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7 Lead Generation Tips for Startups

Generating a steady supply of valuable leads is critical to the profitability of your new business. An effective lead generation strategy can build your brand’s awareness and increase sales, leading to more revenue. However, lead generation is challenging for most startups due to limited resources, the constantly changing buyer’s journey, and little or no experience and reputation. If you have just started a new business and are wondering how to find customers, here are seven lead generation tips for startups you could implement to help you achieve your bottom line.

1. Introduce a referral program

Establishing a referral program is one of the most effective ways to generate new leads you could quickly convert into paying customers. Most people base their buying decision on referrals and recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. This is because a recommendation is made by a person already known and trusted by a potential customer.

To create a successful referral program, start by offering quality products and services that trigger your existing customers to mention your business to their acquaintances. You could also provide a sweetener, such as a discount for each referral subscription, to encourage your clients to say your products and services to others.

2. Create stellar blog content

If you do not have a big budget to advertise and promote your products and services, you should invest in creating quality blog content. Blog content acts as your startup business’ website backbone and allows you to make engaging and meaningful connections with your target audience. This enables you to attract traffic to your business website and increase inbound leads.

Creating quality content also helps you provide helpful information that educates your target clients about your services or products, guides them throughout the buying journey, and establishes you as an industry expert, boosting credibility and trust.

Be sure to identify your target customers and their challenges, questions, and behaviors to produce high-quality blog content your audience can relate to. You should also leverage SEO to generate targeted keywords that enable your content to rank on search engine results pages to get more leads. Alternatively, hire the digital marketing agency Sydney to help you create stellar blog content that educates and provides value to your clients at each stage of their buying journey.

3. Retarget marketing

Only 2% of your website visitors take the desired action in their first visit. Remarketing provides an effective way to nurture the 98% of visitors who abandon your site into leads. It enables you to engage with customers at each stage of your business’ sales funnel.

Retarget marketing entails positioning a code that attaches to the cookies of each person that visits your website. Every time these visitors browse online, your website cookie triggers an ad that pops up on the page they have opened on their devices. By placing your products and services in front of your target audience, you increase the chances of turning them into leads and converting them into paying clients in the future. Retarget marketing is an excellent lead generation strategy that ensures your business stays in a prospect’s mind and boosts brand awareness.

4. Create a social media presence

Most of your target customers are on social media, so you cannot ignore social media marketing in your startup’s lead generation effort. Identify social media channels your prospective customers are most active on and create business profiles. You should then share quality content on your pages regularly but be careful not to sound too sales. Your social media content should provide value to your target audience to enable you to build trust to gain valuable leads. Posting helpful curated content, you come across on the internet on your social media profiles can help you generate leads while building solid partnerships and relationships with other organizations.

You could also run social media contests to capture potential leads’ attention and gather many email addresses. Contests are effective because most people participating in the contest are often interested in your products and services. You could offer additional features, upgrades, or trials to get prospects to join the contests.

5. Leverage email marketing

Emailing is an excellent strategy to generate leads for your startup because it enables you to connect with your customers directly. You are also sure that a prospect will click the links in your email, go to your website landing page, and take the desired action, especially when you have offers tailored to the buyers’ interests.

To ensure a successful email marketing campaign that helps you generate more leads, host in-person or virtual events or use social media to develop an email subscription list. Next, invest in marketing automation software to help you send relevant content specific to the prospect’s interests and behavior at the right time. Be sure to personalize your emails to give prospective clients a memorable customer experience that drives your leads to spend cash on your business’ products or services.

6. Host podcasts

With more than 125 million people listening to podcasts today, launching a business podcast is a great way to connect with your target audience, attract more leads, and grow your brand. Most listeners believe podcasts provide valuable insights, so mentioning your product or service in an episode can trigger them to purchase from you.

Take time to research your target audience’s challenges, then provide solutions in your podcast episodes. You should use lead magnets such as a CTA or landing page optimized for mobile use to encourage listeners to fill out subscription forms.

7. Answer questions on forums and Q&A sites

Giving answers on Q&A sites and forums helps you develop a platform for your company and position your product name in front of prospects seeking valuable solutions to their problems. Sites like Quora help you establish yourself as an authority in the industry, triggering readers to visit your site, leading to more leads.


Lead generation is a critical part of your business success. Without leads, you have no customers and consequently no profit. Consider introducing referral programs, creating stellar blog content, investing in retarget marketing, using social media and email marketing, hosting podcasts, and answering questions on Q&A sites and forums to generate more leads for your startup.

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