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4 Tips For Increasing Your Presence On Instagram


Any individual or enterprise can create an account on various social media platforms. With the rising trend for globalization and the growing importance of connectivity, social networking sites continue to develop their uses to benefit people and businesses in general. Instagram continues to be one of the primary social media platforms that many people use worldwide.

While you may have already opened your social media profile, it’s not enough to leave it at that. You need to establish your social media presence, grow your followers, and increase engagement and interaction. You can take advantage of Instagram as the best platform to accommodate your inspiring videos and photo content.

If you’re thinking of ways to increase your Instagram presence, check out the following tips:

1. Create Valuable Instagram Content

How can you create quality content that’ll engage your target audience on Instagram? By understanding your audience and measuring their behaviors, you can create unique and varied content to meet their preferences. When deciding what content to post, it should provide value to your followers and target customers.

Try to imagine yourself as a customer and check whether the content can effectively appeal to you. Look at Instagram users’ content and study your competitor’s accounts too. Creating content-based on the needs of your audience will reduce marketing costs since your followers are creating and approving it.

Keep your brand’s design and aesthetic in mind when choosing and creating Instagram content. They should all complement each other and have a uniform concept. While you want to produce valuable content, you should learn to balance it so as not to overwhelm your viewers and followers. Ensure that your posts and descriptions are clear and consistent, and tailor your messages specifically to your users. 

There are many more tips to apply to make your content more valuable:

  • Incorporate Videos

You should include video content in your marketing strategy regardless of your industry or preferred social media platform. Video content on IGTV is an excellent way to engage your audience. You can get IGTV views no matter what content videos you post. Some content ideas include educational ones, shortened or summarized podcast content, reposting videos or short clips, and many more.

Despite not having enough time to create your content videos, you can still make ways to incorporate existing content through reposts and sponsored content. If you ask permission and give proper credit, it’s fine to repost Instagram content from like-minded brands or other accounts relevant to your audience and Instagram strategy.

  • Use Stock Photos

Even when you don’t take your own photos and post them as your content, you can still be able to create an Instagram account with beautiful images. The best solution is to make use of stock images. Although many people aren’t particularly fond of using stock photos, they can actually be helpful.

You can use them in combination with other images such as templates to create a variety of feeds. When you don’t have the luxury of time for photoshoots and content preparation, you can continuously update your Instagram through the use of stock photos. The key is to find high-quality stock images that’ll look great on your Instagram feed.

With some stock images provider, some of their awesome photos do look less stock-ish and more like customized photos. They offer a variety of free images, so no matter what your niche is, you’ll find something there. Some stock image banks come with subscription fees to access more variety of high-quality photos.

  • Consider Using Templates

Also, there are many tools available that’ll help you create great Instagram posts without being a professional photographer or editor. There are digital marketing tools and templates that can help you come up with Instagram content that doesn’t have to look so plain and dull.

Take advantage of some photo editing apps and design software where you can utilize free stock images, font faces, and remarkable design templates. Whether you post a photo, video, or wording, these tools can help you. You can send any message you want to your viewers and followers using a template.

2. Set Your Objectives First

It’s ideal for creating your objectives before you apply different strategies and techniques to grow your Instagram presence. Learn the purpose behind why you want to grow your social media account in the first place. Do you plan to expand your target? Or are you looking to collaborate with social media influencers and industry experts?

Depending on your goals and objectives, you can finally find the right strategies to grow your Instagram. To make Instagram work for you, you need to define your goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, a startup owner, or an experienced entrepreneur. You’ll have different sets of Instagram objectives based on your business goals. Decide what you need to prioritize for now.

For instance, if you want to generate leads, you can highlight social media interactions that’ll land you on achieving those leads. The same theory and concept should apply based on your objectives and goals for your Instagram. Fortunately, there are many ways to attain your business goals through your Instagram account.

3. Prioritize Your Instagram Aesthetics

Since Instagram is a visual platform, your brand should focus on your profile’s aesthetics and design. Maintain a consistent brand aesthetic on your account. Your brand will be better able to attract and engage the right audience with this. People are naturally attracted to beautiful and pleasing Instagram accounts, so you can entice more followers if your account is attractive.

Depending on your industry, your Instagram profile should develop high-resolution photos, videos, and sleek designs that make your brand stand out from the rest. Learn some tips from image quality guides. You should also emphasize a consistent concept of your images or videos being posted. Decide what filter or hues you can go for and make all your content have a uniform design. Your feed should be attractive to look at and effectively achieve your objectives.

4. Build Relationships

Another essential tip for growing your Instagram presence is to build relationships. After all, you’d like to give the impression to your followers that an actual live human is behind the account. With automation and the growth of bots, people would want to interact with a person more than ever. Give your brand some personality when you post and share content.

Getting invested in a brand is much easier when interacting with a real person. Your followers and viewers can relate to you better when you produce content that evokes emotions and builds relationships. Post with emotion and remember who you’re posting to. Be mindful of typing the caption and ensure that your viewers can understand them easily. Your content should contain a call to action so you can achieve your goals.

Aside from using a typical sentence structure as a caption, you can create questions and inspire them to answer, comment, and react to your posts. By building trust with your users, engaging with them every day, staying visible and active on Instagram, and promoting your brand cross-promotionally, you can increase your brand’s reach more than you think.


The content you post on your business’s social media channels should come with careful planning and strategizing. With the tips mentioned in this article, you can formulate high-quality and effective content to increase your Instagram account. A content plan for Instagram that lets you polish your brand’s image, build a community of engaged users, and reach more ambitious goals can be developed with a bit of planning.

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