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How to Add Links to Instagram Stories?

how to add links to instagram stories

This amazing and new feature has taken Instagram marketing to another level. You can add a link in an Instagram caption but it is not enough to take you on another page. In that case, the post about how to add links to Instagram stories can help you a lot. That means your potential customers need to leave Instagram and then open a browser to search for your link.

Having all this hassle may turn off the customer from your page. In a recent stat, it is seen that the customers prefer easy access to any product if it is the case of online customer service. That’s why the swipe up feature is invented to help the marketers who want to grow their business through the Instagram platform.

Add Links to Instagram Stories Step by Step Guide

Add A Link to The Instagram Stories

Adding the swipe up link in Instagram stories is not difficult. To do that, you just need to have a business profile other than any personal account. It will be better if you have more than 10000 followers. Meet these two most important requirements and go ahead in your mission to adding links to your Instagram stories. Let’s dig into this.

Decide what you want to post

You can have several post options for your Instagram story. It can be an image that is related to the blog on a website. It can also be promotional to bring more audience to the site. You can post an image or video on Instagram from direct your phone gallery or you can also take it using the Instagram Stories Feature. But decide, what is ideal for your brand.

The hardest part of accomplishing this is to decide the post. Once you decide it, you can follow the next step to move fast forward. Open your Instagram account and see on the top left circle where you have your profile photo on the timeline. Tap on that.

what you want to post

Add the link

Searching about step by step guide to add links to Instagram stories? Now it’s too easy. Once you have uploaded the image, now check the link icon just beside the stickers option on the right side of the top of the screen. After that, you will be brought to a new window page where you can add your link. In the below picture, you can see that the user has added a link from his YouTube story.

how to put a link on instagram story

Personalize the story

Using the filters option, you can personalize your story on Instagram. You can use their stickers, GIFs, hashtags, and anything that you want to use there. While adding all of these, don’t forget to add a CTA. This is important when adding a link on Instagram because it makes the audience trust you and gives them a concept that where the link will lead them.

How you can do this

  • Use an arrow and let your audience help you in swiping up.
  • Tell them ‘swipe up to learn more’.
  • You can also take the help of the branded link. If your post has any connection with your brand, then show your brand name there to make the audience keep the trust you.

Track and assess it

In today’s era, people can easily track and measure their progress easily. But with Instagram’s analytics, you can only get a general insight into your business account progress. If you want to share a short and specific data through your link, then try to find a short link that directly clicks on the data. It exposes more valuable insight about if your data is going to your website or any other.

add a link to instagram story

Let’s have s look at the below picture. Where the user has created the branded link on her Instagram story. You will get a concept about adding links to any Instagram stories easily from the picture. After a few days, the user can check how the contents on her site have performed. It also shows cases the audience location, on what time they clicked on it. With these valuable insights, you can also track what type of content your audience likes.

Benefits of adding a link on Instagram Stories using Swipe up feature

If you have recently launched a product and you prefer to market it through Instagram. Now create an interesting Instagram story and link it with your website and enjoy the supreme power of Instagram marketing method. Do you know why it’s worth to use the swipe up feature on Instagram marketing? Let’s see.

  • It helps in increasing traffic on your website.
  • It is great to increase the potential customers in selling your product.

Alternative ways to add the link to the Instagram story if there is no Swipe up feature

As it is mentioned earlier that the swipe up feature is only for them who have 10k followers on Instagram. But all the businesses may not have 10k followers, in that case, what they will do? But now this is possible with a little bit of money.

This is just a game of marketing strategy that you use on Facebook. You can generate leads from Facebook ads at just 1 dollar by outsourcing the product promotion. Let’s follow.

  • Use the application to promote the Instagram story

When posting the Same Instagram story, make sure to use the application for sharing promotion for your product.

  • Ad manager can also help you here
  1. At first, open the Ads manager on the Instagram page.
  2. Make your object for campaigning.
  3. Select the audience and make thorough customization on it.
  4. Select the budget that you can adhere to.
  5. Choose the place ‘Instagram Stories’ where your ads will be shown.
  6. Edit the story as per your wish and add a ‘call-to-action’.

The post will be published now and you will be able the track the performance of your page with your device’s native Instagram application.

Growing up business with 10k followers on Instagram

Not everyone can afford to pay the cost for add-in Instagram. In that case, the only solution for them is hitting 10k followers on the Instagram page. Before you read this blog, you need to also know how you can get 10k followers on your page easily. Check these most three easy tips

Optimize your page on Instagram

Optimize your page on Instagram

Your Instagram profile is the face of your business and your potential will first check on this. Here are four main components that you need to have to increase the follower count on Instagram.

  • Name
  • A good quality profile picture
  • A simple and short bio that is interesting too
  • Website

Find the Aesthetic within you

Instagram is a social media platform, so you need to add here a good quality photo that can exactly match your style and personality. In that case, you can also use photo editing applications which are great to find the photo that can exactly meet your personality.

Use Hashtags and post regularly

Use Hashtags and post regularly

Daily Post with proper Hashtag, helps your business to show the world. Currently, Instagram allows 30 Hashtags in a single post. When searching the Hashtags, make sure that it has more than 20,000-50000 posts. But don’t use the same Hashtag regularly, in that case, your Instagram account can become shadowbanned.

These all are the steps to add links to Instagram stories. You can simply follow it to achieve your goal. Instagram marketing is one of the greatest tools for reaching your business to its topmost level. So follow the steps and enjoy the bliss of interest. Happy Marketing.

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