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Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

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should i refinance my mortgage

Mortgaging is one of the most essential and significant investments a person can make in his/her life. Consecutively, this helps us in acquiring our dreams and other goals. Thus, mortgage refinancing is the best method of achieving those goals quickly and efficiently.

Refinancing the mortgage is the process of replacing an existing mortgage with a new one. Similarly, this is undertaken to give a borrower a better interest rate and term. Generally, in such conditions, the 1st loan is paid off, and thus, the 2nd loan is allowed to be created. Here a new mortgage doesn’t replace the old one. Refinancing would be a safe way for borrowers with good credit to turn a flexible loan rate to a fixed rate to get a cheaper interest rate.

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Deciding Whether you shall refinance your mortgage:

Refinancing isn’t an easy task, and it isn’t an instant decision since there go many things to it. You cannot automatically decide on refinancing, and thus you need to prepare yourself. Here, we have helped you figure out whether you are ready to refinance your mortgage:

How Long Do you intend to use it?

Refinancing would cost you a significant amount of money. Hence, you need first to decide how long you intend to stay or use your home or any other. The savings will be marginal if you intend to relocate over the next three years. You would not be financially stable to afford another new loan if you do not plan on using the one. Instead, concentrate on being in the best financial condition possible by paying bills on time, keeping other debt to a minimum, and planning for the future.

Do you have time to refinance?

Refinancing is a lengthy and hectic as well as time-consuming process. You must share up to 3 years of taxes, a recent salary receipt, and a net worth statement at the very least to refinance. The same process can be pretty time-consuming for procurement. A mortgage lender can request more documentation.

Are you financially stable to refinance?

Closing expenses are an essential aspect of the mortgage application process. They must be paid until you complete or “close” the loan. Fees such as the mortgage application fee, valuation, attorney’s fee, title protection, and other costs are included in this list. Closing costs vary from place to place. It is dependent on the loan type and also influenced by the mortgage lender on whom discretion it functions. Still, the process shall require a lot of finance. Therefore, you should apply for one once you are financially stable and able to take the burden of all these costs.

Do you have a good credit history that is essential for refinancing?

A good credit score is quite vital for refinancing. Hence, you need to have one while you plan for refinancing your mortgage. Your credit score can be impacted due to several reasons. Even when you sign up as a surety for your friends and family but they end up failing to repay, your credit history is impacted. If your debt is higher than your income, you are not eligible for applying. Thus, when you have the perfect order, you should apply for refinancing the mortgage.

What is the current status of your mortgage?

Consider the principal balance, payment number, and remaining loan term in addition to the present interest rate. If the principal balance is insufficient, a lower interest rate will not benefit you because most of your monthly payment is used to pay off the principal rather than interest. Thus, it is essential to keep track of where your mortgage stands at present, and this shall be one of the deciding factors for you.

When are you eligible for Refinancing your mortgage?

Ensure that you follow the conditions and check out for eligibility or when you can apply for refinancing your mortgage.

Increase in Credit Score

You don’t have to wait for interest rates to drop to apply for a cheaper rate. If your credit score has improved after you applied for a loan, you might be eligible. Also, if your credit score is good, it’s more likely that you can make your loan payments on time and don’t take on too much debt. If, on the other hand, your score is poor, you may be having trouble handling your debt, or you would end up failing to repay the debt.

While Interests rates are low:

When interest rates on home loans decline dramatically, it’s one of the safest ways to reconsider your mortgage. When interest rates on home loans decline dramatically, it’s one of the safest ways to re-evaluate your mortgage. Your interest rate primarily determines the sum of money you end up paying for your home. You could be paying a significant amount for your mortgage if you are stuck in a loan at a time when the interest rates are skyrocketing. By refinancing to a lower-interest bond, you can save money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mortgage Refinancing

There are many options to refinance your home. Also the pros and cons of being dependent on the method and procedure you follow.

Advantages of Mortgage Refinancing

Might Reduce payment:

You can save money over the life of your loan by refinancing into a lower interest rate since a lower rate means less interest charged. However, it isn’t the only advantage since refinancing will also provide an advantage in your budget.

Allows you to get away with HELOC (Home equity line of credit):

With the assistance of refinancing, you may merge the first and second mortgages on your house into one loan with the consent of your lender. This will help you simplify your finances by streamlining your payments.

Stabilize Interest Rate:

Future interest rate rises will result in a higher monthly payment once you have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). For a new fixed-rate loan, you can lock in the interest rate and monthly cost, making it easy to budget.

Might Help Pay Off Mortgage Quickly:

If you plan on refinancing to a smaller duration time horizon, then this enables you to pay off the loan sooner and then own it faster. This will also save you money in the long term on interest rates.

Use a Cash-Out Refinance to Cover Large Expenses:

When you refinance, you will be able to get more money based on how much equity you have in your house. Refinance with a higher amount than you owe and use the remaining money for other payments.

Disadvantages of Mortgage Refinancing

Cost Outweighing Benefits:

Closing costs for refinancing usually range from 3-6% of the loan amount and include fees for loan origination, filing, valuation, and more. Under these situations, the interest savings will take some time to cover the upfront expenses. If you intend to move quickly, refinancing will not make financial sense.

Restart Mortgage:

When you refinance, for instance, your home to a 20-year mortgage by paying off your mortgage for four years, you restart it again and then pay off for the house at a later part of the time.

For lower Rate; Good credit:

Every lender will have its refinancing conditions, so you’ll need decent collateral to get the best deal, which makes refinancing a wise strategy.

Overspending can result from a cash-out refinance:

If a cash-out refinance you cover bills, it might not be a smart option if you’re borrowing money from your mortgage or refinancing to pay down unsecured loans, including credit cards. Missed credit card payments can affect your credit report, but missed house payments can result in you losing your home.

A new appraisal may jeopardize the mortgage:

Since the refinance is intended to substitute the existing mortgage, the refinancing lender would almost certainly request another appraisal.


Refinancing your mortgage is not an easy decision, and you should decide to apply for it once you are ready and prepared for it. You are sure that you fulfill all the prerequisites and conditions for it, to smoothen the process.

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