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Gacha Life Old Version Apk [May 2023]

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Gacha Life is a casual game on Google Play Store. It has the most downloads as a mobile game. This is true even for Apple App Store. The Gacha Life old version apk allowed different accessories and poses. The characters were able to match clothes with skin tones.

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This was making the game more interesting. Nevertheless, this was a bit unsafe for kids to play. Hence the updated version came into the market. It removed several poses. As a result, many users have lost interest in the game. Gacha life requires several detailed customizations. Here, many users had lost their favourite characters.

The update 1.1X has seriously lacked in satisfying user needs. But, it aimed at making the game safer for kids. However, users are missing their wanted characters. Hence, it is better to download the old version. To do so, uninstall the present version. Go to a trusted website to download the old version.

Gacha life: The Animation Game

The Gacha Life old version apk is an easy to play animation game. It was created for the app store. In later times, Windows versions have become available. It is an excellent, storytelling animated game and allows customizing avatars. It also allows interaction with other players.

This game works best for people who love animation. It serves as a learning purpose for interested people in animation. It uses in-game currency and energy throughout the game. One of the 100 gift items is brought with in-game currency.

Besides, energy is required to interact with NPCs in the game. Your character may run out of stamina. But not to worry. There are still several things that they can still do. The minigames present in the game can be played. This helps to gain currency. However, it does not require any stamina to play.

The Gacha Life may be similar to Stretch. One of them is animated. At the same time, the other one is programmed. The user-friendly interface is suitable for everyone. Besides, it is also kid-friendly. The full version of the game is on the Android and Apple store. On the other hand, the demo version is available for Windows.

Features of Gacha Life

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Dress up is one of the most eye-catching features of Gacha Life. Similar Lunime games are Gacha studio and Gachaverse. However, this game has more available accessories and clothing. There are 20 slots. Eight characters are sold in Gacha Life old version mod. Hence it sums up to 20 characters.

The player can select an already made character. They may also customize a character’s hair, dress, skin tone, makeup, fashion, and pose. Besides, wings and tails are customizable as well. The name of the character can be the same. Or it may be random naming for each game.

Customize background information. The information is nothing but ‘elements.’ It includes fire, water, wind, or it may also be dark, light, neutral, or unknown. The game can give OC ratings from 0 to 7.

The studio is available on this game. It has comparatively several backgrounds and accessory variations. A player may first create the character. After that, the player can go to studio mode. Now one can create scenes of wish and keep playing. The player may use various backgrounds and props to create scenes.

The game allows characters in the studio. The characters are limited to 8 characters only. Create dialogue boxes, customize chat bubbles, and add emote to characters.

The player may also use Gems to Gacha in the whole game. The player must have a least five gems to Gacha. Collect the gifts to use on NPCs. ‘Collections’ allow the player to go through several gifts available or unlocked.

Locked gifts appear darkened. Clicking on them does not open it. The player might have also used up a gift. In such a case, the gift won’t be darkened.

One of the critical features of the game is life. The player can travel to different destinations. Meanwhile, it can interact with other NPCs present. The player must have enough stamina. Otherwise, it won’t be able to go near any NPC.

Eight games are available in Gacha Life. It is the only way to get the gems. A certain amount of lives is present in each game. This is the same for all characters. The player may run out of lives and lose the game. In such a case, the player has to go and collect rewards. That’s it.

Saving of the highest score happens. The ranking may even show the highest scores. Make sure to check to know if you have a high enough score.

The chat feature is available on several anime games. A player can check other characters’ customizations. It has a player’s custom profile, character, and level can be seen. A new version removed it for inappropriate content exposure.

Several YouTubers may make videos on Gacha life. They upload the recordings on YouTube. Gacha life mini-movies or Gacha Life music videos are usually made.

The gacha life fandom community may even encounter feuds. The reason for this is lewd content. The majority of the community is against this. The latest updates reveal that the inappropriate content was removed.

Reviews on Gacha Life

So why are the parents against the playing ofGacha Life? Kids below 18 years may encounter inappropriate content. This fear is deep embedded in parents. The videos are made on YouTube. Usually, the characters are edited. The topics are safe for view by kids above 14 years.

Downloading Gacha Life MOD APK 1.1.4

Download and install version 1.1.4 of Gacha Life. Use APK Mirror to download it. The next step allows the update restriction. Just doing a few things on Google Play Store solves the problem.

Disable updates by firring up the Google Play Store. Now tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner.

download gacha life

Click on the ‘My app and games’.

my apps and games

Picking the Gacha Life takes you to the listing on Google Play Store. Tap on vertical ellipsis. Now uncheck on the box to disable auto-update. This allows you to stay in Gacha Life’s old version apk.

gacha life update

Play Gacha Life on a browser with the help of the extension. By clicking on the extension icon, you can choose your favorite game. Similarly, you can play any browser game on the taskbar. If the player does not wish to use this extension, uninstall it.

Here are the steps. Open the menu using chrome. Now click on the option, settings. Click on extensions. It will be available on the top left window pane. From the list, choose an extension. Now you can see the trash bin icon. Click on it. You will find it next to the option, extension. Click on the remove button. It will be in a pop-up window.

There you go. Now keep playing with your favourite characters.

Download Gacha Life Latest and Old Apk

Download Link
1.0.7 (Old Apk)Download Now
1.0.9 (Old Apk)Download Now
1.1.4 (Latest Apk)Download Now

Let’s conclude

The initial release date of Gacha Life old version apk was October 30, 2018. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. The original developer and publisher were Lumine. Recently, similar role-playing took over the market. Gacha club is the name of the app. It is a recycled version of Gacha Life.

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