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A Marketing Blueprint for a New Year

by sambit
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The best marketing strategies make the most of the current trends. One trend that is not going anywhere any time soon is social media. However, companies evolve and their marketing plan should shift according to where the company’s focus is at the time. Is the focus this year on increasing visibility for a new product or new service? If so, marketing should include keywords relevant to those areas. Maybe the focus is on growing the business. If so, then marketing should be SEO savvy. Keep the focus in mind when deciding how to make social media work for you. Once the current focus is defined, marketing really comes down to three areas: reach, engagement and management. By keeping these basic principles at the forefront of your marketing strategy, leads and sales will follow.


If you want your company to grow, then you need to constantly think of ways to reach new clients. Social media allows businesses to reach more people than ever before. SEO blog writing is a proven way to reach potential clients that may never have stumbled onto your website otherwise. This is an effective way to cast a wide net. To optimize traffic to your website, make sure the posts contain varied and useful content. If readers appreciate the information, they will be more likely to follow the links.

Another way to spread the word online about your business is with a giveaway. Free giveaways have always been popular, but social media makes them much more beneficial. Announce the giveaway on multiple platforms. To enter to win, a person needs to re-post the announcement. For the cost of one item, you can reach countless people who ultimately are advertising for you for free. This is also a perfect time to incorporate partnerships. Maybe the giveaway can be for two complementary products from different businesses. By involving a partner company, you reach twice as many people.


By keeping clients engaged, they are more likely to stay with your business instead of going with a competitor. Regular newsletters and emails keep your name fresh in people’s minds, which leads to increased referrals. Encourage satisfied clients to write a review. This is a great way to engage a past customer and add another glowing review to your website. A lot of businesses have reported an increase in online purchases when a chat box is added to their webpage. This is because the customer is engaged and feels heard.

Don’t be scared to have fun and invent a new persona for your social media platforms. Businesses like Denny’s and Netflix regularly roast their competitors on Twitter and Instagram. These posts sometimes go viral and even end up on the news. The posts are written to be clever and get attention. They are not just online commercials for the brand. Keep online content light and easy. Don’t feel like every post has to be about a product. The goal is to get people talking.


Sometimes the hardest part of marketing is keeping up on it. Once a plan is put into action, blogs are written, keywords are all checked off, it is easy to let the internet work for you. However, to get the most out of social media, you need to stay active. Take advantage of social media tracking tools to analyze the effectiveness of different posts. Remember to check out what your competitors are doing on their websites. Also, investigate different platforms and which market they appeal to. The internet is constantly changing and platforms reinvent themselves regularly. To maximize marketing potential on social media, you need to stay involved and flexible.

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