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Reality Vs. Emotion: The Russian Covid- 19 Vaccine Needs to Travel A Long Way to Prove Its Worth

by sambit
russian covid 19 vaccine

Russia is one of the first countries that started the research campaign to develop a COVID-19 vaccine against the deadly coronavirus. As per the reports, the clinical trial is completed with success. It is only in phase 1 of the clinical trial, and the second phase will start on 13th July.

There is no definite news about the phase 3 trial. Hence the vaccine still needs a lot of time before it is fully developed and proven effective.

A little detail about this Russia-developed vaccine

The Gamaleya National Research Centre for Epidemiology and Microbiology is developing this vaccine in partnership with the Russian Defence Ministry. It is the sole vaccine form Russia that has reached the clinical trial stage. As per the reports, the first trial phase started on 18th June 2020, with a total of 18 volunteers from the Russian Armed Forces.

The TASS, a prominent news reporting agency in Russia, reported the latest status on 10th July. As per the reports, the clinical trial for covid-19 vaccine  phase 1 will end on 15th July, and phase 2 will start on 13th July. The volunteers are safe and can tolerate the vaccine in the initial clinical trial phase. The news was first released by the Russian government.

What is the first phase of the vaccine clinical trial?

The clinical trial of a vaccine goes through multiple stages. Phase 1 is all about checking the safety and the tolerability of this vaccine. A small group of volunteers are chosen for this trial. If the volunteers can tolerate the vaccine and do not experience any significant or dangerous side-effects, the vaccine makers can proceed for the next stage.

What is the objective of the second stage of the clinical trial?

The second phase of the trial checks how useful is the vaccine for building immunity. As per TASS, the second group of volunteers will be given the vaccine from 13th July Monday, to check the vaccine’s efficiency. It is a stage where scientists test the ability to generate immunity after getting the vaccine. This round may include civilian volunteers to check the effect among regular people.

Is there going to be a third stage as well?

In general, a vaccine trial involves the third and last clinical stage after completing the first and second phases. In this final stage, many volunteers from diverse backgrounds are chosen to undergo the trial. It allows the researcher to understand how the vaccine can perform in a real-life condition outside a controlled laboratory environment. The last phase is the lengthiest and may take a year or more for complete results. To date, no vaccine has been released without the third phase of a clinical trial.

Like any other vaccine, the second phase of clinical trials for any candidate covid vaccine, including this Russian vaccine, will take more than one month before it reaches the third phase. Still, the success of phase 2 is not guaranteed, and it can only be said after it is complete.

What about the third phase?

There is no specific news if the Russian candidate vaccine will be going through the third and final stage of a clinical trial after passing the second trial.  The norms may be changed due to the recent situation of the pandemic. As per reports, a Chinese candidate coronavirus vaccine got approved after it passed the second trial only.

Hence, the decision depends on the Russain government and authorities. They will decide if the vaccine will be released after just the second trial, or there will be a final trial before it reaches the masses.

As of now, more than 150 candidate vaccines are being tested and developed in different parts of the world. Almost half of these are in their pre-clinical stages. That means they are still being tried on animals or are in the development stage. A total of 15 vaccines are in phase 1 of the clinical trial, and 10 are in the phase 2 trials. As per reports, three vaccines are in step 3 of clinical trials.

What happens after a vaccine passes the third clinical trial phase?

Phase 3 of the clinical trial may take several months, and everything is checked in detail. If the vaccine passes this final stage, the administrative authorities design a guideline with proper rules and regulations before approval. It is a lengthy procedure and can take a long time.

Due to this, expert scientists and WHO officials say that it may take twelve to eighteen months before a vaccine for the coronavirus is available for the masses. Even if the vaccine is released, there are stages. First, it will be given to those who are more vulnerable to the virus – health workers are first. Universal availability may take more than one or two years.


The Russian vaccine for Covid-19 hs cleared its first clinical trial phase and started its second phase. But the virus may need time to be fully released for the public across the world. It may take more than a year.

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