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The Top 5 Industries That Utilize High Volume Scanners

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Scanners are useful to many businesses and can even help individuals manage their household finances. However, offices in certain fields simply won’t run efficiently without a high volume scanner. Here are five industries that can benefit the most from the extra speed and accuracy a top-of-the-line machine provides.

Legal Industry

Winning or losing a legal case frequently comes down to small details and documents that are easy to misplace. Scanning documents keep them safe and on file, but with an older flatbed scanner, this can translate to hours of dull scanning per day. A high-volume scanner is essential to keep a busy lawyer’s practice running smoothly.

Even in law offices where cases rarely make it to trial, settlements and old case files can take up far too much space stored in file cabinets. This inevitably leads to documents being weeded out or an inability to quickly locate an important record. Entire storage rooms or floors of buildings full of old documents can be tackled and digitized with the right scanner, such as a model from the fi-8000 series.

Healthcare Industry

Medical charts frequently number in the hundreds of pages. A modern scanner can accurately handle 70 sheets per minute. Charts that may take hours to scan can be done in minutes, freeing time for overworked healthcare professionals.

Insurance Industry

Insurance professionals need accurate, complete data to do their jobs. Advanced scanners can greatly reduce the number of scanning errors, even in thousand-page documents.

Like in a law office, rooms and rooms full of file cabinets aren’t necessary with the help of a few excellent scanners. Innovative cloud technology allows shared documents to be uploaded right to an office-wide folder for improved communication.

Construction Industry

Paper documents are an important part of the construction industry, so scanners are essential when coordinating complex projects across long distances. A fast scanner saves time when a construction project falls behind schedule.

The crisp image quality on a modern scanner is important in construction, where small details make all the difference in the quality and safety of the finished structure. New software can enhance scanned images so that even papers on darker backgrounds are crisp and legible on a device’s screen.

Tax Preparation Industry

Few industries experience the rush of paperwork seen in a busy accounting firm during tax season. Multiple high-volume scanners are necessary to coordinate so many files.

New scanners go beyond simply converting paper pages into digital images. Instead, smart technology can extract data from documents and organize it automatically.

Figures pulled off of tax forms instantly and without human error save time in the rush season of this demanding industry. A free scansnap download can automate and improve the accuracy of data entry from all scanned documents.

Consumer reviews for many high-end scanners tell a similar story: Offices used to slow, outdated scanning speeds suddenly freed up hours of their day for important tasks. Professionals in these five industries and more can get a great return on their investment with a newer, faster scanner.

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