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7 Games That Are A Fun Way to Engage Kids in Academic Learning

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Ever seen how kids play games at the park? They’ll play like there’s no tomorrow, running and laughing with unabated energy. And you can witness their imagination go wild, whether it’s in the jungle gym, the curvy slide, or in the sandbox. Come time to go home, you’ll practically have to pry them off the swings.

On the flip side, the mere mention of homework is enough for pandemonium to break out in my home. One child will have a sudden urge to use the bathroom while the other will become cranky or distant. On my worst days, I wonder if other mothers are going through the same ordeal.

Does it have to be this difficult?

Maybe not.

Homeschool during the coronavirus crisis has taught me alot. With endless amounts of online educational resources and apps, I’ve learned to stay connected with my children’s academic activities. More importantly, I’ve learned the secret to keeping my kids engaged with scholastic work during this difficult time.

My secret- Games!


I’m not talking about mindless games to keep my children out of my hair for hours on end. I’m talking about hardcore games that can actually benefit my children and make them happy to learn. The Missouri State Teachers Association emphasizes that the use of games can create a better learning experience. In fact, it offers numerous benefits such as greater participation, increased engagement, quicker skill development, and a higher interest in learning.

By providing an active and engaging environment that supports learning, you can help your child excel not only in academic skills but also prepare them for real-life experiences. For all those moms searching for fun ways to engage their children with academics, we’ve got your back! While there are countless popular Android apps and iOS apps out there, so here is a lineup of some amazing ones that you should definitely look into.

7 Best Educational Games for Kids for Academic Learning

1. National Geographic Kids

With a name that is renowned for its footprint in the educational world, National Geographic couldn’t be a better option for game-based learning. This platform offers a variety of intelligence-boosting games that will help you expand your child’s horizons. Here you will find creative ways to maximize your child’s capabilities and positively impact their overall mental development. I guarantee your child – and you- will enjoy the games that can help build a strong academic foundation.

2. AlphaBetty Saga

For all those Candy Crush lovers, King’s has developed an equally mesmerizing game that offers you endless hours of fun. But instead of mindlessly swapping candies to create the right combination, you now need to link letters in any direction and make as many words as you can.

Watch your child build their vocabulary as they travel through over 100 levels of fun and adventure. And it doesn’t stop here. Bring family members and friends on board and watch as they progress through different levels. So whether you decide to race to the finish or play at your own leisurely pace, this free-to-play app is available on Google Play and App Store.

3. Count Faster

As parents, we often search for educational games that focus on literacy, numeracy, movement, creativity, and social-emotional skill development. But if you have young kids like me, you need access to games and videos that your child can enjoy anywhere at any time.

If you are looking for that type of mental math game, you need not go any further. Count Faster by AirG MiniMe 500c lets your child race against the clock and solve a variety of challenging sums. Moreover, it helps enhance your child’s ability to solve math problems quickly and accurately as well as boost their self-confidence.

4. The Time Tribe

Are you prepared to set out on an epic time travel journey? This episodic game is brimming with history-based adventures that will help your child learn and understand human cross-cultural values, historical knowledge, and global citizenship.

The epic storytelling and awesome gameplay are designed not only to provide insights into history and culture but also to make learning a natural byproduct of having fun.

5. Toca Lab: Elements

Don’t think for a moment that we wouldn’t include a science-related game on our list. So this next one is worth a try.

As one of the prodigies of Toca Boca, this game is sure to jumpstart your child’s imagination as they tinker with all the 118 elements from the periodic table. Allow your child the freedom and space to experiment in a chemistry lab- minus the safety goggles. So don’t worry about any explosions in your basement…

This game is available on App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for purchase.

6. Code Monkey

With the rise of smartphones and gadgets, coding and programming is the future. So why not introduce the concepts to your child at a young age?

The objective of Code Monkey is to help a monkey cross obstacles and collect bananas. You must solve a variety of challenges by writing code in CoffeeScript, a language that has a similar syntax to English. This game is suitable for all children, even those who have no prior coding experience.

In fact, engaging with a code-oriented game is a win-win situation. Not only does it let your child get to explore their creative side by going beyond the typical boundaries of other common games, but they are also able to learn without being overwhelmed with new concepts and ideas. And as they gradually acquire enough knowledge about coding, your child may be just a step away from creating his or her own game.

7. Beck and Bo

There’s more to gaming than science and maths. Helping your child find fun apps to help get those creative juices flowing is just as important. Studies show that creativity games are great learning tools that allow kids to create new content. This will enable children to express the confidence and courage of owning their unique capabilities.

Designed for younger children, Beck and Bo has a drag-and-drop interface that makes it very easy to use. So it’s a cute and simple game that can help channel your child’s creative energy. Moreover, give them the chance to express the joy of being a young Picasso.

Bonus: Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Besides academic learning, you need to teach your child the value of mindfulness. And the sooner your child learns this skill, the sooner they can apply them to cope with life’s hurdles. By implementing best practices to keep their emotions in check and using calming techniques, you can help set your child up for success at a very early age. So don’t overlook this app if you have a young one between the ages of 5 and 10.

The app is available for free on iOS.

Ready to help your child thrive in all areas of academics?

Without further ado, it’s time to find a game that aligns with your child’s interests as well as the scholastic curriculum. This will not only reinforce basic skills, but it will also help them easily overcome any challenging concepts that they may be having trouble with.

Ready, get set, go!

Happy gaming!

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