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Unknown Options of Snapchat: Improve Your Online Experience


According to the latest statistics each fifth person in any corner of the world uses social networking websites, messengers, and entertainment applications for pocket screens. The necessity of socializing plays a great role for modern people. Both young “digitized” generation and millennials prefer chatting, playing video games, and watching films online. One of the high-demand applications for self-amusement and communication is Snapchat.

Snapchat – how did it get started?

Five years ago, the application was created 5 years ago by three talented webmasters: E. Spiegel, B. Murphy, R. Brown. First, the app was available only for iPhone owners. Its first name was not Snapchat but Picaboo. When developers saw the true interest of users, they decided to create a version for Android smartphones.

The rebranding took place at the same time. The IOS application turned into an international fancy accessible on any pocket screen. New features are added regularly in order Snapchat users to have more capabilities to interact and have fun.

Snapchat function set

The key feature is taking funny photos and sharing them with friends. There are different masks to try, the lens from famous brands that are widespread by the Snapchat community. In 2014 new options become available:

  • Spectacles – glasses for new activities and more striking photo shoots;
  • Stories – users can take immediate videos and photos to share with friends;
  • Geofilters – the ultimate option for searching new contacts and specifications of the user’s geolocation.

Additionally, Snapchat offers the Discovery option, a set of digital marketing tools, face tracking and other exciting filters to select. The focused attention should be paid to the way of communication in Snapchat. Special messages called “snaps” obtain both advantages and weak spots for standing users.

Snaps for personalized conversations

Clicking snaps is one of the most favourite activities of all Snapchat users. Such messages are bright, the content can include gifs, exclusive stories shot by your friends, smiles, and other interesting elements. The main peculiarities of snaps are their ultimate design, the easy concept of creation, the attractiveness of ready-done digital products.

At the same time, developers do not provide an opportunity to save received messages. It means that after some time photos, videos, and other graphical elements will disappear. This fact is disliked by millions of users because sometimes you want to save a brilliant moment.

Teenagers also are pleased with snaps because parents will not see their profanity videos or other unsuitable content shared with classmates. However, this is only some part of the huge Snapchat community that loves disappearing snap-originated information. But developers are insistent on the fact that no changes will happen. Snaps are an exceptional feature of this application.

New online experience with Snapchat

It is worth noting that Snapchat is a cross-functional app in comparison with Tick-Tock that is loved by Generation Z representatives. People can chat and make video calls with the help of this application. It means that communicative options are available as well. Besides funny pictures and attractive selfies, you can send text messages, voice records, and initiate video conferencing.

One more helpful feature that most of us leave without attention. Users can send personalized prompts when they are busy or simply cannot talk at the moment. Additionally, the Memories section is created for saving photos generated with the help of the Snapchat applications. Do not fool around with snaps. All received content are snaps that are not saved. Your photos and videos that you are going to send your near and dear ones are converted into a memory.

Supplementary options by Snapchat for fun

Interactions can be different. Snapchat thought through various kinds of touch-basing. For example, there is an option of playing games with friends. One more way of mass entertainment! Additionally, there is a Snap Map for people searching that is very convenient for local activities. You can order a surprise or meet with the object of your sympathy accidentally (as it is said to be). But there is more to come! Check the list of other supplementary options by Snapchat for more exciting activities online:

  • Built-in Shazam – the extremely comfortable feature for song searching;
  • Photomath – helps to solve Math problems in a second;
  • Object scanner – make a photo and organize the search of the T-shirt, dress, toy, decoration you have always dreamt and want to purchase online
  • Create own stickers – personalize your page and impress your friends with emoji that are very similar to you.

It is not a surprise that Snapchat is one of the most top-ranking applications for users of any age. Find the most demandable features for your entertainment and collaborations. Snapchat aims to release people of dullness and loneliness. 


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