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10 Most Popular Strategy Games That Can Encourage Kids to Think ‘Outside-The-Box’

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It is no secret that an effectively developed strategy game can teach valuable skills to children. These games also aid in enhancing knowledge acquisition capabilities and stimulating innovation and creativity in kids.

Still not convinced that strategy games have the power to encourage kids to think outside of the box? Have a look at a few numbers yourself:

  • A survey conducted by Talent LMS revealed that more than 60 percent of learners identified that friendly competitions motivated them to perform better.
  • A report by SRI Education, a nonprofit research institute, stated that a well-designed game provides a 23 percent gain in learning outcomes over traditional learning.
  • Learn 2 Earn conducted a survey which revealed that 97 percent of teachers mentioned that game-based reading platforms motivated their students to read more.

These researches prove that games play a critical role in kids’ lives by helping them stand out and think out-of-the-box. It is because such games create a safe environment where your kids can experiment with their innovative ideas without the fear of being judged.

7 Best Strategy Games for Kids

Not sure which strategy games are the most impactful ones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of seven challenging yet exciting strategy games that can encourage your kids to think outside of the box:

1. SimCity

The first strategy game on our list is none other than the famous SimCity. This game is popular among kids as it involves building a city from scratch.

Imagine how excited the players might feel as they get to play the role of an urban planner where they have the authority to allot land for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

This game teaches kids how to strategize, and also helps them improve their planning, organizing, and decision-making skills. So, if your kids are not ready to play trivial strategy games, this one can be a good pick for them.

2. 4 in Row Mania

Experts believe that games involving sequences and colors play a vital role in strengthening the logical-thinking abilities of the human brain. Besides, such games are known to enhance the players’ visual perceptions, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

One such game is 4 in Row Mania. In this game, the player has to connect four pieces of the same color in a vertically suspended grid. The good part about this strategy game is that it lets you set the level of difficulty yourself, depending on the kind of pressure you can handle.

So, if you’re looking to encourage your kids to think creatively, encourage them to play 4 in Row Mania.

3. Angry Birds

The game Angry Birds became a trendsetter and got everyone hooked as soon as it was released. One reason why this game became famous among kids is that it has a simple, easy-to-learn interaction model and a very engaging user interface.

Besides being engaging, this game is addictive because of the wisely scripted expansion of the player’s ability to devise strategies and improves their problem-solving skills.

The little, angry birds demonstrate smart behaviors as the game-level complexity is increased, thus making the game more challenging yet interesting for the players. Therefore, if you’re looking for an end-to-end strategy game for your kids, the famous Angry Birds game should be your go-to choice.

4. Colors Sudoku

Sudoku is hailed as one of the most challenging games ever designed. It tests the problem-solving skills of gamers. Moreover, it is instrumental in honing the mathematical abilities of the payers.

A study conducted at the University of Warwick’s Department of Computer Science revealed that a color-based Sudoku puzzle helps kids enhance their creativity skills, thus helping them think out of the box.

It means that Color Sudoku helps train kids’ brains and boost their unique thinking abilities. Besides this, playing Color Sudoku allows kids to practice observation and attention to detail. Thus, if you want to boost the creative side of your kids’ brain, Colors Sudoku is the perfect strategy game.

5. Balloons

By now, we know that strategy games play an indispensable part in flourishing your kids’ unique thinking abilities, thus helping them to come up with creative solutions. We know that in today’s competitive landscape, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd, especially in terms of ideas.

Therefore, if you want to sharpen the logical thinking abilities of your kids, introduce them to Balloons. It is another strategy game that can help train them on how to strategize and pay attention to details.

Apart from this, while playing this game, when kids demonstrate their unique shooting skills to pop the balloons that boosts their self-confidence and strengthens their ideation.

6. Heroes of Might and Magic III

If you’re a fan of strategy games, then you must have heard about Heroes of Might and Magic III. It is a fine example of an engaging strategy game as the game allows the players to experience exciting explorations and uncover maps of different areas.

Apart from this, the enticing graphics, and the unexpected challenges in the game, make strategizing more fun, thereby encouraging kids to come up with unique ideas to succeed.

So, if you want to play a strategy game that is challenging yet exciting, Heroes of Might and Magic III can be the perfect game for you.

7. Word Finder

You might be wondering how word search games can fall under the category of strategy games. Well, it is because such games help develop critical thinking capabilities in kids, thus enabling them to think outside of the box.

Some other benefits of games, like the Word Finder, include:

  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Enhanced visual memory
  • Encourage healthy competition
  • Boost the brain’s processing speed

So, if you’re looking to encourage your kids to think outside of the box, you should add strategy games, like the Word Finder in their to-do list.

8. Sims 4

The Sims series is of the most popular gaming series ever developed. Maxis developed, and Electronic Arts published this gaming series in 2014. The Sims 4 is recognized as the best way to transport the gamers themselves in a virtual world. Sims 4 is the latest version of the popular life stimulating game series ‘Sims’. Now, this is an available completely free version on most of the digital platform. So that gamers can get more fun, it’s a fun game. So everyone from the youngest to the oldest can play Sims 4.

9. Plague Inc

This is a real-time strategy video game, developed with a storyline of annihilating the human population with a deadly plague. Based on an epidemic model, the game requires real-time strategic thoughts and skills. Available on both Android and iOS platforms.

10. Shadow Fight 2

We all love to play games in our leisure time and sometimes to free our mind from tension or stress. Shadow Fight 2 is an action-packed strategy game and kids will have real fun to play it. The game named Shadow fight 2 is based on the battle of the shadows of good and bad sides of the world and is a sequel of the famous Facebook fighting game Shadow Fight. Here the good shadow or the character is you (the player) and after defeating the enemies, you get different weapons, armors, helmets, etc. Players can earn in-game coins by fighting and beating enemies. You can use this money to buy various weapons, armors and unlock new features.

Bottom Line

Well-designed strategy games can serve as a learning gym and allow kids to develop their skills and further enhances their cognitive abilities. These games also help them think outside of the box and stand out from the crowd.

So, instead of wasting all day playing violent video games, kids can benefit from playing the strategy games mentioned in the blog.

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