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A trading platform is an intermediary platform among different traders and investors. An online trading platform is a decentralized place where sellers and buyers can interact with each other. A trading platform can be used for placing financial investment and trade with another investor. It allows its users to invest and trade via online trading strategies. A good online trading platform gives full control to its clients and users to manage and track the trading with one another. This intermediary includes trusted brokers, market makers, banks, stock exchanges, and the trading platform itself. It helps its users to control and monitor their business from anywhere at any time. Online trading platforms support virtual cryptocurrency to trade across the platform. Almost all online trading platforms allow their investors and traders to invest or trade in cryptocurrency. This term is also defined as trading cryptos or investing in cryptos via a trusted trading platform. The trading platforms provide real-time fluctuation of rates and stocks in the market. On a trading platform, any buyer or seller can invest in stocks or trade stock with other buyers or traders. The investor can invest or trade any type of stuff which is supported by these trading platforms. It can be any virtual currency like Bitcoin or any intangible materials including stocks, commodities and etc.

Typically an online trading platform consists of online trading services including crypto trading, Forex trading, bonds, stock exchanges, commodities, and derivatives. In other words, it allows its customers to place financial orders for their trade. These different services that are provided by the trading platforms are illustrated as:

Crypto Trading Platform

Cryptocurrency trading is an act of watching real-time rise and fall in prices. These movements of prices can be monitored without investing in any kind of cryptocurrency. The prices can be spectated by buying or selling the currency. The trading platform gives full control to investors to sell their coins at any time. As we know that cryptocurrency trading is managed over a decentralized trading platform. It allows its customers or buyers to make secure payments and save them without using their name or going through a bank. In crypto trading there are no overhead charges or taxes that apply on trading, which makes this trading more adaptable, secure, easy and feasible.

Trading via CFDs

The price fluctuation can also be speculated via CFDs trading account. CFDs trading are the derivatives, which enable the users to view and monitor the price movement regarding any currency but without actually investing in it. CFDs are the leveraged products which mean the buyer has to put just a small amount of the original value – known as ‘margins’. The investor does not need to take ownership of the underlying coins as he can watch the inclination. If the prices are inclined upwards (rise) then he can buy it and if the prices are inclined downwards he can sell it. The margins in CFDs are lower than margins in the stock exchange that’s why it is considered as more stable trading than stock trading.

Stock Trading

Trading and investing in stock exchange has many pros and cons. The profit margin in stock exchange trading is higher than trading in cryptocurrencies. In the stock exchange, you have to put all the asset value before buying it. If the prices rise you will fall in profit but if rates fall you will obviously fall in the loss. The transactions in stock exchange are handled by a trusted broker. A trusted broker makes sure the secure transfer of payments. A broker is sometimes a buyer. He gets his commission from one of its parties after the successful sale or transfer of stock.


On the other hand, trading commodities include all the physical resources like oil, gas, and metals such as gold, silver. It also covers soft commodities like sugar, wheat, rice, and other edible stuff. Investing in trading has become simple nowadays. First of all, the investor has to choose his desired trading platform or market in which he wants to trade. Then he decides to go long (buy) if prices will rise or go short (sell) if prices will fall. Now he has to select the trade size of his investment. When he invested then he has to manage the risk of profit or loss by himself. He maintains his position in market by monitoring the live rates. Consequently, he will have to close the trade in case of any profit or loss as a result.

Forex Trading Platform

Online trading platforms also allow Forex trading and Index trading. Forex is foreign exchange which means currency of other countries. In Forex trading there are US dollars, British pounds, German mark, Japanese Yen and other currencies. The dealers can buy and sell these currencies on daily basis. The banks can buy and sell currencies at official rates. Forex may be referred to as the system of making international payments. All these trading and investments are supervised by a trading platform. Forex trading is also stated as the rates at which the buyer or investors can buy or sell foreign currencies. All forex transactions occur over the counter which means securities are traded for a specific firm or company that is not listed on a formal exchange.

Index Trading

The index trading is one of the best trading strategies to opt. Indices provide a piece of collective information and real-time rates about stocks. Index trading is a group of stocks that is weighted according to index rates. Indices act according to the valuation of stocks. When the price of a stock increases it will move upwards in the index. It generates a real-time summary in the group of stocks. Indices help to guess and understand the behavior of price rise and fall. The margins in index trading are much lower which makes it more stable than the stock exchange.

So, in this era, cryptocurrency trading is taking the charge over the world and ruling in businesses and finance. The concept of cryptocurrency trading is widely supported by online trading platforms that help them to grow in an effective way.

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