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Legends & Myths That Have Inspired Incredible Games

by sambit
Legends & Myths

Legends & Myths have always proven intriguing for gamers. It gives you the opportunity to delve into the unknown and be part of a fantasy world or follow in the footsteps of some of the legendary historical figures.

Every year new games are released inspired by such figures and creatures, but where do the best games come from? We take a look at the legends and myths, their stories, and the best games to come out of them…

Robin Hood

Robin Hood has long been a popular story and it’s one that has been replicated across many movies and many video games. In fact, you’ll find Robin Hood games across many different genres, from action and adventure to even slots and bingo. Playing mobile bingo apps, for example,  you’ll find that there are even brands named after the famous Sherwood Forest character. One of the UK’s top bingo brands is named Robin Hood Bingo, with the character prominent across games.

Elsewhere, there’s of course Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood, which was released at the turn of the millennium and proved a classic, while Defender of the Crown, Conquests of the Longbow, and Super Robin Hood are also popular in the genre.


Prometheus is a Titan god of fire and is a huge part of Greek mythology. Ancient Greece has provided us with some fantastic games in the past and Prometheus is one that certainly offers inspiration to many titles.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus is a game that has been a real hit over the last decade, while Portal 2 is a different style of game that is also a big hit with players globally. Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game in which uses the story of Prometheus in a futuristic setting with a sleek design. It’s available across many different platforms and to this day is among the most popular inspired by the myth.

King Arthur

Who doesn’t love the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? It’s a story full of magic, romance, and tradition, and has been told across Hollywood and gaming dozens of times.

Like Robin Hood, the games really do vary, with plenty of casino games, puzzles, and video games inspired by Arthurian legend, including games such as The Quest For Excalibur, Chronicles of the Sword, and even Tomb Raider: Legend. Yes, Lara Croft herself has delved into the legend, on her quest to find the mythical sword, Excalibur.

Loch Ness Monster

Nessie has always been one of the more intriguing myths and legends, and you’ll find tons of video games and board games based upon the mythical creature that lives beneath Loch Ness.

The Cameron Files: Secret at Loch Ness is one game that has been a real hit, in which you play Alan Parker Cameron, a detective that is taking on a case around the secrets and ghostly activity around Loch Ness and even despite its age (it was released in the early 2000s) it’s still well worth playing.

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