introduce this option in WhatsApp as well. But until then you can use notify Which well, add the same – facebook-like chat heads to WhatsApp conversation. Although, it’s for from perfect. Since it’s fetched, messages from notification, you basically get you 2 notification And it’s not able to fetch photos or gif in the preview. But, in some situation, it works great, like when you are multitasking for something Also, if you get a lot of messages on several diff platform I suggest you disable it from other apps like Gmail and hangout or it’ll create a mess.

8. WhatsWeb For Whatscan

Now, ‘I’ll be honest here, I don’t find anything useful in this app But I still include it in my list, because, I guess everyone should be aware of this app. So, you all know about Whatsapp, web Scan a QR code on your desktop browser and then you have Whatsapp on the computer. I’ve also created a WhatsApp group with just me as a user, so that I can use it send and receive files between android a pc Pretty standard stuff, But, guess, what, WhatsApp web also work on smartphones, If you go to web.whatsapp.com and turn on desktop mode on chrome Well there you have it. So, this app is just like that, The app itself is nothing revolutionary, but it can be dangerous.

If someone is interested in your WhatsApp life They can use this app to replicate your WhatsApp account on their phone And see all your chats happening in real time But luckily, there is one good thing going for us, due to Android restriction, WhatsApp will have to show persistent notification, If it’s running in background So, if you are skeptical, about somebody is spying on your WhatsApp Then take a look at WhatsApp web notification And when in doubt, it’s better to log out from all computer at once.

9. Parallel space – Two WhatsApp account in one phone

If you are using a dual sim phone – With work and home phone number And want to use two separate WhatsApp account one device (which is not possible if you go by the books) Then you can use the app parallel space, Simply put, you can run two instances of Whatsapp (or any app for that matter) On a single device. I’ve used it and it worked surprisingly well. And the best part is, you can even create a shortcut for WhatsApp which is in your parallel space and drag that it on your home screen.

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