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How to Get Followers on Linkedin Company Page

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LinkedIn is a fast-growing platform. While Facebook and Instagram have grown rapidly over the past few years, LinkedIn has seen steady growth in the number of followers, with over 500 million users now. It is currently the world’s largest professional network.

LinkedIn experts argue that LinkedIn is only just getting started. In the years to come, LinkedIn marketing is predicted to evolve into a more powerful tool for advertisement. LinkedIn will be a front runner in terms of B2B marketing.

Social media marketers and businesses are thinking of ways to leverage their LinkedIn marketing strategy. Here are some powerful tips to make the most out of your LinkedIn company page and to reach potential customers:

1. Complete LinkedIn Profile

If you have a complete profile, the higher the chances that LinkedIn users will visit your page. According to Buffer, company pages with a complete profile get twice as many visitors as those with an incomplete profile.

Here’s a small checklist of items you need to make sure your company page has:

  • Logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Company type
  • Location

You can simply head to Company Overview and edit your page details. Then, you can update all the information about your business.

  • About Us

This section provides visitors with more information.

  • Company Page Details

The Company Profile and details include the website URL, company size, industry, type, and location.

A complete company page reflects the brand’s legitimacy and professionalism. These are critical to creating a great brand image.

2. Repost or Re-share Content

You don’t always need to have fresh content served to your audience. If you ever find yourself running out of content, you can just re-share your top-performing posts from before. There’s a good chance that this content will perform well again on LinkedIn.

How to check your top-performing posts? Go to your company page’s dashboard, click Analytics, and select Updates. From there you will see the impressions and engagement of each post. Moreover, LinkedIn Pulse, a content aggregate system of LinkedIn, publishes more than 100,000 articles every week. These are written by top executives and brands from around the world. It’s also an opportunity your company can tap into.

3. Promote your Company Page outside LinkedIn

You can’t just rely on LinkedIn alone to amplify your reach. You need to also utilize your presence on other platforms to promote your page. This is called a cross-promotion.

Here are some useful cross-promotion tips:

  • Add links to your LinkedIn Company Page on your email Digital signature, blog, and other communications.
  • Add social media buttons on your website such as the ‘Share’ button and ‘Follow’

4. Posting Schedule

A company page that posts regular updates get noticed more than company pages without updates. The key to LinkedIn marketing is to come up with a consistent posting schedule. LinkedIn suggests posting at least once a week to gain new followers and improve your page’s discoverability.

LinkedIn users also consume a high amount of content on the platform. Your page needs to cut through all the noise and get noticed. Try posting twice every week and be consistent – follow a schedule.

Below are some characteristics of an effective post on LinkedIn. We’ve found that our LinkedIn content performs really well if we include the following:

  • Caption

Writing a descriptive caption helps people understand what you’re telling them. It helps them understand your brand.

  • Image

The image needs to reflect your brand persona and must also have a clean and simple aesthetic.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags have just been recently launched on LinkedIn and increase the chance of your post being discovered on LinkedIn.

  • Extra

You can spice up your content with emojis, questions, and bullet points.

If you don’t have much content to post on LinkedIn, you can use RSS Feeds to automatically stream quality content on your page. The good thing about RSS feed is that you can also schedule the consistency.

5. Reach out to your employees or colleagues

Your colleagues and your employees should be the first ambassadors of the brand. Never underestimate the influence your employees and colleagues can do to boost your brand’s presence on LinkedIn.

A study by Statista found that an average LinkedIn user has 300-999 connections. Then, multiply that to the number of employees you have. Get them involved! Here are a few tips:

  • Ask them to engage with your content

Your biggest asset is the people working for your brand. Ask them to share, comment, and like your content and you’ll find that your reach will increase as well.

  • Newsletter with social media posts your employees can share

Sending out weekly newsletters with social media posts they can share will help your employees easily find your content and amplify your reach.

  • Fill out LinkedIn profiles

Ask them to complete their LinkedIn profiles and list you as their employer. This also adds credibility to the brand.

Did you find these strategies useful? Let us know about your LinkedIn marketing strategies!

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