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Why Opt for a Commercial Mortgage?

by sambit
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Is it time to think about an office mortgage?

If you are thinking about purchasing an office, you have the option to think about an office mortgage providing you with many advantages for your business. It is more beneficial rather than getting a property on rent or making other financial arrangements. Following are few key advantages that you can enjoy if you plan to get a commercial mortgage.

Low-interest rates

Compared with borrowing money, commercial mortgages are more advantageous as you get a loan at a low-interest rate in comparison with other kinds of loans. When you take an office mortgage, you will have to pay a fixed amount as a monthly instalment allowing you to forecast accurately while business outgoings calculation. If you are choosing a good deal of commercial mortgage, the amount that you are paying on monthly basis, is better than the monthly rent you will pay. In short, you will be saving some money and can spend it on your business.

No wastage of money for rental purpose

The money that you spend on paying rent, for either commercial or residential money, is considered as ‘dead money. By renting you are just handing over the money to your landlord and at the end of the day you will still be empty-handed. Whereas, by paying the outstanding amount of your property, you will end up owning the property.

Capital gains

The price of the property is experiencing an upward trend for a long time with a continuous increase. Therefore, it is likely that the property price you will mortgage for office will rise. The rise will provide you with a good amount of sum, while selling the property that you can invest for earning more.

Easy to get done with it

If you own any property but are not interested in keeping it, you can sell it to get out of the remaining leases. The process of commercial leasing is long and you may find it difficult to get done with it early.

More Control

The premises of your office or business, play a big role in building a reputation of your work or business, especially if your clients or customers are going to visit your premises for conducting meetings or purchasing products. If you have control over the business premises, you can work on the interior and exterior displays of the building. Contrary to it if you are getting any premises on rent, then your landlord has the overall control of the premises. You might need to seek permission if you want to make any changes to the premises.

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