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Cell Phone Tracker: Top 8 Free Cell Applications for Easy Monitoring

by sambit
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Meet the most reliable and trusted assistants cell phone tracker for monitoring the cell phone of your kids, family, friends and employees.

Mobile phones or cell phones are used by everyone these days. Smart phones are not only used for communication or entertainment purpose but are also used for tracking the location of your loved ones. Parents who are getting worried about their kid’s safety can assure their safety and protect their child from kidnappers by using mobile location tracker or mobile phone tracker. In this article, our readers will know about the most advanced cell phone tracker useful for location tracking in 2020.

Today, there are so many free phone tracking application available in the market. But this is really a daunting task to find the best one for your monitoring requirements. To satisfy your spy hunger, we will discuss about the best phone tracker app for Android.

Top 8 Free Cell Phone Tracker

1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is the best mobile tracking application that is available free of cost. This application uses real-time global positioning features to track the exact location of any device, whether it is mobile phones or laptop. You can also use this app as a spying purpose, especially when you doubt your partner for cheating on you. This app can also be used for the protection of your kids from kidnappers.

2. Google Maps

Google maps are the default applications that are present in every Smartphone. This application is the most sophisticated way to track any device easily. Google maps can be used for identifying the location of places, especially when we are lost in unknown places. If you lose your mobile phones in a crowded place, then you can use Google maps to track the exact location.

3. Geo Tracker

Geo tracker is the most popular and widely used cell phone tracker app that can efficiently trace the location of any targeted device. This application is used for investigation purposes by crime branch and other private detective companies. In case you are looking for your stolen device and want to track the location of your device then Geo tracker can be an ideal choice.

4. Finding my device

Finding my device is yet another free online mobile location tracker tool that can be used easily by anyone. The user interface of this application is simple, and the operations like sharing live location using real-time GPS and tracking the area is easy to perform.

5. Where’s my droid

Android phones are used by many people these days. Due to this possibility of mobile theft increases especially with android phones. Where’s my droid is an android location tracking app that can use advanced real-time GPS for tracking exact coordinates of the targeted device. This cannot work with other mobile phones like blackberry or iPhone.

6. Trace Mobile Number

This mobile tracking application is specially developed for the android users. One of the best application that can help you in tracking the mobile location effectively. It can get support from almost every mobile service operators. If you are searching an application for target number tracking, then this application can be an option for you. Most interesting part of this application is that, it can be operated without internet and the offline usability make it unique from the others.

7. Caller ID and Number Locator

You can say this application as a combo of caller name and location tracker. Using this single application, you can get the caller’s identity and location in a finger tap. Integrated with more than 12,985 cities names and ID databases, it can tell you the exact name and location of the person whom you want to track. Additionally, the call blocking feature of this application can help you to avoid anyone permanently.

8. Spyzie

This is another secured and reliable tracking tool that is only designed for tracking purposes. To make geofencing and tracking too much easy, install this application today. This application can work amazingly even when this is in invisible mode. If you want a tracking application to be operated in android and iOS too, then this is a good option for you.

Cell Phone Tracker Conclusion

Considering the features of the above-mentioned cell phone tracker applications, FamiSafe stands out to be the best. The reason is that it provides an opportunity to work in the stealth mode and can be used for tracking any device, whether it is mobile phones like android or phones or laptops or tablets. FamiSafe can ensure the safety of your kids and spouse as you can get the real-time location in hidden mode. The pinnacle of technology has given us this opportunity to track a person anywhere aby time even when it is a distance of about 1000 km. Wrap it and enjoy the bliss of opportunities given by technology.

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