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Best Lifestyle Apps for Android in 2020

by sambit
best lifestyle apps

In this era of rapidly changing technology, many apps will supplement you to avoid risk, keep your home protected, improve your health, and much more. In short, these apps will change your life forever.

There are many applications available that can help you to achieve your goals better, whether you have been working towards mindfulness, finding more focus, keeping fit, or even getting a good sleep at night.

These apps are proof that if used correctly, technology can influence your lifestyle for the better in many possible ways. This will make your life easier, healthier, happier, and more successful in many possible ways.

To make your life easier, we have listed some apps that you can download to make your 2020 better and easier.

7 Leading Lifestyle Apps Which Can Ease Your Life in 2020

1. Google Home

Google Home

Google Home is one of the smartest platforms to make your life easier in 2020. There are three Google devices to choose i.e., Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Google Home Max. You can perform multiple tasks on Google Home by setting up new devices seamlessly.

The app provides an easy way to make your home do cool stuff for you automatically. You just need to download the app, after which you can create command modules that can integrate with Google Assistant apps to automate various functions.

You can also set up Google Home that will give you an alert whenever you get some important emails or messages. It can be used to track your hours in Google Calendar and remind you of important events.

3. Happify


This app offers a self-improvement program by incorporating various games and meditation techniques to help you stop overthinking and lower your stress and anxiety. This is mainly for individuals who have a lot to cope with.

The application provides little tasks and games that can help you increase your emotional and mental well being. There is even a feature in the app that will let you chart your mood and progress made towards self-development each day.

After every two weeks, the app will pop up a “Happiness Check-in” assessment. This will include two lines of questioning, after which you will be given a happiness score out of 100. This will help you to measure your life satisfaction and positive emotion.

3. Headspace


The app is majorly targeted towards novice meditators and to those who are new to the concept of mindfulness and meditation. Headspace will provide you with a plan containing powerful yet straightforward meditation techniques.

The app is designed with programs that let you live a stress-free life, sleep better, and smile more. The app provides a ten-day free trial that consists of 10 sessions of 10 minutes each along with six videos to illustrate the meditation concepts.

The next session will unlock as soon as you complete this one beginner’s course, and after that, you can continue to level 2 and 3 with paid subscriptions. You can also have access to the full library once you pay the subscription.

4. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is defined as a ‘note-taking service’ which lets you capture what is in your mind. You can use the app to create your very own to-do list, take detailed notes, add images, and much more. It is one of the simplest and free note-making apps by Google.

The app is not only limited to note-making but provides several other features such as

  • Using labels and tag the notes
  • Delete, share and archive notes
  • Change colors and layout
  • Location and time-specific reminders
  • OCR to transcribe images
  • Records can be exported to Google Drive
  • Use voice assistant to add or edit an existing list

5. Noom


For many of us, weight loss isn’t that easy, and very few of us can afford to have a personal trainer or dietician. This is where Noom comes into light. The app is a game-changer if you are looking for a trainer, health guide, and nutritionist, all in one place.

On downloading the app, you will be asked several questions such as how much weight do you want to lose, how fast you would like to lose weight, your age, height, weight, etc. After that, the app will track your exercise, and you will have to log everything you eat in the day.

The app will track your total calorie intake, your actual weight loss, etc. Also, there is a chart that shows you the best food that you can intake, which motivates and educates the users on how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

6. Calm


This app is among the best and most promising apps which help you to practice the art of mindfulness. The app will let you access several mindfulness tools such as guided meditation audios and videos. Apart from this, this will also help those battling insomnia by giving “sleep stories” to relax you before bed.

You can listen to various tracks depending on your mood. There are daily guides, calm sessions, which will help you to unwind and focus your attention on essential aspects of life.

The latest version of the app was rolled out with various additional features, including a mood check-in feature, which allows an individual to reflect on how they are feeling each day.

7. Memrise


Memrise is a beautiful app that will not only help you to memorize various terms but at the same time, the app supports you in searching for multiple foreign language words and understand it in your own language.

The most appealing part of the app is that it is not only for foreign languages but also for various other subjects such as maths, economics, science, and so on. The app incorporates multiple quizzes and questions to help you memorize better.

So if you are looking for memorizing the entire atlas or periodic table of chemistry, download Memrise to do it effectively.

Final Word

With thousands of apps available in the market, it can be very confusing to know which one to download for maximum benefits. For this reason,  it is essential to find more about the apps, features they provide, and benefits that you will get out of them beforehand.

With the right kind of apps in your device, you can maximize the benefits and make your life much more comfortable and better. We care about your needs and health because of which we have compiled a list of best lifestyle apps. So let us know which one of the above apps you will download.

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