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3 Signs It’s Time to Revamp Your Website Design Strategy Right Away

by sambit
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In this rapidly changing and progressively evolving world of digital marketing, it is important for nearly every business to create a technically sound and fully functional website. Whether you are a designer, developer, marketing professional, sales manager, or content marketer, it is your duty to carefully check your website to ensure it is free from any bugs. A minor technical fault and usability issue can badly impact on website traffic, your conversion rate, and sales.

A lack of functionality, outdated design, and poor user experience can undermine your brand’s value. That’s why you always have to stay up to date with the latest web design trends and web development technologies to ensure your website offers incredible user experience. If it is not continuously updated and maintained, it will make it difficult for you to reach your marketing goals.

If you are wondering how to figure out whether your website is working well or needs an update, here are some surefire signs that tell your web design strategy needs to change immediately.

Let’s discover.

You are Not Getting Qualified Leads

If your website fails to attract and convert leads, then it’s the right time to revamp your website design and implement some advanced technologies. A well-designed website can act as a salesperson and has the potential to attract more and more customers to bring conversions. If your website fails to attract customers or your sales team requires a huge effort to convert leads into sales, then it clearly shows that you have to make some changes to your website.

Visitors will make a purchase decision when they are fully convinced by the quality of the product or service you are offering to them. It will only happen when you create high-quality, engaging content that solves your prospects’ problems. When your future clients don’t find the answers to their questions or don’t find the information they are looking for, chances are you will not be able to achieve your sales goals.

It is highly recommended to carefully research what your target audience is looking for and what type of topics they are interested in reading. You can use Buzzsumo and other tools to find the trending topics and conduct surveys on social media to find the pain points of your audience. When you get the required information, start creating new website content to provide the information your prospects are looking for.

This strategy will help you achieve more qualified leads, drive more conversions, and will take your business towards new heights of success.

Low Page per Session Rate

If people come to your website, browse your inner pages for a few seconds and then leave, it is a solid reason to revamp your website design strategy. Pages per session is a great SEO metric that helps marketers to figure out how engaged their website is. When visitors land on your homepage and then move onto inner pages for more information, it shows that visitors are interested in your products or services and will more likely to convert. But if they are not, then it shows that your content is not engaging or not convincing the visitors to convert and make a purchase decision.

If that is the case, figure out the pages that are experiencing low page per session rate. You can easily figure out those pages by checking google analytics. It will help you determine the design and content flaws so that you can come up with a better landing page that can clearly guide the visitor to the next step and convince them to convert.

Once you have figured out the actual problem, you can easily make necessary tweaks and test the performance of the landing page. It is advised to make changes one by one so that you can easily understand what suits best for your website. For instance, if you change the position of the CTA button and your metric hasn’t improved, move on to the next design adjustment to increase page per session rate.

By making one by one changes will help you come up with a better web design strategy and develop a deeper understanding of your audience’s needs and interests.

Users are Not Clicking on CTA

If it is happening, then you immediately take some action to determine the reason behind this user behavior. If your visitors are not clicking your CTAs or submitting a lead form, chances are there is something wrong in the form or perhaps the CTA button is not working properly. Using heat mapping software and user testing solutions is a worthwhile idea to develop a greater understanding of what is prohibiting users from clicking on the CTA.

You can use heatmap tracking software to check how users are engaging with your website. For instance, you can check how visitors move around the page, where they click, where they pause, how long the page they actually scroll. And if your form is somewhere at the bottom of the page, then you can check whether users are not reaching there.

This information will help you identify the areas where your users are getting stuck or find trouble using. When you know the reason why users are not clicking the conversion points, you can come up with a better version of your website that will ensure your conversion paths work effectively.

It’s Time to Take Action

All in all, if you really want your website to perform well and give you the desired results, it is important to update your web design strategy from time to time to ensure you are moving on the right track. If one area is not performing well, identify the problem, and take immediate action to resolve the issue.

By posting quality content that educates your users, including interesting images, creating persuasive CTAs, and making other small tweaks, you can create a positive impact on your site’s conversion and sales goal and improve the overall performance of your website. A professional web design team can help you develop a user-friendly and highly converting landing page for your website that can drive more conversions and boost sales.

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