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Let’s Talk About Influencer Marketing: Useful Tips

by sambit
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When developing a business strategy, it is essential to know who your audience is and what they are looking for. A product or service should make the customer’s life easier or at least solve them a problem. You should get to know their motivations, decisions and preferences. That way, you can create effective campaigns that you know are going to resonate. Here is what you need to consider, let’s help each other and build a stronger community:

1. Mind maps: Sketch a visual diagram so you can identify what you need the most at the moment. Is it building your brand? Product awareness? Gaining more clients? Once you have this clear and all written down, you can easily refer to this structure, anytime. If you wish you can add timelines, that way you can have multiple useful pieces of information in one place.

Here is an example of a mind map:

mind map

2. Know your budget: This is extremely important and one of the first steps you need to take, consider factors like monthly bills, subscriptions, rent, etc. Once you have money set aside for a specific project you can know what offers you can accept or deny. You can do so weekly or monthly, avoid investing on unnecessary software, stay informed since most of the time there are great free resources that you can use. Stay tuned since we mention a few of them in the next section of the blog.

Micro-Influencers and why are they effective

It’s proven that micro-influencers can most of the time have a higher impact than big influencers. Why? They are very community-based, most of the time they get to interact with a big amount of their following. Instagram influencers that have high engagement rates tend to be real, honest and show different aspects of their life demonstrating that they are real people like you or myself. The best way to find influencers for your brand is by utilizing platforms with different kinds of filters and features, these make the whole process easier and faster.

Heepsy provides a seamless experience with reliable results. The platform allows you to visually organize all your options. It is definitely useful before signing contracts with instagram, Youtube or Tic-Tok influencers.

communication strategy

You can easily filter your options when searching by category, location, engagement & preferred channels.

search keywords

You can filter your options when searching by category, location, engagement & preferred channels.

What you should consider when choosing the instagram influencers you want to work with:

  • Do they have a high engagement rate?
  • Past branded content – Does it seem genuine? Does it look professional?
  • Audience demographics – age , gender, location, interests
  • Audience authenticity – Are the followers real, are there some fake accounts?
  • Follower growth – Is it organic? Has there been a decline?

Offer personalized experiences

You can approach this by modifying one of your product lines and adding a personalized touch, or making PR boxes with name tags. This will encourage influencers to mention the company’s impeccable branding. McKinsey research confirms that personalized marketing lifts revenues by 5-15% and also increases the marketing spend performance by 10-30%.

This method is now more valuable than ever. In this day and age people are being more conscious about what they are purchasing and how they are investing their income. The best strategy that businesses can take is by focusing more on brand awareness and education content.

beauty subscription boxes

Personalized products for an instagram influencer by the brand Ipsy

Interactive content

Remember 8 seconds is the average span time to catch people’s attention. You must find a way to do so by using unique formats. These could be short GIF’s, videos, infographics, visuals. Once you have this kind of content you can share it with partners and influencers who I’m sure wouldn’t mind using in one of the sponsored posts. Keep in mind you don’t need a lot of time or money to invest in this method. Here are some useful platforms for creators that are not necessarily professional designers or video editors. All very easy to use and understand.

adobe alternatives

This image shared by Quze shows some free alternatives to Adobe products. All are very easy and intuitive.

Interactive content can for example be related to what inspired you to create the brand, top 3 customer stories, “why you should use our product or service”, the positive impact it creates in your life” etc. If you have a new product line, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce it to the customer in a fun and exciting way.

Closing deals

Before closing deals make sure you communicate your expectations and brand values. When influencers get the core information, they will easily transmit the message to the audience by also making it seem very organic. It is recommended to sign a contract with disclosures and a specific agreement. For example, you want to mention that posts should never be deleted. If content creators are mentioning the product you can clarify you want them to do so in at least 20 seconds, otherwise the investment won’t be as worth it.

Think about your offer

Is it better to offer a monetary amount or just some products in a personalized box? This depends on your budget and also the capacity of production. A good way to approach this is to just start a business or just don’t have much marketing funds to create small samples. Meaning different versions of the product that look presentable and represent the brand in the best way possible. Furthermore, if the influencer owns a brand, you can suggest a trading agreement, that way you will both be benefited.


After reading this post, I hope you feel confident about influencer marketing being the right approach for business growth and brand awareness. This low-cost solution can quickly increase your revenue and bring new clients. Don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t get the results you expected, it’s all a learning process. The first campaigns will be crucial to determine what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. You can also get new ideas from each influencer you work with, all of them have great experience and know-how to best display each product.

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