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The Benefits of Using a Resident Center App To Automate the Move-in Process

The Benefits of Using a Resident Center App To Automate the Move-in Process

Moving in is not simply moving a few boxes. It involves paperwork, endless cardboard boxes, and often being on hold longer than we’d like with various companies. The last thing residents want, then, is roadblocks from the property they’re moving into. It’s a similar story for property managers too, with lots of steps needed to fully onboard a new resident correctly and get them settled in.

Most of the issues stem from residents and property managers being out of sync. Not knowing at what stage things are at and what they need to do next introduces uncertainty and, therefore, stress.

Resident Service Apps can remove this element of uncertainty and streamline the entire process. They can give a clear overview of the moving-in process, give residents bite-size tasks to complete and allow property managers to monitor progress.

What is a Resident Center App?

A Resident Center App is a software platform that will typically run on a smartphone or PC. These apps streamline a wide variety of the resident experience, upping engagement and making the job of property managers a lot easier.

As well as giving residents the chance to book amenities, pay rent, interact, and even RSVP to events, a Resident Center App can also be used to make moving in a lot easier.

These apps generate dynamic, customized checklists of tasks residents need to complete. Property managers can check the status of these tasks and reach out to those moving in if need be.

This is all made as convenient as possible for all involved using a dedicated app and web platform.

Automating the move-in process

With Resident Service Apps, the move-in process can be entirely automated. This not only means the resident always knows exactly what’s next but frees up property team members from repetitive tasks, allowing them to better serve the building’s community.

Move-in quicker and easier

The traditional move-in process is something of a free-for-all involving missed phone calls, letters, and delays. Resident Service Apps remove the inconvenience and the disconnect involved in moving in.

Residents can use the app to check at what stage of moving in they’re at any time of day using dynamic checklist features. These checklists can even be customized and tailored specifically for each new resident.

Monitor touchpoint progress and send reminders

As residents move through this checklist, each touchpoint is automatically marked as complete. This gives a sense of progress to residents which are often lacking in properties without a resident service app.

Progress of tasks such as the following can be tracked:

  • Reserving the freight elevator on move-in day
  • Upload renters insurance
  • Setting up an electricity supply
  • Signing the lease
  • + more

If tasks are yet to be completed, timely, customized reminders can be sent automatically using push notifications or emails by the Resident Service App.

Become part of the community

While physically moving in possessions and completing admin are part of the process, moving in also involves becoming part of a community.

Resident Service Apps can help facilitate a smooth introduction to the property’s community through custom tasks. Tasks such as grabbing a coffee with a neighbor or attending their first event can be added to the dynamic checklist.

Completing these tasks gives new residents a warm welcome and can ultimately mean the difference between a happy community member and a temporary resident.

Hitting renewal targets

Resident Service Apps can also help property managers hit renewal targets.

Come the time of renewal, social features like those of the Flamingo app can be used to remind residents of all the fun they’ve had in the past year using photos and custom text. Customized emails can also be sent at milestones such as the end of their first month in the property or the first year.

Keeping in touch regularly in this way makes residents feel valued. Best of all, it doesn’t take much effort either with the automation features of Resident Center Apps. Renewing a lease is as simple as opening the app. Making it this simple for residents leads to less hassle and significantly more lease renewals.

Streamlining moving-out

All good things come to an end and when it’s time for a resident to move out of the property, Resident Service Apps can help here too.

Dynamic checklists can be used to signpost and speed up the process. The status of the moving-out tasks can be viewed using the app by both residents and property managers.

If need be, just like moving in, reminders can be sent with a visual indication of which method has been tried already. This way all property team members are on the same page, despite automation being involved.


Resident Center Apps are the best way to get new residents happy and settled in your property. They provide custom checklists to keep everyone in the loop and can be used to automate reminders, removing delays and issues that cause stress.

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