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It Doesn’t Serve Just for Texting: A Complete Guide to Viber Marketing

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Given that Viber is a very popular messaging app on a global level, then you must have been thinking about how to use it not just for texting but also for the purposes of your business.

You’ve probably wondered if there’s such a thing as a Viber business profile? Yes, there is, and this article is a complete guide to using it.

Viber For Business: Comprehensive Guide for Viber Marketing

Briefly About Viber

Viber is a smartphone application that allows instant messaging and calls over the Internet. Of course, it can also be used to share locations, files, as well as short videos. Using Viber is completely free. You need a phone number to register, not an email like most other apps.

Viber displays all your contacts from the phonebook, even those who don’t have this application installed. So, you can easily “invite” your friends to start using the app.

Why Should You Use Viber for Business Purposes?

Viber has more than 1 billion users, while more than 7 million calls, messages, photos, and stickers are exchanged every minute on this app. Of that, 30 % is sending stickers, while 50 % is sharing photos and videos.

As such, Viber is a great foundation for a good marketing campaign.

Types of Business Offers of the Viber App

When you go to the part of the application that’s intended for businesses – Business Viber – you’ll surely be a bit confused because you’ll see more options it provides than “plain” Viber, which may confuse you at first. Don’t lose hope, nothing is as complicated as it seems.

Namely, when it comes to marketing, you’ll have to choose between these options: Ads, Communities, Promotional Stickers, and Business Messages. In addition to the listed options that are great for marketing, there are two more on the Viber business platform, and they are Ecommerce and Viber Out Resellers. We’ll focus on those that are related to the topic of this text, i.e. digital marketing.

Can you really have a good marketing campaign using these options? Definitely yes, and definitely yes from each of the offered options. You just need to employ them in the direction your business is going.

What Are Viber Ads?

Viber ads are usually displayed to users at the end of the call, in the form of banners on laptops and computers, as well as on the page where you search for stickers. Applying to start a Viber marketing campaign in Ads is easy. Namely, when you go to Viber for business and click on the Ads option, you’ll get to the part where you need to register for them.

As for information that you should leave, you’ll be asked to provide your name and last name, company name, and email. You should then choose, from the options offered, the country in which you operate, your role in the company, the industry to which the business belongs, and determine the category of the company.

After that, determine the campaign budget and write a description of your business. If you’re a company that deals exclusively with other businesses (B2B), then you need to uncheck the box that’s intended for just that and, if not, just skip this field. Finally, by unchecking, confirm that you’ll obey all Viber rules and then confirm your registration. After registering, you’ll be contacted by customer support to determine all the details. They will guide you to the next steps.

What’s the Viber Community?

It allows you to create a notification channel related to your business. Members of your Viber Community can also share their news, of course, if you enable that option. If not – then they can follow what you post.

To open the Viber Community, it’s necessary to sign up for the mentioned option in Business Viber. They will first consider your registration and inform you about the use of the mentioned application for business purposes. Every Viber user can follow your community because users can search for them through the browser on the app itself.

It isn’t difficult to open a community on this app. All you have to do is go to your chat list or message list. Click on the purple circle with the message bubble. You’ll now see that the second option provided to you is New Community. Select the contacts you want to be community administrators and which you want to add, and then pick the name you want to represent your “portion” of Viber “sky”.

Choose a picture/logo that will mark your community and write a short description of it. In the end, just press “Done”. Interestingly, when someone downloads your stickers to use them they can automatically become part of your Viber Community.

When you create your community, we advise you to use the power of newsletter marketing to inform your users about this, as well as to highlight it in the form of a call-to-action banner on your website that will invite your visitors to follow you on your Viber channel. Then, perhaps, hire someone to share links to your posts after they post on your public chat.

It’s important not to turn the content of the posts in your community into a mere sharing of links, but try to refresh it with some interesting photos that will engage users and make them share them with their friends, or recommend others to follow your community on Viber.

The above-mentioned call-to-action banner on your website has to be well-placed, while, more importantly, the entire website has to be appealing to users as well as very fast, reliable, and easy to use. Features developed to the user’s needs are the most essential thing that has to be achieved to make the website magnet for good traffic. How to build such a website? Well, that’s possible even if you have no previous experience or technical skills – through employing website builder and WordPress.

What Are Promotional Stickers?

This option primarily serves to raise awareness about your brand and promote it. Promotional Stickers can be free or you can choose to ask people to pay for them. Of course, in order for your stickers to be of good design, it’s necessary to hire a professional designer who’ll create them according to the profile of your business. Also, it’s necessary that these stickers are appealing to users if you want users to use stickers on a daily basis.

To place stickers on the Viber application, you need to register, and the fields for filling in the registration are the same as the fields for the registration for Ads.

What Are Business Messages?

With their help, you can inform users about all offers or news related to your business. For this campaign to be successful, you need to have a good user base. Viber allows you to clearly define your ad by geolocation, operator, platform (Android or iOS), sending time, user devices, language, country, and network (Wireless, 3G, 4G, or 5G).

In order for the message to be relevant in the eyes of the user, Viber puts a blue sign next to the name of the sender of the business message in order to convince its users that it isn’t a spam message.

Now that we’ve gone through the main marketing options, we should also mention the tools provided by the Viber application, which will improve your marketing campaign…

Viber Profile Analytics

When you are the administrator of the Viber Community, then the application gives you information about the same in order for you to see if it works well. You can see the following items:

  • Number of views
  • Calls that have been sent and those that have been accepted
  • Number of likes and dislikes
  • The total number of messages – both sent and received – including photos and stickers

Viber gives you full autonomy over your account analytics. It enables you to see the data the way you want. This includes choosing the type of chart you like, the time span for which you want to see the data, or downloading all the information you want to analyze.

Viber Bot

This option is used to send automatic messages and specific questions. Namely, the fields that the user clicks on to send a request are provided in advance. The answers are also prepared in advance, i.e. the Viber Bot adequately answers the user’s question. You can use this option for contests, polls, posting the latest news, various notifications, and the like.

To open this option, you must have a personal Viber. You can create a Viber Bot by clicking on the Viber Partner page. Don’t worry, you won’t create an entire “robot” here. All you have to do is add a photo and basic business information – more precisely, you’ll create a business profile. Once you enter all the information, you’ll receive tokens with which you’ll connect the Viber computer to the bot profile on the phone.

For Which Part of Your Business Is Viber Also Great?

Viber can serve as a tool to support consumers. Many of the features that this app is offering allow you to be close to your customers and answer all their questions quickly.

So, have you done everything to promote your brand on Viber? If you haven’t already done it, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list, a recap to help you make the most of the app:

  • Create an account: choose a name, insert a logo for your profile photo, and enter your business information.
  • Create a Viber community and set up administrators and moderators.
  • Update news regularly, post notifications and announce discounts, promotions, as well as company news.
  • Use different promotion channels (such as content advertising or native advertising) to attract new members.
  • Create chatbots, design stickers for your brand or business, conduct surveys, etc.
  • Advertise news about your business in other Viber communities (of course, if they allow it).
  • Collect emails from your members.
  • Analyze member activity and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns using statistics tools.

For the End

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage your audience on Viber and include them in your marketing strategy. Thanks to the huge number of users from different countries, the possibilities of easy communication, and active engagement, this application has become a powerful promotional channel.

What’s a better way to realize how Viber has become important for marketing than to know it’s actively used by some of the biggest names in the world of business, such as Coca-Cola, Nestlé, L’Oréal, FC Barcelona, and many others?

Analyze your target audience, determine your brand guidelines, and choose the tools that will help your business achieve maximum performance.

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