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Why Personal Branding Matters for Real Estate Agents

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As a real estate agent, differentiation is very important. You have to stand out, otherwise, you’ll blend in with the masses and be drowned out by the noise. It’s as simple as that. And there’s no better way to stand out than by intentionally shaping your own personal brand. 

Why Personal Branding Matters

We all have our own personal brand, whether we realize it or not. The nerdy CPA down the street, he’s got a personal brand. The CEO in the corner office, he’s got one, too. The 18-year-old social media influencer posting videos on TikTok has her own personal brand as well. 

As a real estate agent, you already have a personal brand. The question is, are you intentionally shaping it into something that will benefit you and your career?

As real estate marketing expert Grant Findlay-Shirras explains it, “Personal branding is the work you do to make who you are – and what you do – known to potential clients and customers. It is the process of establishing a reputation as an influencer so that people will seek you out for your expertise instead of you seeking them out.”

Personal branding is important for a number of reasons. For starters, it communicates who you are.

Secondly, it shows professionalism and authority. If someone can find you online and sees a consistent thread across different touchpoints (like social media, your website, print marketing, etc.), this is a sign that you’re experienced and established. 

Finally, a personal brand makes you memorable. It’s unlikely that someone is going to ask you to list their house or represent them in a home purchase after seeing your face one time on a billboard. It takes several exposures to your “brand” before that person will be willing to work with you. By investing in personal branding, you increase the number of touchpoints you have with prospects.

How to Create Your Own Personal Brand

As mentioned, you already have a personal brand (whether you know it or not). However, if you’re reading this article, then chances are you’ve never taken any time to intentionally shape this brand. So for all intents and purposes, you are creating your brand. Here are several tips to help you do so with poise and purpose:

Develop a Consistent Profile

Consistency is so important. Much like a corporate brand is consistent regardless of where it is, your brand has to be consistent everywhere. (You’d never see Coca-Cola using a blue and black logo – it’s always red and white, no matter where you see the logo.)

Your “logo” is essentially your headshot and bio. This needs to be consistent in every single profile you have. This includes your website “about” page, LinkedIn profile, Instagram profile, Facebook page, email signature, guest blogging profiles, etc.

Become a Content Creator

Authority is given to content creators. If you want to have an authoritative brand, you need to attach your name to content. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to do this.

While traditional blogging is still effective, it’s the most crowded and competitive option. You may get better results by pursuing TikTok videos, YouTube videos, or even podcasting. Just make sure you’re choosing a medium that resonates with your target audience. (i.e. don’t use TikTok if your target client is a 65-year-old retiree).

Go Omnichannel

Because digital marketing is the wave of the future, many real estate agents make the mistake of spending 100 percent of their time and resources on online marketing. But if you want to develop a brand that’s everywhere, you should also pay attention to offline marketing.

Postcard marketing and mailers are great examples. Purchase a list in your market, pick a real estate postcard template, and send out a targeted mail campaign every few weeks. This is a great way to build momentum.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

When you actively pay attention to your personal brand and work hard to engage the right prospects via both online and offline strategies, good things will happen for you. The key ingredient is consistency. Once you identify your brand, keep it consistent. With time, your patience will pay off.

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