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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Review [February 2021]

by Gloria Warden
amazon fire tv stick

Amazon has limited itself to only e-commerce website but has been providing a nice bunch of products. From Echo Dot to Kindle e-Readers, Amazon has produced it all. Some of them were accepted by the market with open arms but some got rejected. Like the Fire Phone, the phone which was not loved by the audience but the products like Echo and Echo Dot were the firecrackers for the company. After all, this achieved, Amazon is still not showing any sign of stopping and is trying to bring its new innovative product every now and then.

Televisions have been there in our homes for a long time now- giving us the entertainment we desire to have in a visual format- “Idiot Box” as some like to say it. There are many companies producing televisions and from the rise of tablets and smartphones, companies are trying to make televisions smart too. Nowadays, a television company integrates the operating system, internet connectivity options on the TV itself to make it smart. You can explore ordering online with latest Amazon Offers today.

But, what if you have that non-smart TV? Not to worry, you can make your TV smart too by pairing it up with a streaming media player. Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast are the leading streaming media players in the market which can serve the purpose exceptionally well. However, Chromecast is a little restrictive by bringing the smartphone content to the big screen but Amazon Fire Stick has a lot in its pocket- even Alexa just got integrated into that little device.

Just imagine you want to know something about channel number, don’t worry Alexa hot your back. Just using the remote, you can play with Alexa and get your job done. Amazon’s Fire TV Stick has been there for a long time now but the new Fire TV Stick 4K is for those who don’t want any cable or satellite TV channels. Priced at Rs. 5,999, is the new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K the best way for connecting to the world’s cinematic universe? Is it the most powerful TV streaming media player? Let’s check it out in the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review below:

Package and Setup

The packaging of this device is really good with minimalist and simple styling. Just like Echo Sport and Kindle, Amazon has chosen to give its customer a very satisfying feel just from the start. In the box, you will get a Fire TV Stick 4K, a micro-USB cable for the charge, an Alexa-enabled remote, two AAA batteries and an HDMI extender. Once you get your hands in the cool stuff called Fire TV Stick- just connect it with your TV’s any open HDMI port and turn the power on. Now, Fire TV guide will take you through- logging and setting up things. Amazon has added parental control which is the most important feature added by Amazon- the company will get a pat on the back for this. This means that if you want your kids to not see specific content, you can block it for them. After that, set up your Alexa voice remote and in a minute or two, you will be ready for the showtime.


Amazon has played a lot with its remote this time. Honestly saying, the company has played more with the remote than the Fire TV Stick itself. You can now easily control power and volume by the remote. Also, an option for mute is included. The remote takes you to TV controls configuration using Fire TV Stick by pressing the volume button twice. The remote also features an IR Blaster. So, now you can easily control the external sound system too.

Usage and Capabilities

Not only the voice remote but the Fire TV Stick also gets some updates and improvements. Connecting via an open HDMI port, Fire TV Stick 4K must be used with an HDMI extender if the ports are at the interior side of the TV. Fire TV Stick must be connected with the power using a USB cable drawn from TV’s USB port or from the wall socket.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K comes with features like Ultra-HD playback, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Atmos. Ultra-HD Playback and Dolby Atmos require a special kind of hardware like a 4K TV and an Atmos speaker sound system integrated into the TV.

The quality is far better than the last Fire TV Stick and is a lot clearer and provide very nice detailing while giving actual comfort.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K comes with many applications like Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony LIV, Voot, Viu, Sun Nxt and many more. The user interface is very fine-tuned, smooth and easy navigation makes it even better. However, the placement of content got some issues and some of you might not like it. Heading to the home screen, you mostly see the content from Amazon Prime Video. Some of the recommendations from Netflix and Hulu are there too but Amazon must have chosen this in a balanced way. By doing this, Amazon is clearly promoting its own product.

Now, you can control your Fire TV with any Alexa speaker using the same network. It happens automatically if you are using same Amazon ID and same network. Just say, Alexa play Shawshank Redemption and you will get it served. Amazon hasn’t added YouTube app in this bunch load which many of the users might complain about. Although, you can use it on Silk web browser- web version only. Moreover, you cannot play with the layout of the screen which will irritate you at times. If you are looking for some other options in the latest gadgets then can explore with AliExpress Offers today.


Fire TV Stick 4K is the most powerful TV streaming device to turn any non-smart TV into a smart one. It provides great value by not sticking to the cable stuff but it brings the stuff from the internet and multiple content providers.

Sure shot! You will miss the YouTube app in the package but overall you get a nice touch by Alexa as it works very well. Though we recommend you to buy an Echo smart speaker with it too, this will solve many purposes and will be very useful. Moreover, this device suits the 4K TV buyers the most, so if you don’t own that, Amazon got your back here too. Go for the Fire TV Stick instead which comes at Rs. 3,999.

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