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Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk Latest Download (Money/Gems/Coins)

by sambit
Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD is an Android game. The game is two-dimensional. The developer of this game is Ubisoft Entertainment. Choose one of the 12 iconic sharks in the game. Eat everything in front of you before others. Hence survive by being the fittest. The file size is 98.8MB. The latest version is v8.1.0. The operating system of this game is Android 4.1 and above. The last update was on October 30, 2020.

Hungry Shark is a series of RPG games. It is available in arcade-style. Future Games London used to be the publisher of this series. This was so prior to Hungry Shark Evolution. 10 million units of Hungry Shark World were downloaded in six days. It happened in 2016.

In 2018, the release took place on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. It had better graphics. The micro transitions were also removed. Eventually, it reached the top 10 as an iPhone and Android game. The hungry shark evolution mod is quite a game.

The games allow the player to control different sharks. They are hammerhead sharks, mako sharks, Megalodon, great white shark, megamouth shark, reef sharks. The player shark needs to eat more marine animals. As a result, they will grow in size. This continues until a more powerful shark is available.

Mobile games today

We are living in the digital era. Everyone has access to some smart devices. It may be a PC or smartphone. Comparatively, more smartphone users are in the market. It allows for faster and more efficient work. No one can be bored with a smartphone in hand. People can watch videos, images, browse social media, and much more.

Most importantly, people can play all sorts of games. Android games are increasingly becoming more popular. More games installations on smartphones every day. Developers and publishers are trying to improvise and create more games. Android games are ruling the market.

People love playing games. Games of every age are available on Google Play Store. Age does not matter. Any adult can play any available games. Mobile phone games are a favorite for everyone. Thus, any game lover will love Hungry Shark Evolution.

What is Hungry Shark Evolution?

Eat to survive. The player shark needs to eat everything. Keep eating everyone around. It is a unique game of rampage. The rampage is of the first degree. The player can control one shark. He may also control a shark squad. The mission is to eat everything at sight. In the aquatic genocide, fish boats, marine creatures can be eaten. Everything present in the water is a fair game.

what is hungry shark evolution

The shark needs to become the ocean’s apex predator. Simultaneously, it should not let anything swim or stand in its way. The player shark can also keep roaming while floating. Tie the shark to a jet pack. Set him in the skies to create more chaos. Keep feeding the sharks to make them survive.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

The graphics of this mobile game is 3D. This gives a premium gaming experience. The hungry shark evolution mod has 11 shark types. The sharks are unlocked throughout the game. However, most of them are already unlocked. The player shark can complete tasks and missions. Besides, the shark can also roam around the ocean. This provides an insight into the deep ocean.

features of hungry shark evolution

There are 15 bonus prizes in the game. The bonus prizes are sunk in the ocean. The player shark goes through the ocean to find the prizes. Hungry shark evolution has baby sharks too. This will help the play shark to become stronger. Besides, special gadgets are also available.

The saving option on Google+ is also available. In fact, this allows playing across devices. Video upload option also available. The game played can also be recorded instantly. Thus, it can be uploaded on YouTube thereafter.

How to play the game

Here are some tips and tricks to play hungry shark evolution.

Eat and earn to level up

hungry shark level up

One can level up only by eating more. Besides, coins are available for levelling up. Consequently, the shark will keep growing. Hence more coins are essential for this. Partially, the shar will be eating bigger things. However, keep saving to allow the shark to survive.

Baby sharks are usable for help

baby shark

They serve as pets in game. The baby sharks move around the ocean with the player shark. They will help the player to find more food. Keep using them as much as possible. Using baby sharks’ costs money. A baby mako shark costs 20 gems. Similarly, a baby Megalodon costs around 900 gems. Baby reef sharks can also be bought with in-game coins. However, it is the only type that does not require any gem purchase.

Megalodon, the best


Megalodon is the most powerful shark in hungry shark evolution. It is capable of eating practically everything. It can eat boats, mines and jellyfish. All this happens with negligible damage. Beat the submarines. Submarines are a shark’s most horrifying enemy. If you get too close to them, they will kill you. However, the submarines can still be beaten. Charge them head up to defeat them. There is a risk of a lot of damage that comes with it. It does sound like a suicide. However, that

is the only way to defeat them. Take the submarine by surprise and land your attack. This is the trick that works the best. Immunizing any other shark requires separate purchases against mines or jellyfish. Unlike others, Megalodon is naturally capable of doing all of this with ease. Unlock the Megalodon. Keep winning with blast.

hungry shark mod

Once a player unlocks Megalodon, the player can buy Big Daddy. This shark is also known as Duncleoste. Megalodon needs to have risen to level 10. Hence unlock Duncleoste and buy with more coins. Play one game using Big Daddy. Unlock Mr. Kusaka. It is Mozosaurus. Raise Big Daddy to level 10. Now you can buy Mr.Kusaka with coins.

Special sharks are also available. However, it can be accessed after scoring around 350,000 points.

Guide to the most amazing sharks of hungry shark evolution mod

Snowshark baby is a cold-blooded killer shark. The adorable baby-face can be very deceiving. It shoots carrots from the nose. It carries out the act every 4 seconds. As a result, it tightly freezes the prey.

Wereshark is also known as the Werewolf shark. It is a monster originating from Professor Kempstein’s secret laboratory. It got bit by a werewolf on a full moon. Hence the name. It has the power to turn into a werewolf. As a result, its speed increases. Even gravity fails to work on it ultimately. Eating the moon adds bonus points at this state. It breaks through rocks with blue marks.

hungry shark mod

The secret laboratory is accessible by playing three games. Earn up to 250,000 points to access the lab. The shark costs 900 gems or 180,000 points approximately. Usually, the sharks are available with accessories. Or, the baby sharks may accompany them. However, weresharks cannot do so. They need to go alone in the game season. During the season, they may be at level 10. But with the end of the season, the level goes down to 1.

hungry shark mod version

To cover, Bazooka Claus comes to the town. Rocket-sharks are shot. Never annoy the happy delivery man. It sits in the shed and shoots your prey. Bazooka sleigh is thus an upgrade of the sleigh accessory.

hungry shark 3d

Gudulka stamps everything under paws. She can withstand any damage. Now destroy buildings and preys with ease. It has vigorous breathing. Nothing can withstand its breath. Double damage occurs using the blue laser beam. Simultaneously, it can damage both land and water. Hence double points are scored. Besides, the score for mining is also given.

Nessie, the shark, can teleport through levels. This ability is called ‘warp.’ Nessie membrane shines on scoring points.

Category Arcade
Version 8.2.0
Publisher Ubisoft
Requires Android 4.2+
Size 99.44 MB
Updated 09.12.2020

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk V8.2.0

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The hungry shark evolution mod is one of the most lovable mobile games. Download the latest version mod apk available. Keep creating a rampage. Eat more. Grow bigger. Unlock more sharks to win the game. I hope this article helps every hungry shark evolution lover.

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