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These 4 Habits Could Put Your PC at risk

by sambit
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Maintaining PC health can be an arduous task. Nowadays, hacking and other malicious deeds are becoming rather mainstream. To combat this, you have to be vigilant almost always. And your everyday habits could be one of the things hackers attempt to exploit to gain access to your private data.

There is a multitude of reasons as to why folks get their security systems breached, and in this article, we will attempt to explore the most common behaviours that can put your PC at risk, everyday.

Poor Password Hygiene

Part of the reason why Mr Robot is such a masterpiece is because of how accurately it portrays password breaches. For the most part, folks tend to have really poor or weak passwords, which makes breaching into their systems rather easy to do for even a young, inexperienced hacker.

The most impactful reason that leads to security breaches is poor password hygiene, so to speak. People not only tend to choose passwords that are easy to figure out but do so rather blatantly. You can have the best antivirus ever, but if you are consistently careless with your passwords, then you are really testing your luck.

The other issue with poor password hygiene is the fact that folks do not change their credentials and associated passwords quite often. You can have the tightest and most complex password ever, but if you refuse to change it up often, you are in for some big trouble.

It does not matter how grand the scale is. Even if you change a couple of letters here and there, maybe add a number or two, that still counts. As long as you are practising safe password hygiene, you have one less reason to worry about.

Going Easy on Public Networks

The other issue that people absolutely fail to recognise is the abhorrent nature of some public networks. In the age of the myth of free Wi-Fi, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Public networks are a hub of data breaches, and it is high time that people understood this.

As with other things, this is easy to mitigate too. We are not imploring you to avoid these public networks, but you better be equipped before you venture onto them. Firstly, just get a good security solution. The web has made it easy for you to find the best internet security at good rates and prices, so you can make the most of it.

Secondly, supplement it with a good VPN. You will absolutely need this to avoid getting tracked, or worse while using public Wi-Fi. Make sure to get an additional VPN solution, even if your security provider offers one already. The ones that come bundled with other products often tend to have various limitations.

Not Using Strong Security Solutions—Negligent Behaviour

Skimming along the lines of the aforementioned idea, focus on strong security solutions in order to ensure that you are protected against data leakages and security breaches. While there are a lot of ways to scan and detect vulnerabilities in your system, it always makes sense to let the ready-made app or security solution do so.

In this regard, try to get the premium versions of antiviruses or other security solutions. Sure, the free or basic versions do the job just fine, but it is always safer to pack greater levels of security. Don’t be complacent.

This idea of avoiding more protection comes from an unhealthy degree of confidence and a careless “it won’t happen to me” approach. This is not only philosophically worth berating but pragmatically filled with holes too.

Thinking there’s no Need for Backups

Backups, or lack thereof, is the epitome of negligence. Folks refuse to understand the importance of having valid backups, and this proves to be more detrimental than one can fathom. There is an abnormally high rate of being exploited if you do not have safe and secure backups, and the numbers do not lie either.

Creating multiple backups has two advantages. First, in case of security breaches, you can eliminate the source of the incoming threat and wipe your systems clean. After this, you can securely reinstall or re-upload materials that you have already backed up.

The other thing is quick data recovery. In case your local systems or devices get fried, you have the window to quickly install regular tasks and applications in a more secure hardware-bound device. This comes especially handy if you are working for cybersecurity teams or so.

Final Word

Casualness will be the cause of major internet casualties. It is as simple as that. When hackers are on the rise by the day, you cannot afford to make any lapses, and more so in the case of security. Be smart, be safe.

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