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Full Guide On How To Invest In Bitcoin And Earn

by sambit
Invest In Bitcoin

Instructions for beginners who want to invest in digital gold. If you just notice that the world has changed, but don’t have time to figure out how useful this shift is.

The new digital age-this is how experts describe the emergence of blockchain technology and new financial instruments-cryptocurrencies. Let us try to find out: the factors that promote the development of “digital gold”, how to invest in bitcoin and make money, how to provide bitcoin if the cryptocurrency continues to hit new highs, whether it is worth investing in bitcoin.

What are Bitcoin and Blockchain?

The blockchain technology on which the encryption system works records the complete history of wallets and transactions between them. The information is stored in a special block and cannot be changed. Professionals call blockchain a “digital ledger.”

In essence, the technology is similar to a torrent. Information is stored on the computers of thousands of users, which means that it is almost impossible to shut down and destroy data at once through voluntary decisions-for this reason, it is necessary to crack the entire circuit on all computers at the same time, from the first block.

The digital gold has transcended politics and national boundaries. Transactions between users are carried out without the involvement of intermediaries, which also stimulates demand.

Independence from banks, governments, and most controllers is the main reason why cryptocurrencies are popular. Bitcoin is only issued on the Internet. The process involves millions of computers and “mines” them based on mathematical algorithms. The value of cryptocurrency is measured by time, resources, and the cost of energy invested in mining, and most importantly by the demand for cryptocurrency.

Why Investors Trust Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Who is behind this name-a a real person or a group of anonymous authors-is unknown? The creators determined that by 2140, the network will mine 21 million bitcoins, and by the end of 2017, 78% of bitcoins will be mined. Today, Bitcoin occupies more than 60% of the market. This limited supply is one of the conditions for its popularity among investors.

At the same time, experts debated how long Bitcoin’s position in the No. 1 cryptocurrency will last, to what level its price will rise, and whether it is worth investing in Bitcoin. Some people predict that this type of cryptocurrency will “take off” as many as 25,000, and some promise to increase this type of cryptocurrency by as much as hundreds of thousands or even a million dollars per unit.

For every optimistic prediction, there is a diametrically opposite prediction, saying that the cryptocurrency market is nothing more than “another bubble” and a “financial pyramid” that will inevitably collapse.

How to invest in bitcoin with a minimum amount?

Digital currencies can start with very little money, ranging from 200 to 300 rubles, but as the exchange rate increases, the minimum amount increases. Now, on the exchange, the average minimum threshold is 10,000 rubles.

The coin is divided into multiple components, and 1 bitcoin is equal to 100,000,000 satoshis. Moreover, if investing in Bitcoin is considered an investment, it is best to invest, although the amount is small, it should be done regularly.

important note! You should always remember the traditional rule of investors: “Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.” It is impossible to invest borrowed funds or savings from the “safety pad” into Bitcoin, and it may be in the near future. The money is needed. Market volatility always brings risks to investors. The exchange rate is affected by political news, the actions of major investors, and the decisions of the authorities. Leaving the market at the wrong time means losing profits. Don’t forget this.

How to invest in bitcoin?

There are several ways to invest in Bitcoin. Let us consider the two most popular.

Method 1. Exchanger

First, you need to buy digital currency. This can be done in the Internet Exchange, where you can select (secure link). In the list that opens, select the source of income: debit card, online banking, e-wallet-Qiwi, PayPal, Yandex. Money or remittance system.

When choosing an exchange, you should pay attention to the commission that the site charges users; researching contact information, business hours and methods (manual, automatic, semi-automatic), exchange fund reserves, and exchange speed information will be redundant. Reliable sites will not hide such information from clients.

The minimum amount or zero amount in the reserve fund means that the exchange operation may be delayed indefinitely. Usually, the standard transaction time does not exceed 30-60 minutes. In fact, it is not superfluous to check the switch with a small amount of exchange.

Method 2. Crypto exchange

The exchange enables investors to participate directly in the market. The basic rule is: more information. History and positive feedback are very important. Research user reviews and becomes a member of a special forum. An important indicator is the total volume of transactions and the overall level of security that the site can provide. The risks faced by investors include hacking and fraud (a common variant is a phishing domain).

We must realize that not all communications are sufficiently reliable. It is possible that the website will be closed, or the account will be blocked (temporarily or permanently). Therefore, help is provided-suggestions from users and experts familiar with the work of the site. You should also start the transfer of funds from the minimum amount of transfer.

What documents are required to invest in bitcoin?

In order to register the wallet in the exchange, it is sufficient to perform the verification process: you must provide a photo of the debit card. Users are waiting for the standard registration process: create a username and password, and also need to traditionally “bind” to an email address. Your right: Use existing services or start new services instead of “exposing” to dozens of other services.

When registering on the exchange, please be prepared for the system to request passport data, real postal address, and scanned documents. Generally, such procedures greatly expand the range of opportunities for investors.

What are the pros and cons:

Pros :
  • High-income level when bitcoin up.
  • Accessibility-anyone can become an investor.
  • Low barriers to entry. You can make a minimum investment.
  • Cross-border. Access rights do not depend on nationality, country of residence, etc.
Cons :
  • Fraud, website bankruptcy, the possibility of data loss.
  • Lack of laws and regulations, uncertain about the state of cryptocurrencies.

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