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Tech 101 for Newbies

by sambit

You have seen eight-year-olds effortlessly use tablets and teens who know their way around apps and games on their smartphones and laptops. While you admire the way kiddos seem to have an inherent grasp of technology, you must confess that you are pretty much the polar opposite.

You like technology, but you are not really sure what you should purchase, let alone how to install, use and enjoy it.

It is quite possible for budding technology users like yourself to get to know more about the subject and get all of the benefits of your future tech products and services. Let’s get started.

Decide What You Want and Need

The best way to gain knowledge about technology is to make an honest assessment of what you want and need in your home and then read up as much as you can on the products available. For instance, if you love watching television shows to relax and could use an upgrade, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with a smart TV and its many features. As Tom’s Guide notes, while older televisions relied on cable or an antenna, a smart TV works a lot like a smartphone or tablet. A smart TV will connect to the internet you already have in your home and stream shows from services like Netflix or Hulu. 

Other tech to consider is a desktop or laptop computer, a smart doorbell and security cameras. Take your time, talk with trusted friends and family for advice and create a wish list of what you want.

Hire an Installer and Take Notes

In many cases, the instructions that you will follow to install a new piece of technology are in the box or on the company website. For instance, Ring offers step-by-step tips on how to install a video doorbell. YouTube can also be a valuable website for instructional videos; just type in something like “security camera installation” in the search bar and there will be plenty of videos that show you what you do. 

If this all seems too overwhelming, there is nothing wrong with hiring a local handyman or someone from the store where the tech was purchased. A neighborhood teen will probably also be thrilled to earn a few bucks for setting up your new tech. Let whomever you hire know that you want to learn how to do this task yourself, so stay close, take notes and snap photos as you go. You will probably find out that it’s easier than you realized to get new technology up and running.

Realize the Risks and Take Action

Once you have your new laptop or desktop set up, you will probably enjoy learning how to take care of a myriad of tasks on it, including paying your bills on your bank’s website. Unfortunately, criminals know how popular these chores are and will take steps to try to access your personal information. While this shouldn’t scare you off from enjoying all of the benefits of your new computer, it is still wise to take steps to protect your sensitive data. One way to do this is to invest in an identity theft protection program through a company like LifeLock. You can give them a call directly through the toll-free LifeLock phone number and learn more about this service, which can provide invaluable peace of mind.

You Can Do This!

Technology can really help make lives easier, safer and more enjoyable, but it can also feel overwhelming at times. By determining what you could actually use in your home, becoming a student of your installer and taking steps to protect your information, having more tech in your home will be a very positive experience.

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