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Types of Sales – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary

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The Sephora lipstick you’ve just bought or the iPhone you have in your hand has come through various distribution channels. When we look at such a store we naturally assume it to be from manufacturers. But it is seldom true. It goes through channels like Primary, secondary, and tertiary sales.

Before we learn the types of distribution, let us divulge into fundamental aspects as to what a distribution channel is. A distribution channel is a series of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the final customer.

This string has a list of parties, from wholesalers to retailers. Distributors also act as intermediaries between wholesale and retail.

The ultimate goal for any intermediary is to reach out to as many customers as possible. As the supply trickles down to the end customer, demand will trickle up to the manufacturers. It is vital to understand the supply-demand chain as it directly affects the manufacturer and its manufacturing.

3 Types of Sales You Should Know

A Distribution channel has the following process of sales,

  • Primary Sales
  • Secondary Sales
  • Tertiary Sales

All these above are equally important to the manufacturer. However, the intensity varies from company to company.

1. Primary Sales

The goods or products are dispatched from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the distributors’ warehouse. It is the preliminary action taken, right after the product’s production. The billing is done to the distributor who is the initial sale point.

To learn how much to produce, the manufacturer needs to know what his position is in the market. How much does he need to supply to meet the demand? What is his audience’s demand-supply pattern? Once he knows these concepts, he will be able to create a balance accordingly. The competition here is comparatively lesser as wholesale industries have fewer investors due to its fluctuance nature.

2. Secondary Sales

This stage matters the most to the manufacturer as the goods are sold to the retailers. The more goods retailers purchase, the more profit the company makes. The distributors then charge their margin and sell it to the retailers.

The success of a product sale depends on the intensity of the retailer’s interest in selling the products. Here the manufacturer’s involvement is much lesser compared to the distributors. But, the profits earned directly affect them. When the secondary sale increases, the primary sale will also increase resulting in raising the production quantity.

3. Tertiary Sales

This is the last stage of the sales channel. Here the retailers finally sell it to the end-users a.k.a consumers. The retail industry is more profitable than the secondary industry as the sales are directly made to the customers as per their demands. So, retailers don’t have to worry about making bulk purchases as long as there is demand.

Retailers sell at Maximum Retail Price (MRP) which is the highest price of the product in the market. Tertiary sales are visible only when there is a 3-tier supply chain such as Primary Sales > Secondary Sales > Tertiary Sales. Sometimes the second tier is removed in certain supply chains & the distributor himself sells the products to the direct customers.

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