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How To Start a Website | Launching a New Website [May 2023]

Website Launch Checklist

Website development goes through a number of procedures, tests, trials, writing codes, and many more things. After following all the steps religiously, it might be possible to be erroneous. Website development companies like Intlum prepare a website launch checklist before launching their corresponding websites so that no such error occurs.

Launching a Website Checklist – 9 Website Launch Checklist you should know

Launching a website is a crucial responsibility and there are several things to include on the to-do list. We have discussed the top 9 things to check before the launch of a beautiful website. These steps would ensure the inauguration of an error-free website. So, let’s talk about all of them.

A Thorough Review

This is indeed an important step to follow before launching a brand new beautiful website. Review everything. The site is about to live, and if bugs occur after the launch, it definitely creates a bad impression among users. So, it is important to make sure that the live link is working properly.

Check every feature and internal links of the website. You can take the help of free utility tools such as Google Search Console which is quite helpful in analyzing any error.

When a website is about to launch on a bigger platform, it generally goes through multiple numbers of tests. Still, one out of two utility may be left out. So, this is definitely an important step to follow at the very first hand.

Site Speed is Important

Checking the website loading speed is considered to be a parameter that needs to be maintained or monitored throughout a year. It has been seen that the traffic of a particular website drops even with half a second of delay.

So, before the launching, it is important to monitor the speed. In fact, don’t do it hastily. Thorough and an analytical approach is needed which includes the checking of the site across multiple platforms.

Don’t forget to check the speed from every possible device. This is indeed a crucial step that many skips. So, save yourself from the disgrace.

Is Everything Responsive?

The world of internet is pacing very fast. People and their lifestyle both have become quite hectic. So, almost every internet user is impatient. And, they continuously hunt for sites which are informative and effective.

In this scenario, if your newly launched website does not have a mobile friendly design, then the beauty and the market both can become affected. A drop in traffic potential would not be surprising too in that case. Check whether the design is getting distorted in any platform or not. Is every design element is getting the view? All these things are needed to be checked in detail. So, for an effective launch of a new portal, responsiveness is a must check indeed.

404 Set Up is Quite Effective

The set up of 404 is quite important. Generally, when a user lands on a removed page, a very badly configured message written using a monotonous font appears on the screen. This configuration not only disrupts the beautification of a site but also irritates the user.

To prevent that, site owners need to configure the message properly in such a way that users do not feel lost and abandon the page in a midway. Configure an engaging message so that they again come back on the track. Well! The best approach is to omit all poor or broken links. The set up of 404  is considered to be a great thing to do prior to site launch.

Code Validation

Well! Like all the previous things, validation of coding and CC are quite important too. According to Google, a few HTML or CSS errors would not harm the site overall, but still, an error-free coding is required.

As a site owner, you can check the coding using online tools. If the codings look proper and bug-free, that is indeed excellent. Otherwise, it is better to resolve everything prior. Because once the site is live, validation might be a bit problematic for you. This is indeed a great thing to consider before launching a website.

Check Crawling Issues

Well! Before you work with SEO, this is a must step to check. Check out whether the search engines can crawl to your pages or not. In fact, don’t forget to uncheck the Follow Robots.txt box.

This is a crucial stage, otherwise, all of your pages would return a negative or 404 value that would be detrimental from your SEO perspective as well. So, before you end up doing something hastily, consider including this step in your to-do list.

Have You Checked Plagiarism?

Copyright contents create a huge impact on any website. Sometimes, it happens that you might have picked up two to three consecutive lines or ideas from another website. In that case, if the website owner somehow claims copyright infringement, then you have to take down the whole article. And, this is definitely a shameful thing especially when you are eager to build a good network in the market in your niche.

So, check every content on Copyscape or other platforms. If possible, go for the premium versions, Because this investment would not cost you much but would definitely save you from a lot of trouble. So, don’t forget to check for plagiarism before launching a new portal.

Proofread All the Contents

You definitely don’t want to create erroneous content, right? Then proofreading is a step that you need to follow before you are about to launch. Check all types of grammatical errors and mistakes.

Well! Proofread not only ensures a healthy reading but also promotes respect for your readers. It shows that you value your readers, viewers, and consumers a lot. This is indeed a crucial step to follow before you launch your new website.

Take the Backup

After you launch the site, you might need to take the backup safety. So, in case you lose any data or information, you can easily replace that using the old file.

Launching is just a matter of time. But, it takes a lot of time and effort to build up everything from scratch. It also won’t take much time to destroy everything. So, make sure to take a full backup of your site prior to making the site live.

For any web development company, it is a big responsibility to launch a website. Website development is processed through several stages. Each stage is crucial. These 9 steps are quite essential to check before the launching of a portal. These steps would ensure that the website is completely safe to launch.

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