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What Are Common Features in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software?

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is essentially a cloud-based accounting software. Companies can use it to manage the most basic accounting tasks such as sales, product, and order management. The tasks include keeping track of customers and managing appointments. The software has many valuable features that can be used in different business areas. The following are standard features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.

Best Features in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Software

Multiple Company Books and Unlimited Company Divisions

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system can be set up as one integrated book or several different books. The books have flexible access controls on various aspects of the financials. With these features, you can track and manage all customer orders in one place or separately, depending on your needs. You can also work with unlimited company divisions for particular projects or subsidiary books. This allows for easy sharing of sales, expenses, and profits among several companies.

Business Intelligence

The software’s business intelligence tools provide an in-depth view and analysis of your business’ performance. You can use it to make informed decisions to improve your operations. The business intelligence solution lets you analyze your data from different perspectives. It also provides analytics on sales revenue by customer or day, marketing information, and profit margins per product line or category.

Repositioning Facility

The repositioning tool helps sales managers use past sales history trends to predict future trends. This is crucial when sharing sales forecasts and performance metrics with the business’ top managers. The reports can give high-quality estimates based on the customers’ historical transactions. The feature helps the managers make well-informed decisions in the firm’s daily operations.

Customer Relationship Management

Using this tool, you can make well-informed decisions about best sellers or other insights that help your business grow. The Dynamics 365 ERP software lets you track customer information in one place. You can set up multiple customer service activities. The activities include call centers for different customers or customers in different time zones. Each customer gets their record with basic information such as the number called, call records, and notes on the call.

Human Resources

The Dynamics 365 ERP software provides robust human resources functionality. The functionality lets you manage your company’s employees and their benefits, training, and other needs. You can set up activity and expense reports for different employees. The reports come in handy to keep track of their transactions, such as paychecks or benefits deposits. The system lets you know what time they are coming in or leaving so that you know where to find them when they come back.

Data Security and Management

Data security is essential for any business. It reduces information theft and helps ensure a more secure environment for your confidential data. The Dynamics 365 ERP software allows you to manage your organization’s information in one centralized location that anyone can access, edit and use for various purposes. The Dynamics 365 ERP software lets you set up different access controls.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the most recent offering by Microsoft. It has taken on a new level of innovative, advanced features. The software has also become more user-friendly. The above features stand out as some of the best in Dynamics 365 ERP software. In addition, the cloud software is designed to scale as you grow. You can add new features over time so that it remains optimized for your business.

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